How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass 03: Shoe Still Life Oil Painting

Tweet I recently completed a shoe still life painting for the 2011 Foot Locker Art Prize and created an accompanying free time lapse video tutorial of the painting from start to finish. This is a new addition to the How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass series and hope you enjoy! How to Draw & Paint:… Continue reading »


Artist of the Week (x2) … and other ‘appearances’.

Tweet I was recently selected by a deviantart group, DA-Art-Gallery, as their artist of the week from 2,500 members. I was pretty humbled when asked to supply a quick blurb about it all so check it out at: http://da-art-gallery.deviantart.com/blog/41489141/ A few days later I was selected by another deviantart group, Aus-Art, as their artist of… Continue reading »