Artist of the Week (x2) … and other ‘appearances’.

I was recently selected by a deviantart group, DA-Art-Gallery, as their artist of the week from 2,500 members. I was pretty humbled when asked to supply a quick blurb about it all so check it out at:

A few days later I was selected by another deviantart group, Aus-Art, as their artist of the week from 1,300 members. Great way to start the week and you can check it out at:

I was also asked to judge a Autumn Art Leaf Competition for Small World Children’s Boutique. Always interesting being on the other side of competitions and judging:

And last but not least, my good friends over at Black Mermaid Productions gave a plug to my How to Draw Basics series. They have great posts on everything from being creative through to the legal side and upcoming events (for those into that, a must read):

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