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Captain Carter Timelapse Watercolor Painting – What If…?

000314 - Captain Carter - ArmoredHeartCosplay Working 03 Web

k timelapse watercolor painting of Captain Carter from Marvel What If…?Based upon work by @armoredheartcosplay and @thegeekstrong #captaincarter #watercolorpainting #artwork #timelapse #marvel #marvelstudios #whatif #avengers #marvelwhatif #mcu #marvelcomics #marvelcinematicuniverse #disneyplus #agentcarter #peggycarter #supersolider #captainamerica #fanart #smallpainting #artist #londonartist #londonartists #artsy #arttimelapse #artvideo #timelapsevideo #artsagram #quickpainting #portrait #portraitpainting

How to Frame a Drawing at Home for Cheap / DIY Tutorial Tips and Mount – Paintings, Artworks, Certificates, Prints A4 A3

Video Thumbnail - How to Frame a Drawing at Home for Cheap 01

s video we will show you how to mount and frame a drawing at home for about £10, Like this one. We will go from a basic A4 illustration drawing and put it into an A3 frame. It really makes it have a presence and be ready to hang on a wall. This can …

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Kevin Hinkle Life After LEGO: Illustration & Design Freelance – Whats Next for MrHinkleDraws: Part 1

Video Thumbnail - 005 - Kevin Hinkle - Life After LEGO Illustration and Design

s video interview Kevin Hinkle aka MrHinkleDraws talks about life after LEGO, where he had spent 12 years working as community manager for North and South America, in the marketing department and starting off as a stockist boy and working himself up to store manager. Kevin has gone back to his first love of …

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Interviewed on Kapow Comic Book Show

le while back when Image Comic’s Topcow head Matt Hawkins was in at Kings Comics, the Kapow Comic Book Show did an interview with me about my comic book art (and hence on the 2nd half of the below youtube video):

African Animals Nursery Mural Painting

ntly completed this large African Animals Nursery Mural Painting (Acrylic on Canvas – 0.76 x 2.0m (2.5 x 6 foot). ). There are 50+ African animals in this large painting that needed to be bright, for a childs nursery and done in a weekend (usually dislike acrylic and stay away from but needed it …

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