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Wedding Painting Time-lapse Watercolor of a Couple at Leeds Castle, UK

Wedding Couple Car Leeds Castle - Wedding Painting

Captain Carter Timelapse Watercolor Painting – What If…?

000314 - Captain Carter - ArmoredHeartCosplay Working 03 Web

k timelapse watercolor painting of Captain Carter from Marvel What If…?Based upon work by @armoredheartcosplay and @thegeekstrong #captaincarter #watercolorpainting #artwork #timelapse #marvel #marvelstudios #whatif #avengers #marvelwhatif #mcu #marvelcomics #marvelcinematicuniverse #disneyplus #agentcarter #peggycarter #supersolider #captainamerica #fanart #smallpainting #artist #londonartist #londonartists #artsy #arttimelapse #artvideo #timelapsevideo #artsagram #quickpainting #portrait #portraitpainting

Pet Portrait Commission – Dog “Pawtrait” Time Lapse Demonstration – How to Paint Fur

Video Thumbnail - Pet Portrait Timelapse Demonstration Pawtrait

s video I’m going to give a quick time-lapse overview of how I created this pet portrait … or as I like to call them “Pawtraits”. I’ll also show how I paint animal fur. If you’d like to commission a pet pawtrait of your best friend, drop me a line at . A …

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Baby Sleeping Portrait Study

Baby Sleeping Portrait Study

iece is a study from one of my own photographs for a painting I hope to get to one day. Is it done with charcoal or is it digital?!

Yoda, Flash and Optimus Artworks featured on

he last little bit, I’ve had my artworks featured on in there “Best Art Ever (This Week)”. Here are the links: Yoda on Dagobah The Flash Optimus Prime

Hellboy at the Cemetary – Portrait Oil Painting

enjoyed reading Hellboy / BPRD so thought I’d take a crack at an oil painting verison of the character. Also wanted to pay a little more attention to the background on this piece than some of my other comic painting attempts.

Yoda on Dagobah – Oil Painting

ed to push a comic style painting a little more impressionistic and why not give everyone’s favorite Star Wars Jedi Master, Yoda, the treatment. This whole painting was done primarily with a just a palette knife.

Catwoman Crouching 01 Portrait Oil Painting

ly completed “Catwoman Crouching 01” Oil Painting. This was the first time I’d tried a female comic character and I find them a little harder to do then their male counterparts.

Hulk Smash Brick Wall Oil Painting

ly completed “Hulk Smash Brick Wall” Oil Painting. I was playing around with more of a limited palette than normal and only used about 6 colours in this painting (white, yellow, 2 greens, burnt and raw sienna).

The Flash 01 Oil Painting & Pencil Sketch Study

ly completed The Flash Oil Painting This was the original pencil sketch study for the painting: