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Light Kit LEGO UCS X-Wing Unboxing, Installation & Review Star Wars 75355. Lightailing LED

Video Thumbnail - 91 - UCS XWing Lightailing LED Light Kit LEGO UCS X-Wing 75355 Unboxing Review 01b

ere be light! In this video we are going to look at adding this Lightailing LED Lighting Kit into this UCS LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter set 75355. We will unbox the light kit and see what is included in it. We will have a quick look at the features of the light kit …

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LEGO DeLorean UCS Back to the Future Car MOC David Slater Review & Time-lapse. Is It Any Good?!

Video Thumbnail - Back to the Future UCS Delorean David Slater BTTF 01

s video we are going to review this custom LEGO UCS DeLorean Time Machine from the Back to the Future Movies. This was put together from David Slater’s instructions under license from Brickvault, and sourcing the pieces from our own collection and Bricklink. We will go over the features of this LEGO DeLorean, give …

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LEGO Porsche 911 MOC from Ford Mustang set 10265. Review & Time lapse Alternative Speed-build

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 to Porsche 911 01

s video we are going to look at this custom MOC Porsche 911 that is built exclusively from the pieces in this LEGO Ford Mustang set 10265 that was released in 2019. This alternative build b-model was created by fan designer ale0794 and instructions can be purchased from rebrickable.com https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-34163/ale0794/10265-porche-911-turbo-b-model We will also give …

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LEGO Monorail 6399 Airport Shuttle: Why So EPIC? Complete Guide, Review, Time Lapse Speed build

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Monorail 6399 Airport Shuttle - Why so great 01

s the big deal with LEGO Monorail and what makes it so EPIC? In this video we are going have a comprehensive look at LEGO Monorail Airport Shuttle set 6399 released in 1990. We will look at what makes it so great, the mechanics of how it works, and a quick buyer’s guide on the …

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LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Kids Review & Time lapse Speed Build Space Rocket for Kids

Video Thumbnail - LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Review Speed build 01

s video the kids review a LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket MOC*. We look at how the SpaceX Falcon Heavy works with stage 1 and stage 2. We also have a time lapse speed build and talk about some of the things to be mindful of during the build. We also cover a few …

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LEGO Yoda 2002 7194 Ultimate Collectors Series UCS – How hard is it to build? Speed Build Review

Video Thumbnail - Yoda 2002 Ultimate Collector Series 7194 UCS Star Wars

s video we are going to review and time lapse build this LEGO Yoda UCS Ultimate Collector Series UCS set 7194 from 2002. It has 1,075 pieces but the vast majority of those are bricks. It’s like having your own little Yoda in a similar style to brick builds that you would find a …

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LEGO The Simpsons House Time-lapse Build Set 71006 – What Stop motion Easter Eggs Can You Find?!

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Simpsons House Build Timelapse

ideo is a time-lapse build of the LEGO Simpsons House Set 71006 from 2014. There is stop motion Easter eggs of The Simpsons Family up to no good … can you spot them all? Thumbnail has a couple of clues. We also offer a general commentary on The Simpsons, why the line might not …

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