Qbot Legoland Review Windsor. Is it Worth the Money? Ride Reservation Queue Times q-bot mobile q bot

A review and explanation of the Qbot system at Legoland Windsor. We will answer the question of whether or not it is worth the money. We also look at some of the limitations and the mechanics of how they system works.

Transcript from the show:

In this video we’re gonna cover what q bot is how it works if it’s value for money and when to use it.

So let’s get started.

What is Q Bot?

Q Bot is an overly complicated ride reservation and fast tracked hybrid system with several different tiers at Legoland Windsor in the UK.

You know, if you can’t sum it up in a single sentence easily, it is confusing and the need for a video like this.

It took us some time to get our heads around it. Think of the lower tiers as more of a queue reservation system while think of the upper tier as a fast track or fast path system clear as mud eh?!

Q Bot Regular

Let’s say a queue is an hour long. If you use a Q bot regular than a virtual you will be put at the back of that hour-long queue.

Here the virtual you has been added into the queue. It will move along the queue as if you are physically there. After an hour, the virtual Q bot you has gotten to the front of the queue.

Your count down on your Qbot device will be zero. It this point you go to the Q Bot gate and the attendant will check your device. They will then let you into the queue

Q Bot Express

With Q Bot Express if the line was an hour long, then you’d start the queue and a half that time. So the virtual you is placed in at 30 minutes.

When 30 minutes goes past you can then join the Q bot queue. The attendant will check your device as before at this point. You can start your device on the next ride queue that you’d like to join.

Q Bot Ultimate

With Q bot ultimate, you don’t have to wait at all and can join the Q bot queue immediately.

Notice, I’ve said you join Q bot queue and not get instantly onto the ride. You’ll be queuing of those who’ve also been using Q bot.

For some rides the Q bot system puts you right close to the front of the line for other rides it puts you two thirds of the way into the queue.

For example, Ninjago and laser riders. For these rides you might still have another twenty to thirty minutes in the queue before you actually get onto your ride.

Then it gets further complicated as not all rides are included in the system. Which you really don’t find out until after you’ve purchased your Q bot and tried to use it. Then you start seeing all the restrictions and you can feel a little cheated by it.

They really need to print a table showing what is and isn’t included. It really isn’t transparent.


It isn’t cheap either at the time of this video June 2019. The regular Q bot is twenty-five pounds per person. Q bot Express is 40 pounds per person and Q bot ultimate is ninety pounds per person. This is on top of all the entrance fees.

So a family of four on Q bot ultimate is going to be the better part of an additional four hundred pounds.

The Lego Nninjago ride isn’t included and you’ll have to buy that separately. Which can definitely be worthwhile on busy days

But it still adds additional to the cost. A new ride like the Haunted House Monster Party is only included on Q bot ultimate

Click the link on the video to watch our review of the Monster Party Haunted House at Legoland Windsor

The other annoying thing is you might wait your hour and then go to the ride only to find it’s down for technical reasons

So in essence you’ve just wasted an hour in your virtual queue

If you can find a staff member they may give you a one-off pass to compensate. Then you have to keep checking back to see when the ride is open again.

Fob or Phone?!

You can either get the Q bot in the park or use the website on you phone. Having on your phone can be a little more handy, but obviously means you’re draining the battery on your phone faster.

Also note that if you’re staying at the Legoland Resort Hotel, they only have limited fobs. At 10:00 a.m, they had run out and you have to go back to the main entrance on the other side of the park.

This queue for fobs can actually be quite long. So you’re actually queuing to avoid queueing.

More walking

You might be looking at your next ride to book and go for a slightly shorter queue times however, that next short queue the ride might actually be a fairway from your current location. And you’ve got to do more walking to get around to it

This means you might spend a lot of time Criss crossing the park and doubling back on yourselves. Whereas if you didn’t have Q bot you might do the rides in a more sequential manner as you’re walking around and just seeing them as they come along.

When would you use it?

Over the years, we’ve been to the park at different times of the year. If you go on a weekend or school holidays between May and September, you’ll probably really need it.

During the colder months and weekdays when kids are at school, we’ve generally found the wait times are not very long and when you haven’t needed a Q bot.

Overall, is it worth it?

If it is a busy warm day and you want to do lots of rides and maximize your time, definitely think it’s worth it.

If you’re going to the park for multiple days, probably just get it for one day or so and do the other days as normal and seeing more of the shows.

If you really into rides and want to make the most of your time, I’d recommend the Q bot ultimate. Otherwise, I think the regular or Express Q Bot works well and sits at a reasonable price point.

Be warned however, once kids start experiencing queue-jumping, they may never want to go back and wait in lines again.

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How to Save Money at LEGOLAND Windsor. Top 5 Secrets. Savings & Cheap Tickets

In this video, we show the Top 5 Secret tips and tricks on how to save money at Legoland Windsor, UK. This can be money savings on cheap tickets and where to find discount coupons, vouchers and codes.

Transcript from the show:

In this video going to share the Top 5 secrets on how to save money at LEGOLAND Windsor in the UK.

LEGOLAND has been said to be one of the most expensive for a family to visit in the UK. So by using the following tips it won’t hit your wallet as hard.

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Lets get to saving.

Number 1.

Don’t buy your tickets on the day and at the gate.

Going to LEGOLAND is usually not an impulse decision. You don’t wake up in the morning and just on a whim feel like

“Hey lets go to LEGOLAND!”

Here are some screenshots I took of the LEGOLAND Windsor booking site. The first one was done on the 17th of August looking at the next day, the 18th of August.

Even at 10:25pm in the evening, it is showing the next day the prices are normally are normally £60 per person where as if you buy them online, they are £39 per person.

The next screen shows taken 2 hours later in the wee hours of the 18th at almost 1am in the morning. Here you can see the price is now actually the full price of £60 per person. This is because now you are actually trying to book on the day.

Here is another example where I am looking on the 28th of July at the next day, at the 29th. You can see the online price is £31 per person if you do it the day before.

Then actually looking on the 29th of July, to book on the 29th of July, it is the full price of £52.

If you also click through the various dates you’ll see going during the weekday or outside of peak holiday times, the prices are much cheaper.

So don’t ever book online, on the day, or rock up at the gate and buy tickets.

This is the most expensive way to buy your tickets and your probably going to pay up to 50%
more than had you just done it the day before.

Number 2.

Look for discounts and vouchers.

LEGOLAND is always running promotions. Commonly you’ll find them in cereal boxes or newspapers. The common promotions that you’ll see is either 2 for 1 pricing, or kids go free.

Jump online to Google, to do a quick search and see what comes up.

Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert also has a page which is dedicated to LEGOLAND and different deals you can find and save on. The address is onscreen but is


The other one is to jump onto Twitter and do a search for “LEGOLAND Windsor Save”. Click on the latest tab and here is where you can see what is going on at the moment. Here you can see a 40% off promotion

Number 3.

Don’t buy LEGO at LEGOLAND. We all loath exiting through the gift shop.

Such is the power of LEGO’s brand, they don’t make you exit through the gift shop. They are one of the few attractions that I know of which does this.

All their prices are full retail price. You also won’t discover until the register that any LEGO VIP cards actually are not valid at LEGOLAND, as crazy as that sounds.

This is due to the fact that LEGOLAND Windsor was one of the first LEGO theme parks. LEGO as a company was struggling at one stage, so one of the things that they did was actually sold off all their non-core business assets, which included LEGOLAND.

It was purchased by the Merlin Group and we’ll come back to this later in the video.

We’ll get our kids to chose a LEGO that they are interested in, within a certain budget, in one of the stores at LEGOLAND. We’ll quickly jump onto Amazon and order it.

Most families have got Amazon Prime with free delivery, so you’ll get it in the next day or so. This is generally 20% cheaper, so you can either get 20% more LEGO or have 20% less cost. And the kids can still end up with a souvenir from LEGOLAND.

Number 4.

Buy a Merlin Annual Pass. We mentioned earlier in the video that Merlin owns LEGOLAND.

The Merlin Group also owns other attractions such as Alton Towers, Blackpool Tower, Thorpe Park, Sea Life, Chessington World of Adventures, Madame Tussauds, London Eye and others.

The annual pass isn’t much more than an actual day ticket to LEGOLAND.

On top of this you also get discounts on food outlets in the park, free parking, and significant discounts for staying at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel

We were staying in the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel when we found out about the Merlin Pass.

We were able to purchase a Merlin Pass and get a discount on the hotel we were currently staying in. This discount
was almost the equivalent of the Merlin pass itself.

So effectively we get free access for a year to LEGOLAND and all the other attractions.

Having the annual pass means you can take friends and family along for very cheap rates as well.

So maybe you know someone who has a Merlin Pass and they could take you along on the day, and you can get the cheap rates to get in.

Their promotion at time of recording this video is friends and family can go for £15 each. Which is about a quarter the price you’d pay if you rock up to the gates on the day.

Number 5.

Bring your own food. It will come as no surprise that food within the park can be quite expensive. There are lots of areas around the park where you can sit down and have your picnic lunch.

LEGOLAND also has pass outs What this means is that at lunch time you can go out to your car, get your lunch and come back into the park.

Thus you don’t have to be a pack horse carrying your lunch around all day, and you can just grab it when you need to.

If you do need to eat in the park, there is a good all you can eat and drink pizza and pasta place near Heartlake City.

Bonus Tip

As a BONUS TIP, we’ll quickly mention the Q-bot ride reservation system.

Check the link on screen or down below for another full video covering Q-bot in its entirety and some of the quirks of the system.

If you value your time, its away of being able to queue jump your way through the park. As you are not wasting your time standing in line you can get through more rides and attractions

So even though it might cost more, you might be able to get through the equivalent of 2 or 3 days worth of rides and attractions in one day.

With these secret hints and tip on how to save money, you should be able to save a lot of money, and have a great time at LEGOLAND!

Are there any great ways to save money you’ve come across? Sound off in the comments below.

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LEGO Statue of Liberty Skyline 5526 Factory Timelapse Speed Build

Timelapse Speed Build of the Statue of Liberty from 2005 Lego Factory Skyline set 5526 (all made in white LEGO bricks).

Link to PDF Instructions:


Transcript from the show:

This video is a timelapse speedbuild of the LEGO Factory 5526 Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was one of 4 models in the set all designed by LEGO fans.

It was released in 2005 as part of the LEGO Factory line.

People could design their models in a program called LEGO Digital Designer. People could then upload their designs to the LEGO website, create their own box art, and then have the actual product delivered to them.

As they were effectually one off sets, the prices were much higher than normal store retail LEGO. Thus people thought the prices were unreasonably high. This lead to LEGO cancelling the LEGO Design By Me service.

Instructions for the sets were only ever released digitally, on a website that is now long gone. I’ve compiled these instructions for all 4 models into a PDF, which will be on my website in a blog post.

Please check the link below.

We’ve rebricked the model from white pieces that we had in our

Click on the link to view our other video on building a rare white Statue of Liberty timelapse speed build 3450 set which explains the reasons for using white.

There are around 1100 pieces in this set. The whole model is about 51cm high or 20 inches.

It was a fun build. Being an older set the parts being used were pretty straight forward.

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DO NOT GO TO LEGOLAND before seeing this video!!

Full LEGOLAND Windsor Park Tour in under 3 minutes.

DO NOT GO TO LEGOLAND Windsor until you’ve watched this Video!! This is a full tour of LEGOLAND Windsor UK park in under 3 minutes. This has some hints and tips on how to get the most out of your day, and a time-lapse walk through of the park. This will help you get familiar with the park, layout and attractions.

We run through a few ideas to help navigate long queue times.

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Transcript from the show:

Today we are going to do a tour of LEGOLAND Windsor, UK of the full park in under 3 minutes.

Links may pop up for more detailed information on attractions.

We start at the Atlantis Submarine Voyage, near the castle hotel on the far side of the park from the main entrance

On the screen you can see the names of the different attractions pop up as we go past them. The park has over 50 attractions so you won’t get through them in 1 day.

Click the link of the Top 10 Rides and Attractions that our kids really enjoy, and they are a good place to get started with your day.

We recommend getting to the park at 9:30am in the morning when the turnstiles open. The actual park itself doesn’t open til 10 o’clock

You might then wander in and wonder why there are a whole bunch already wondering around? People staying at the LEGO hotels are able to actually get a half hour start and actually start in the park at 9:30am.

We recommend picking out 2 of the more popular rides and heading straight for them as soon as you get in.

We say 2 because more often than not you get into the first ride and its not open or there is a technical delay or something like that. You don’t want to be messing around trying to figure out which is the other ride you’d prefer to go to instead.

Queues can quite quickly blow out to 1 or 2 hours include the Haunted House, Ninjago, LEGO City Driving School, Coastguard HQ boats. Qbot is LEGOLAND’s

Windsor’s fast pass / fast track ride reservation system. Click the link for a video explaining how QBot works, the pricing and some quirks of the system.

It can be an overly complicated system and you need to get your head around it, and once you do that you can really enjoy it and maximise the value of it.

The thing to keep in mind is the park is targeted for 3 to 12 year olds. So any teenagers might think it is beneath them or not cool enough for them. Anyone under 3 might not meet the height restrictions but generally get to go for free anyhow.

We’ve stayed a couple of times at the LEGOLAND Hotels and they are great fun so certainly consider that. However they do book out a fair bit in advance so if there is a particular room style you want to get, make sure you book really, really early.

Doing the multi day stay is great because you don’t feel that you are rushing around so much and trying to cram everything into 1 day.

You can plan things out a bit better. One day you might get a QBot and try to do all the rides. And the next day you might try to do all the shows.

Invariably their might be a ride closed on one day that you wanted to do but then the next day its open and a different ride is closed.

Make sure you check out Miniland and its great to see the different buildings and models that they come up with. It does have a European bias and a lot of buildings from the UK / United Kingdom.

However they did recently add a USA section and they are always adding little bits, updating and tweaking.

Make sure you are wearing some comfortable shoes and be prepared for a fair bit of walking. On the day on average we usually walk about 10 km or 6 miles.

LEGOLAND Windsor is located 20 miles west of London and you are generally going to need a car to get there.

Allow plenty of time to get out of the carpark. It is our least favourite aspect of LEGOLAND and something they seriously need to address.

Hopefully that has given you a quick overview of the park so you can have a great day.

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Can you watch to the end without laughing? Bloopers from TOP 10 LEGOLAND Windsor Rides Video

Can you not laugh? Can you watch to the end of the video without laughing? Here are some bloopers, outtakes and funny bits from “Top 10 Rides & Things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12s (2019) ten” video: https://youtu.be/ONozu1K2qcM

There is some merit in when they say “don’t work with kids and animals” …. at least they enjoy themselves 😉

Transcript from the show:

Can you watch to the end of our video without laughing?

These are bloopers from our Top 10 video of rides and things to do at Legoland Windsor.

These are the top 10 things to do at LEGO we-weeza … <laughing>. That might be an outtake.


<rah rah rah rah rah …. dancing around>


<shrugging shoulders>

bong, bong, bong <door slams> <surprised look> What was that?!
<door slamming… laughter>

errr … I don’t know what you are talking about.

<looking unimpressed. Tap on shoulder> What?

It… was…. as …. big…. as ….10 …. blue …. pillows

I can’t touch the  …. the … peddles … peddles. Or maybe one day me and you could go in the boat and you are pushing the pedal and I am driving at the steering wheel

Nah …. I could be driving that. No, no you’re not good at steering.

oooh…. I’m not crashing into you

ooooh…. I’m crashing into…

no stop…. create your whirlpool

<spinning around laughing>

<even more spinning around>

and they really squash this bit of you right? No they don’t.

It means you can only drive a LEGO car. oh yeah! We can drive every car in the world yeah!

describe or share <laughter>. ha. … describe or share <laughter>

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bloopers …. bloopers …. bloopers bloopers


Top 10 Rides & Things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12s (2019) ten

Top 10 Rides & Things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor, UK for kids under 12s (2019) Ten

Here are our Top 10 Rides and things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12s (12 years old).

Do you agree with our list? Have we missed out your favourite? Comment Below!

Transcript from the Show:

Welcome to our video on the top 10 things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12.

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Number 10 – Lego City Fire

So you jump into the fire truck, pump up and down come up and down. Pump the hose into action and then you spray the hole and when you miss the hole you get spray on yourself.

Jump back in the fire truck, push the lever the other way and pump back the other way.

I like when you bump into it like really hard you’re. Going full-steam and then you go <bang> and everyone jumps a little.

You pump up and down. You also have to get the grown-ups to pump to get the hose working.

Number 9. Water Park!!

It is very splashy. It has a big break which dumps on your head. I like joining both of the water parks there was lots of animals in the baby one. You can jump onto them. There’s a tiger cage and in the tiger cage water comes down.

If you are caught which you probably won’t if you are in the slide then, you will not get wet. If you want to go down the side you’re gonna have to get wet so there’s no point just not wanting to get wet or you can’t go into the water park.

Number 8. Miniland!!

We enjoy Miniland because of the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, yeah, walking soldiers. Well they have musical instruments in their hand for the whistler blow thingies. Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe.

It has a little spaceship which blast-off. It goes  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off! It creates smoke but doesn’t create fire, I don’t think.

These are LEGO models Taj Mahal and this is the top of the Arc de Triomphe. We saw one gigantic ones in Miniland.

Number 7. Pirate Playground!

We could run around up in the air. Over everyone. It’s like a secret hide out. There’s a ship which has crashed. Actually two ships that have crashed. Yeah.

There is a little monkey on my one of the homes or something. And there is a banana he’s holding in his hand but you can’t go and climb up.

There’s also um a slide of one of those pirate ships but there’s about three or four floors. I’m in the main playground. And there’s also a little big queue getting up.

Number 6. Coastguard Boats!

We were patrolling the city, yeah, for any sharks and there were. Any crash boats well we have to drive. You’re not allowed to have any picnics.

My mummy drives the boats.

I drive mine boat. Where we see people and when you go somewhere and I’m a bear is relaxing and eating honey. And also there is somebody disco’ing.

What I like about it is how it drives. It drives super neat. We could drive them really neatly thing if you didn’t crash into anything <bang bang bang>. If you did, you’d be a master of crashing…. like me.

Also at the end of it they said well done. And I like it when a well they takes a picture and as a sign of it

Number 5. Atlantis!!

There was a  submarine outside it but we … well … it was made of LEGOs that we

couldn’t touch it because there was gates

around it. We walked into the boat and then set off, and we dived to the lost city of Atlantis. Yes it’s a ride with a submarine

There’s a shark or octopus trying to get in it. I like about the Atlantis

how you look at all the fish and the

sharks and the hammerheads and the

mermaids. I also liked the LEGO

divers. The computer shuts down. We need to press our emergency buttons to wake him up.

Then you can go back. At the end of it you

go through big coral.

Number 4. Haunted House Monster Party!

And the bat boogie. And it gets stuck sometimes and the pictures come alive

actually. And the spaces on the wall and the music goes da da da da da … da da da da da da

But its louder than that. “And you all must join in”. da da da da … da da da da da … da da da da da da

<scratching end noise>

The Haunted House goes up and around. The feast looks like its reallife. There’s 2 seats. Some seats on this side

and some seats on that side. Put your arms in the air, they come down like that. Yeah.

Check our full review in the link above.

Number 3. LEGO …. CITY …. DRIVING.

So you drive a car and you have to obey all signs, slow down at the roundabouts. Stop at a stop sign. Stop at a red traffic light. Go at green traffic light. Approach slowly at the roundabout or you’ll crash, like I did.

The little one you have to be for and over. The big one, 6 to 18. The video also says you need to look um over your shoulder it says any traffic coming?

And at the end of the thing you get your driving license. Yeah and you can write your name on the back. Yes but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean you can drive a real car.

Number 2. Star Wars Exhibition!!

Its an exhibition of Star Wars Lego. There’s also the Millennium Falcon which flies and look at the Death Star! You get to see how the Death Star was made. We saw Yoda. You get to see lots of big Lego characters and some

lightsabers and Yoda, Luke, Luke’s Sister (Leia) and we also get to see the x-wing, u-wing

And you get to see mini ships at the top of you sometimes and there’s abear and he roars at you when you touch him. He’s talking about Chewbacca

The last thing is battleships where Darth Vadar lives.

You get to battle Darth Vadar at the end.

Number 1. Ninjago Ride!

Ninjago rides goes like this <waving hands around> So you shoot like that! Yeah! And you have to shoot everything like there, there, there, And the skeletons have a big catapult.

And catapult us up to the sky! Yes and then we see the Great Devourer yeah and shoot him. Kill the Great Devourer. Then the Great Devourer’s ghost comes out.

And also you fall down as well. There’s another skeleton and one fires and also they hide in big canons say you can’t really fire them. And we have to defeat Garmadon and I think we saw seven Kau.

The ninjas cheer at the end for you and say you’re very good. And also you practice with some furniture.

Do you agree with our list? Comment below.

Be sure to check out our other videos like building a rare white statue of liberty, and bloopers from making this video. Thank you for watching our video.


Gandalf – Ian McKellen Caricature Digital Art Piece

Playing around with some ideas and came up with this Gandalf / Ian McKellen Caricature from Lord of the Rings / Hobbit films.

Gandalf - Ian McKellen Caricature Digital Art Piece

Big Fortune Slot / Pokie / Fruit / Gaming / Poker Machine

This is the main personality theme panel from the Big Fortune Slot / Pokie / Fruit / Gaming / Poker Machine I did for Aristocrat a couple of years back that has been released recently. An Asian / Chinese theme with lots of gold and a ‘laughing’ Buddha (there are two types of Buddha, the laughing one here and the ‘spiritual’ one – not this guy).

Big Fortune Slot Fruit Pokie Poker Machine Personality

Art and logo design by Matt Elder. Copyright Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited. Used with Permission.

Woman Woman at Volcano Pin-up Digital Painting

Playing around with a different style…hmmm….

Wonder Woman at Volcano Pin-up

Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character

Aloha Paradise Slot / Pokie / Fruit / Gaming / Poker Machine

This was the first released art that I did for Aristocrat. This is the main personality theme panel from the Aloha Paradise Slot / Pokie / Fruit / Gaming / Poker Machine I did circa 2009. It was a derivation of Miss Kitty / Pelican Pete with the “Sticky Wild” style feature. It was released into at least the North American and Australian markets.

Aloha Paradise Slot Pokie Fruit Machine Personality

Art by Matt Elder. Copyright Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited. Used with Permission.