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How to Scale Up a Mural with A Doodle Grid / Lazy Grid / Scribble Grid – Deadpool Edition

Video Thumbnail - 000317 Deadpool Mural How to Scale Up Mural Artwork Image Drawing

going to show you how you can use a scribble grid or lazy grid or doodle grid to take an image, such as Deadpool here, and scale it up to whatever size you wish (in this case to a garage door size of 6x9ft, or 2x3m). Its pretty straight forward, no complicated geometric …

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How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass 02: Self Portrait Oil Painting by mattelder.com

7;ve just recently finished my yearly self portrait oil painting and this time created an accompanying free time lapse video tutorial of the painting from start to finish. This is a new addition to the How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass series and hope you enjoy! Feel free to drop me a line if you …

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How to Draw: MasterClass 01: Ayers Rock / Uluru & The Olgas / Kata Tjuta

Masterclass 01 Ayers Rock / Uluru & The Olgas / Kata Tjuta

7;ve created a new series of videos called “MasterClass”. Here the idea is to see artworks / sketches created combining all techniques and ideas learnt in the How to Draw: Basics series. This video show sketching on site at Ayers Rock and The Olgas in the outback of Australia. The thought process and ideas in …

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Free Video Tutorial: How to Draw: The Basics

Matt Elder How to Draw Tutorial: The Basics

7;ve decided to start doing some video tutorials on drawing and art. Best of all, they are free to watch / download. You can watch them below here, or the full video on my Vimeo channel (where you can download the whole video for free) or individual sections on my Youtube channel (or click the …

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