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Which is Better Value?! LEGO PAB Cups Jugs vs Cardboard Boxes Pick a Brick Build

LEGO PAB Cups Jugs vs Cardboard Boxes - Which is Better 01

s video we are going to compare the old Pab Jugs / cups to the new LEGO cardboard boxes from the Pick and Build walls (aka Pick a brick) – which is better value. Is this a case of shrinkflation by LEGO where they are reducing the size of what it is but still …

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LEGO Pick A Brick (PAB) Wall: Bluewater: COVID 19 Changes & Restrictions 8 July 2020 Store

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Pick A Brick Wall Bluewater 2020-07-08

s video we talk about the Pick a Brick Wall (PaB Wall) reopening at the LEGO Store Bluewater, UK. It may not be as straight forward as it seems with new Covid 19 changes and restrictions. See what these are in the video. This as the LEGO found in the Bluewater LEGO store 8 …

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