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LEGO Porsche 911 MOC from Ford Mustang set 10265. Review & Time lapse Alternative Speed-build

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 to Porsche 911 01

s video we are going to look at this custom MOC Porsche 911 that is built exclusively from the pieces in this LEGO Ford Mustang set 10265 that was released in 2019. This alternative build b-model was created by fan designer ale0794 and instructions can be purchased from rebrickable.com https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-34163/ale0794/10265-porche-911-turbo-b-model We will also give …

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LEGO Monorail 6399 Airport Shuttle: Why So EPIC? Complete Guide, Review, Time Lapse Speed build

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Monorail 6399 Airport Shuttle - Why so great 01

s the big deal with LEGO Monorail and what makes it so EPIC? In this video we are going have a comprehensive look at LEGO Monorail Airport Shuttle set 6399 released in 1990. We will look at what makes it so great, the mechanics of how it works, and a quick buyer’s guide on the …

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DO NOT GO TO ALTON TOWERS UK before seeing this video!! Full Alton Towers Tour in under 15 minutes.

Video Thumbnail - Alton Towers Full PArk Tour Time lapse DO NOT GO

GO TO ALTON TOWERS RESORT UK until you’ve watched this Video!! This is a full tour of ALTON TOWERS RESORT UK park in under 15 minutes. This has some hints and tips on how to get the most out of your day, and a time-lapse walk through of the park. This will help …

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Pet Portrait Commission – Dog “Pawtrait” Time Lapse Demonstration – How to Paint Fur

Video Thumbnail - Pet Portrait Timelapse Demonstration Pawtrait

s video I’m going to give a quick time-lapse overview of how I created this pet portrait … or as I like to call them “Pawtraits”. I’ll also show how I paint animal fur. If you’d like to commission a pet pawtrait of your best friend, drop me a line at matt@mattelder.com . A …

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Leeds Castle UK Covid Reopening August 2020. Full Tour. Is It Worth it?! Is it Safe? Same Price?!

Video Thumbnail - Leeds Castle UK Covid Reopening - Is it worth it

s Leeds Castle grounds & gardens UK like now it has reopened with Covid 19 measures in place? Is it worth going, what has changed, what is the experience like etc.? We will cover this in the video and give our thoughts and firsthand experience as a family. We will do a full tour …

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Sailor Moon LEGOIZED Time lapse Marker Sketch – What would Sailor Moon look like in LEGO Form?

004 - Sailor Moon LEGOized Matt Elder 01

s time lapse marker sketch video, we take a still frame from Sailor Moon and LEGOIZE it. A trend at the moment on the internet to take this Sailor Moon image and do it in our own art style. I offer a quick commentary and a few thoughts that went into producing this quick …

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LEGO The Simpsons House Time-lapse Build Set 71006 – What Stop motion Easter Eggs Can You Find?!

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Simpsons House Build Timelapse

ideo is a time-lapse build of the LEGO Simpsons House Set 71006 from 2014. There is stop motion Easter eggs of The Simpsons Family up to no good … can you spot them all? Thumbnail has a couple of clues. We also offer a general commentary on The Simpsons, why the line might not …

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What is a LEGO GBC (Great Ball Contraption)? Review Time-lapse Fire Rescue First Responder to GBC 34

What is GBC LEGO? Fire Rescue First Responder 42075

s a LEGO GBC (Great Ball Contraption)? Here we review LEGO Fire Rescue First Responder set 42075 and see it converted to a Great Ball Contraption module. This is done through FREE instructions produced by PV-Productions: “GBC 34 Tilt Lift Workshop Module”. https://pv-productions.com/product/gbc-34-tilt-lift-workshop-module-42075-building-instructions/ A time-lapse is shown of the breakdown and build of this …

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How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass 02: Self Portrait Oil Painting by mattelder.com

7;ve just recently finished my yearly self portrait oil painting and this time created an accompanying free time lapse video tutorial of the painting from start to finish. This is a new addition to the How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass series and hope you enjoy! Feel free to drop me a line if you …

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