DO NOT GO TO ALTON TOWERS UK before seeing this video!! Full Alton Towers Tour in under 15 minutes.

DO NOT GO TO ALTON TOWERS RESORT UK until you’ve watched this Video!! This is a full tour of ALTON TOWERS RESORT UK park in under 15 minutes. This has some hints and tips on how to get the most out of your day, and a time-lapse walk through of the park. This will help you get familiar with the park, layout and attractions.

We run through a few ideas to help navigate the day. Alternatively if you are curious about the park and might never make it there, here is a chance to visit the park “vicariously”.

What is ALTON TOWERS RESORT UK like with Covid-19 guidelines in place now that the theme park has reopened? Is it worth going? We look to answer these questions following our recent family visit in October 2020.

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Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction – Alton Towers Resort UK
0:46 At Alton Towers Front Gates
1:41 History of the Park
2:01 Sky Ride
3:00 Rollercoasters
4:30 Alton Towers Castle
4:40 Rollercoasters in the X-Sector
5:10 3 Mazes
6:09 Splash Landings Water Park & Hotels
6:46 Monorail Closed
8:03 Outdoors at Night
8:23 Kids Cbeebies Playground
8:42 In the Night Garden Boat Ride
9:34 Sharkbait Reef by Sea Life Aquarium
10:40 Is Alton Towers Worth It? Is it Worth Travelling to?
11:30 The Gardens
12:15 The Gardens … at night!!
13:15 Alton Towers Castle … at night!!
13:34 Summing Up

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Transcript from the Show (Partial)

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and in this video, we are going to do a full tour of Alton Towers Resort England UK in about 10 minutes. This was filmed mid October 2020 during their Scarefest setup, so will also cover off what Alton Towers Resort England UK is like now with covid 19 measures in place?  Is it worth going and what is the experience like etc.? We will cover this in the video and give our thoughts and first-hand experience as a family.

This video is bought to you bay Macatsim Holiday Homes in Margate and Broadstairs. Great for a week’s holiday or a weekend escape, being just over an hour east of London, UK. Treat yourself to amazing sunsets, a LEGO wall or great food. Visit and mention this Youtube video, we’ll will look after you.

Is Altons Towers Worth a Visit?

This is a real “it depends£” type  of answer. We had Merlin Passes so price wise we didn’t “feel” it as much – click around the video for a playlist of other Merlin Attraction reviews we’ve visited with our passes. It did feel like there were a lot of extras, 3 Mazes – extra, Darkest Depths – extra, Waterpark – Extra, Alton Towers Dungeons – Extra. If you were paying that ontop of park access, you’d really feel it.

The loss of the monorail and sky ride middle station access restrictions makes getting around a huge park just that more difficult. For mine, that is something they really need to sort out.  

That said, having the park set around a castle like Alton Towers is pretty unique. The Halloween Scarefest and the night atmosphere was great. If rollercoasters are your thing, you’ll enjoy this park. There is a huge variety of attractions and lots of garden trails to explore. Be prepared for lots of walking however.

We are glad we have done it and enjoyed our time, but being that distance from London, it is way down the list of places to revisit. If we lived locally and had a Merlin Pass, then definitely would repeatedly visit.

Summing Up

If you’ve enjoyed and / or gotten something out of this video, then hit that thumbs up button and or consider subscribing. Would you go? If you’ve been, what did you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks very much for watching. If you are interested in accommodation in and around Alton Towers, be sure to check out this video here. For a review of the 3 Mazes and Darkest Depths experience, click this video here. Otherwise this video has a similar time lapse tour of the whole of LEGOLAND. Or finally this video will give a time lapse of Chessington World of Adventures.

That’s it from us here at Family Bricks, until next time when we talk about all things lifestyle.

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