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In this video we will show you one of the key ways to save money at Amazon.com and get products for the best possible prices. We use this all the time and saved thousands from Amazon. Its also great as applies to Amazon globally so not just limited to amazon.com or amazon.co.uk or amazon.ca

This is done largely with https://keepa.com/ and what is shown here is done with the free version as at time of recording.

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Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and in this video we will show you one of the key ways to save money at Amazon and get products for the best possible prices. We use this all the time and saved thousands from Amazon. Its also great as applies to Amazon globally so not just limited to amazon.com or amazon.co.uk or amazon.ca .

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So the way we are going to find good deals on amazon and ensuring we are getting the best price is with keepa.com . Its two things, both a website and also a pluggin. So first of all we will have a look at the actual website itself, go to keepa.com.

As you can see it is available for most browsers extensions. What is really good about it is down here you can see, its keeping track of all the different prices across all the different amazon websites. So US, UK, Germany and all that sort of thing. So it is monitoring about 1.5 billion products.

So when you first come here you need to select the amazon that your interested in. It comes up with a default of amazon.com So for us we need to change to the UK , so it is going to be uk.co. So switch across to that.

Searching for a Product

Then what you can do is go to your search functionality, and you enter in what you are looking for. In this case I’m going to be looking for the Beexcellent Gaming Headset. So just click on there and it will bring up all the listing results that is has found on the products list on amazon. So we want to go down to this green one down here.

Which is the Gaming headset and tells you that it is £24.99 , colours, different codes. So if you actually click on the link itself, it then brings up this price graph history. So you can sort of see for this one here it is tracking the price. It generally comes up with the last 3 months as the default view. So you can switch it to the last month, back to 3 months, or a year or the “All” is for however long it has been listed across the whole amazon website. But we will just stick to the 3 months for the time being.

You can see here that it is listed at £24.99. And then as you go into the past here, in late October , it is £21 and it is jumping up and down. And then down here you have the red dots which shows when it was listed as lightning deals. So it was listed as a lightning deal as £18.69 for however long that was and you can see over the last 3 months it has been listed there 3 times. Or if you go out to the last year, you can see it has been listed about 5 times.

So it gives you a sense of where the prices is going and where it has been historically. So you can see that £24.99 is kind a reasonable sort of price. Certainly it has been lower. If you can catch it as a lightning deal that would be great. And then as we headed into lockdown you can really see the price spiked and come back down.

And it will also show over here the colours codes. If it is an amazon product it will have and amazon orange line so you can see that, and then “new” and “used”, which you can turn on and off just by clicking the buttons there. Its not showing up on here as it looks like it is only been listed by a reseller.

Maximum Price You Want to Pay

So what we can do is we might be looking at this and don’t want to pay the £24.99, but we can’t just keep on coming back and checking when is it going to get down to £21, when is a lightning deal or something like that. So the way that you do that is go across to this tab here “Track Product”.

And what you can do is enter in the minimum price you’d want to be notified that the price has dropped below that. So in this case we will go through and enter £20.00 on Amazon or the “New” one done by a 3rd party, and enter in £20.00 there as well, cause either / or.

It will give you some information as well, generally in terms of what the current price is, when it has been discounted and by how much , the averages over the last 90 days and so on and so forth. And then you can specific how long you want to track for. So you can go anywhere from 2 weeks up to 10 years, and then you press “Start Tracking”.

And when you press “Start Tracking”, it will then ask you to log into your account. We just go up here and you login and register. The usual sort of thing of entering your email and confirming it, and then you start tracking it.

Keepa on Amazon

Now that’s all very well and good but it might be painful to be on amazon and always having to coming back to Keepa each time and trying to go backwards and forwards. So what they also have too is the extensions.

So if you go to main page for the add ons / plugins / whatever depending upon your browser. So they have the main ones here. So in the case I’m using Chrome so if you wanted to then install your plugin you go and click on the Chrome store, and it comes up in a new brower window.

I’ve already got it installed but normally there would be a button here to install the add on, extension, plugin / whatever it is. So once you’ve done that, we come over to Amazon and enter the same thing in terms of that “Beexcellent Gaming Headset for Xbox 1”. And then we will go through and find that green one again here.

You can see on amazon how it is tagging it as one of its best sellers. And then you can come in and see this here. This comes up as your normal sort of page and what happens is if you just scroll down just a little bit, it will then put that keepa graph actually on the page itself, so you can then really see inline what the graphs and what the price history has been.

I know sometimes depending upon the browser and the machine it might come up as actually just a keepa button there and you might have to click on it and bring it up. Generally the graph will only come up when you scoll down and you have to leave it and wait for a sec, and then it will be like it is refreshing and getting the data sometimes.

Pretty much all the same functionality as what we saw on the website so you can see the time going back out , see all the lightning deals there, and this is where it starts to get interesting. It is saying that it is £24.99 there, but then if we go up here, it has the recommended retail price and it is crossed out and it is £34.00.

Is the RRP Misleading?!

So it is saying that it was £34.00 and now it is £24.99. And this is where it can be a little misleading and this is also too where it can be really good for the graphs and have a look. You can see prior to it being £24.99, no it was actually cheaper than that, and you actually have to go back to the beginning of June to actually get that £34.99 price.

So that is where it is really good , cause I’ve noticed this quite a bit on the amazon products, when you are looking at it, it will have a high recommended retail price (RRP) , which it either hasn’t been or it hasn’t been recently. And this is a really good example, you have to go back, what is that, almost 4-5 months to get that recommended retail price (RRP).

So if you just looked at this blind and go “oh, it was £34.99 and it has been reduced down to £24.99”. Whereas in actually fact 3 weeks ago it was £21.99, and then it has gone up in price. So it is just something to help you be aware of that.

Across All Amazon Product Categories

And the same sort of thing you can go in here and track the product and get it when it is a good deal. It works across all the products on the amazon website. So here I’ve got some hardware which in this case is a Von Haus 44 multi drawer which I use for sorting and storing LEGO, and you can check a video here about how I do that. And you can see I’ve purchased this about 10 times and the last time I’ve made a purchase was earlier in the year.

And you can see at the moment it is £37.99 and you scroll down and you get the keepa graph and in this case the last year. Generally always paying about the £25-£30 for it and sort of see that recently it has been relatively highly price. And it isn’t til you go back to the beginning of the year, funnily enough pre lockdown when the prices seemed to be more around that £25-30 mark.

And again if you go out to the “All” view, it has been available for 1760 days, so basically since about 2016. And you can see just a general trend upwards, and allowing for inflation. Originally you could pick it up quite a bit for $18-19.

Registering a Keepa Account and Tracking

So once you’ve registered for your keepa account which is free, you can login in and actually come over here to “Track” , and see exactly all the different products you are tracking. So if you go “Tracking Overview” here, it will then bring up all the products that I am tracking.

So in this instance I’ve got about 35 different items I’m keeping a track of. So there are some things I get quite a bit like art supplies and materials. So if you scroll down you can see one of the things I’m keeping track of is a Prismacolour Marker 72 markert set, which is an item I like to buy from time to time. It is one of those recurring things.

However, the price can vary quite wildly. Even just looking at it in the last 3 months, you’ve got it here at one stage it was £313.00 , the it was £260.00 bascially, and at the moment it is down to £202.00. And then if you go out to the year view, you can see for quite a while, pretty much since lockdown started, it was up around over £300.00. So that is a huge variation in terms of it was £300.00 pounds then, and now it is like £202.00. So it is quite a huge variety and gap in there.

So as you can sorta see there, the dotted line is my desired price. So when it goes less than £225.00 I’ll get an email which will say “hey, this has now dropped below that desired price” and you can jump on it straight away.

Sometimes when these prices drop, if it is a deal or something like that, lots of people will get those alerts, people will be going through on the websites or it pops up in different other websites as being on sale and you need to be quick sometimes to jump onto these.

When is this Ideal to Use?

So this works really, really well for products which either which  you are interested in getting but you don’t need them right away so you can just wait for a little bit to see what happens, or other consumable products you’ll get quite regularly from time to time.

I hope you found that useful and if you have, and learnt something from it then, certainly give that thumbs up button there. We’ve always found it a great tool as sometimes you are on the amazon website and you are looking at something that is on sale and you’ll look at the recommended retail price and looks like a great deal. But then when you use the keepa you can actually see no wait a minute, that recommended retail price is not accurate, it doesn’t reflect the current situation. And you feel much better that no wait a minute, I’m not being dupped here or mislead.

Its always great when you are keeping track of an item you want to purchase at some stage, you get that email saying that it has gone below your desired price level, you can jump on it straight away and pick it up knowing that you got it for a good price or below the upper limit of what you’d like to pay for it.

And the other thing with getting all these alerts is you don’t constantly have to be going back and checking the website and things like that. And particularly with some of the lightning deals, they might only pop up for a couple of hours, and if you are quick and on top of it, you can get it for a really good price.

Summing Up

Thanks very much for watching. That’s all from us here at Family Bricks. If you like what you see and want to be able to pick up tips and tricks on how to save money, consider subscribing to the channel. Here is a video showing you how to save money at LEGOLAND. Or here is a video showing you a quick walkthrough of the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels. Or a video on Pet Portrait artworks.

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