Gandalf – Ian McKellen Caricature Digital Art Piece

Tweet Playing around with some ideas and came up with this Gandalf / Ian McKellen Caricature from Lord of the Rings / Hobbit films.


Woman Woman at Volcano Pin-up Digital Painting

Tweet Playing around with a different style…hmmm…. Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character


CyberForce’s Aphrodite V Digital Painting

Tweet Here is CyberForce’s Aphrodite V taken from the recent kickstarter reboot of Cyberforce (of which I’m looking forward to my hardcopy as a financial supporter – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/620244384/cyber-force-returns ). Pencils by: Marc Silvestri Here


How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass 02: Self Portrait Oil Painting by mattelder.com

Tweet I’ve just recently finished my yearly self portrait oil painting and this time created an accompanying free time lapse video tutorial of the painting from start to finish. This is a new addition to the How to Draw & Paint: Masterclass series and hope you enjoy! Feel free to drop me a line if… Continue reading »