WHAT?! N1 Naboo Starfighter MOC Star Wars Book of Boba Fett Mandalorian Grogu Baby Yoda Wizard

In this video we are going to review this LEGO MoC of The Mandalorians N1 Naboo Starfighter Wizard as seen in the recent Book of Boba Fett Star Wars series on Disney+. We will look at this in terms of design, cost, playability and the all important “swooshability”. We will discuss some of the modifications we’ve made and a couple of mistakes in the instructions. We will take a sneak peak of the painting that it is inspiring.

We will finish off with a time lapse speed building covering the key elements of the build.

If you are interested in buying the N1 Starfighter painting in the video when it is finished, drop me a line matt@mattelder.com

As soon as this was introduced in universe, you knew Grogu and the Mandalorian were going to end up having their adventures together. Original base instructions can be found here:


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