Alton Towers Accommodation & Hotels Review Splash Landings CBeeBies Land Luxury Treehouse Stargazing

In this video, we are going to review the accommodation in and around Alton Towers. This will include Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel, CBeeBies Land Hotel, Woodland Lodges, Luxury Treehouses, Stargazing Pods and the Hilton at St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent. We will try to give a comprehensive overview as getting complete information is a bit of a challenge.

We will touch upon where the accommodation is located in relation to the park and the general area. We’ll look briefly at getting around including the monorail (or lack there of) and Sky Ride (with current restrictions), and what that means overall.

Further information on the Holiday Homes / Airbnb / Short Term Lets can be found at

Both flats, Broadstairs and Margate are about 75-90 minutes east of London UK. Margate has a LEGO themed Holiday Lets / Airbnb Short Term Stay awith a LEGO Wall. Broadstairs has an iconic red London bus bunk bed (at time of recording).

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction – Alton Towers Resort UK Accommodation
0:43 Map Overview of Alton Towers Resorts Accommodation
1:38 Google Maps Accommodation & Park Overview
3:42 Alton Towers Hotel Review
5:16 Splash Landings Hotel & Waterpark
5:35 CBeebies Land Hotel – Alton Towers Resort
5:51 Luxury Treehouses
6:09 Woodland Lodges
6:23 Stargazing Pods
6:39 Hilton Hotel at St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent Review
8:30 Summing Up

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Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and in this video, we are going to review the accommodation in and around Alton Towers. This will include Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel, CBeeBies Land Hotel, Woodland Lodges, Luxury Treehouses, Stargazing Pods and the Hilton at St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent. We will try to give a comprehensive overview as getting complete information is a bit of a challenge.

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Map Overview

Ok we are just going to start off with this map as a bit of an overview. So you can sort of see here this is the Splash Landings Hotel , which then has the waterpark there. This is the Alton Towers Hotel and then in the back of that there you have CbeeBies Land Hotel , over here is the 5 Enchanted Luxury Treehouses and over here you have the enchanted village.

Now on this map because it is 2018, it doesn’t have in this area here, the stargazing pods. And then over here you have the golf and the monorail. Now  I get that this is an infographic but this showing here the amusement park is much further straight off to the right of screen. So it is a little bit misleading thinking that it is you know right behind and everything like that when its actually not.

Google Maps

And that is what you are going to find with this. Trying to get up to date information is actually quite a bit of a challenge. So if we have a look on Google, the satellite view, you can sort of see this is it rotated 180 degrees. So you have the Splash Landings Hotel here, The Alton Towers Hotel here, the CBeeBies Land Hotel is down here, the enchanted village luxury ones there, the enchanted village and the stargazing pods are actually in this field as they only built them a year or so ago. And this treetop one is not shown at all.

Then you have the golf over here and the monorail station there. But just to give you a bit of an idea of size, to walk from the Alton Towers Hotel where we stayed, in and around and through here and come through the carpark to the side entrance there, it is about 8minute walk. So if you are over in one of these ones here, you need to be allowing 15 minutes or so.

Difficult Getting Around

Recently the monorail station is actually closed, so it makes it really difficult to get around the park cause normally the monorail can take you straight to the front entrance. The park is really spread out and if we zoom out a little bit you can see this is then the rest of the park. You normally come in here which is the side entrance for the hotel guests.

You come in and get the skyride which comes up here to the main castle building itself or then straight across here. And this is the main entrance. The problem with covid is you use to be able get on it and go to the main entrance. Now you can only get on it and go in this direction.

So if you are staying with kids in the CBeeBies Hotel or something like that, the main CBeeBies Land is over by the main entrance, which is over here. Which is a fair walk across there. Part of the reason they have the cable cars is this is actually a gorge straight through here so getting over to one of these areas is not as simple as it might look like. So that just gives you a bit of an overview of where the hotels are in relation to the actual park itself.

For a full walkthrough and tour of the actual park and the hotel area, click around the screen and you’ll see a video on that.

Alton Towers Hotel

We stayed at Alton Towers Hotel which has an explorer’s theme. The room had a good layout with a Moon base theme. Included was a full English breakfast buffet that had a good selection and never felt overcrowded. There is also a restaurant but need to watch out for not being open for food service.

You have to order through the app but won’t block you from ordering when it is closed. Only way we found out cause couldn’t get the app to take Merlin discount and then told by staff that actually not preparing food, even though the app will let you order it.

When go in, you will have a temperature check you and they give a wrist band, which you may have to show later.

There is a side access to Splash Landings waterpark, this is an additional charge. Only disconcerting aspect is possible to go from Splash landings, in through the back to get to Alton Towers Hotel without a swipe card.

You also get 9 holes of Extraordinary Golf for each night that you stayed – its ok but starting to show signs of age and could use a bit of a facelift. And free parking is also included.

As with all the accommodation, you have to prebook. Depending upon the time of year, might need to do this well in advance,  particularly if you want to get a specific type of themed room.

Inside the Moon Themed Room

OK, so we have the room, which has a double bed, out to the view, which as you come back into the family room, so you also have kids beds themed out in steampunk/moon

There is also an Xbox in the room with a LEGO Marvel SuperHeroes game.

There is also a general courtyard and garden space. Would imagine in the warmer months of the year this would be quite pleasant and there was a tiny playground with equipment.

Splash Landings Hotel

Next Hotel over is the Splash Landings Hotel which has the water park in it, closest to the park side entrance and now closed monorail. It has a Caribbean theme, and rooms can be Beachcomber, Ice Age or Pirate Room. It also has entertainment, buffet breakfast, golf rounds and free parking included. Don’t think access to the water park is included but worth double checking.

CBeeBies Land Hotel

CBeeBies Land Hotel Obviously targeted a younger ages, there are live shows and special games. Themed rooms include Bugbies, Octonauts, Swashbuckle or In the Night Garden. There is a buffet breakfast at the Windmill Restaurant.

Luxury Treehouses

Luxury Treehouses are ironically one of the furthest from the entrance but can have a special buggy service. Each sleeps up to 8 people, has a small kitchen or takeaway service. Each has its own hot tub overlooking the forest. VIP Parking is included with each having its own personalized name plate. Other meals are shared with Crooked Spoon restaurant

Woodland Lodges

Woodland Lodges are private luxury cabins each with their own deck. Can’t help but think of hobbits and middle earth when I see these – must be the round doors. Each log cabin has a separate kids sleeping area. The Crooked Spoon is used for breakfast and meals.

Stargazing Pods

Stargazing Pods are very minimalist and cater for those on a budget. You can sleep up to 4 in a pod with communal showers. A complimentary breakfast on the go is provided and like all other accommodation at Alton Towers, early access to the park is provided. There is even a central playground for the kids to explore.

Hilton at St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent

And then there is the Hilton hotel about 35 minutes away that we stayed at for one night, Home of England sports clubs. So whenever they are playing , they can train at the facilities down here. They also have a pool which we went into and you have to book that, and it is really limited slots, so you have to call at 6:30 in the morning to book a slot.

But as with other things, if you are paying additional/full price, you’ll find you can get in and more slots are available. So it isn’t too bad as there was only about 4 groups of people in there the whole time.

Hilton Family Room … Bit Small

And this is the family room. Basic enough, a little bit on the same size for a Hilton and then on the outside you can see through to the different sports grounds, fields that they have.

The bathroom is tight and sort of squishy. You do have a continental breakfast but they will serve it to you down here in the restaurant.

So the Hilton at St George’s Park, it was adequate for what it was, little bit on the small side and a little bit on the expensive side and obviously just making the best that they can with the corona virus situation.

Hilton on a Map

So the Hilton at St George’s is here, and it is about a 20 mile drive or 37  or 40 minutes to do it. The thing we did find is that because all these are little country roads and back lanes, is that a number of them were closed for maintenance. So then the GPS didn’t pick it up so you are circling back around and everything like that.

So if you are trying to hit a time to get to Alton Towers, just be aware that some of these roads and things might be closed so you might be doubling back and around. So Allow for additional time. Its sort of north of Birmingham. We went up there a day early from London so that we could maximise our time in the park.

Summing Up

If you’ve enjoyed and / or gotten something out of this video, then hit that thumbs up button and or consider subscribing. Would you go? If you’ve been to one of these hotels, what did you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks very much for watching. If you are interested in having a full park time lapse walkthrough of Alton Towers and picking up some tips to maximise your day, check out this video here. For a review of the 3 Mazes and Darkest Depths experience, click this video here. Otherwise this video has a similar time lapse tour of the whole of LEGOLAND. Or finally this video will give a time lapse tour of Chessington World of Adventures.

That’s it from us here at Family Bricks, until next time when we talk about all things lifestyle.

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