Contained below are samples to various types of storyboards / Comics.




  1. Daniel says:

    great post, thanks for sharing

    1. Elisangela says:

      Posted on I see David & Jeff’s point about how “it’s all art” but on the other hand I think there has to be some laaugnge for the distinction that Matt is making, and pop vs. literary doesn’t quite do it for me — I’d say a comic book using established superhero characters is pop by its nature. And if it’s all art, why isn’t it all literature, you know?I just came by to quibble, not to say anything substantive about an even I’m not reading (which might change today, goddamn it).

  2. Rayaan Cassiem says:

    Hi Matt…just popped round to visit your website and it’s bloody awesome! Definitely bookmarking it and will be visiting regularly.


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