How to Draw: MasterClass 01: Ayers Rock / Uluru & The Olgas / Kata Tjuta

I’ve created a new series of videos called “MasterClass”. Here the idea is to see artworks / sketches created combining all techniques and ideas learnt in the How to Draw: Basics series. This video show sketching on site at Ayers Rock and The Olgas in the outback of Australia. The thought process and ideas in creating the sketches are discussed.

How to Draw: Masterclass 01: Ayers Rock / Uluru, The Olgas / Kata Tjuta – Watercolour Speed Painting by from Matt Elder on Vimeo.

This Masterclass video goes through several quick sketches / watercolour speed paintings executed onsite in the outback of Australia (Ayers Rock and The Olgas in the Northern Territory). Discussion is made about quickly capturing an impression of the landscape and the thought process considered during various compositions. The basic steps for this type of En plein air sketching are outlined and repeated in each of the 3 demonstrations here. Final comments are made about using these preparatory sketches for future artworks / paintings.

Various sections times are:

00:00 Introduction & Location
01:03 Sketch 1 – Ayers Rock / Uluru
05:15 Sketch 2 – The Olgas / Kata Tjuta
10:06 Sketch 3 – Ayers Rock / Uluru
14:44 Closing Comments & Paintings

Note: Sketches are played back at 3 times normal speed.

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