LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Time-lapse & Review Speed Build, Set 75212

Tweet A review and time-lapse speed build of LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, set 75212, from the Han Solo movie. This is also known as the “White” Millennium Falcon due to the use of largely white LEGO bricks, as opposed to the usual grey look. In this video we give a run down… Continue reading »


LEGO Christmas Tree Review and Speed Build Time-lapse – Set 40338

Tweet A kids review of Lego set 40338 Christmas Tree, which we got as a promotional “free with purchase”. The kids give a run down of all the key features from their point of view. There is also a time-lapse speed build of the whole model.


How to Make a LEGO Cupcake Stand MOC with FREE Instructions Speed Build DIY Yin Yang Design

Tweet This tutorial video shows How to Make a LEGO Cupcake Stand MOC* through speed building and commentary (pointing out key design features). FREE PDF instructions here: https://www.mattelder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/MOC-Cup-Cake-Stand-Ying-Yang-Style-Instructions-02.pdf This was done as a cupcake stand for ours kids birthday parties. *My Own Creation #LEGO #legomoc #legomocs #legobricks #afol #legoman #legolife #mocs #legobuilder #legoideas #legocreations #legoinstragram… Continue reading »


TOP 5 LEGOLAND Dubai Miniland Models – Indoor Walkthrough Tour of Iconic Buildings in LEGO

Tweet In this video, we count down our top 5 picks for the best LEGO models at LEGOLAND Dubai Miniland. This searches out the best models based upon buildings in the middle east. Does your favourite get a mention in our list? This is an indoor walkthrough tour of some Iconic Buildings in LEGO! Please… Continue reading »


LEGO Mosaic Image Makers

Tweet Below are a list of links / programs that will take photographs and turn them into LEGO Mosaics. http://legoaizer.findmysoft.com http://brickaizer.findmysoft.com http://www.pictobrick.de/en/pictobrick.shtml http://www.photobricksapp.com https://www.brickapic.com/ Mosaic Maker With File Select by Pennyforge (python script in a zip file): https://www.mattelder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/MosaicMakerWithFileSelect.zip Feel free to drop us a line, or comment below if there are others you know about… Continue reading »


What is a LEGO GBC (Great Ball Contraption)? Review Time-lapse Fire Rescue First Responder to GBC 34

Tweet What is a LEGO GBC (Great Ball Contraption)? Here we review LEGO Fire Rescue First Responder set 42075 and see it converted to a Great Ball Contraption module. This is done through FREE instructions produced by PV-Productions: “GBC 34 Tilt Lift Workshop Module”. https://pv-productions.com/product/gbc-34-tilt-lift-workshop-module-42075-building-instructions/ A time-lapse is shown of the breakdown and build of… Continue reading »


DO NOT GO TO LEGOLAND DUBAI before seeing this video!! Full LEGOLAND Dubai Tour in under 3 minutes

Tweet DO NOT GO TO LEGOLAND DUBAI until you’ve watched this Video!! This is a full tour of LEGOLAND DUBAI UAE park in under 3 minutes. This has some hints and tips on how to get the most out of your day, and a time-lapse walk through of the park. This will help you get… Continue reading »


QFast LEGOLAND Review Dubai. Is it Worth the Money? Fast Track Motiongate IMG World of Adventure

Tweet A review of the Q Fast system at LEGOLAND Dubai and Motiongate. Also consider the Fast Track at IMG Worlds of Adventure. We will answer the question of whether or not it is worth the money. #qfast #review #LEGOLANDdubai #themepark #LEGO #worththemoney #queuetimes #fasttrack #thingstodoindubai #dubai2019 #legofan #legocity #amusementpark #AFOL #lego_hub #legolover #legolife #lego… Continue reading »


LEGO 1989 Batmobile

Tweet Lego Batmobile 1989 spotted at LEGOLAND Dubai Big Store today for 1299AED ~ ¬£279GBP. Sliding canopy looks awesome.#LEGO #legodc #legobatman #lego365 #batman1989 #batmobile #batmanfan¬†#legoleaks #legocollection #legopic #legobatmobile UPDATE 3rd November 2019 Stupidly didn’t buy it last night and when I went back first thing this morning, mysteriously was all “sold out”, “come back in… Continue reading »


How LEGO Bricks are Made at the LEGOLAND Dubai LEGO Factory Tour

Tweet How LEGO bricks are made in the LEGOLAND Dubai , as shown on the LEGO Factory Tour. Ever wondered how LEGO bricks are made? In this video we show how LEGO bricks are created – from granulate, to moulding to printing / decorating to final packaging. Each step is shown from start to finish.… Continue reading »