LEGO Pick A Brick (PAB) Wall: Bluewater: COVID 19 Changes & Restrictions 8 July 2020 Store

In this video we talk about the Pick a Brick Wall (PaB Wall) reopening at the LEGO Store Bluewater, UK. It may not be as straight forward as it seems with new Covid 19 changes and restrictions. See what these are in the video.

This as the LEGO found in the Bluewater LEGO store 8 July 2020.

Transcript from the Show

The Pick a Brick wall at the LEGO Bluewater Retail store is back … although with some changes and we’ll go through these.

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The LEGO Pick a Brick, PaB, wall is now back after being empty when Bluewater LEGO store first reopened a number of weeks back. Naturally there are some changes.

1st – Staff and Items Available

First up, only staff can deal with the wall so the area is cordoned off. The selection of bricks that you have available is on these 2 large 48 x48 baseplates. Any item with a little 1×1 blue cheese slope indicates that item is in low stock.

2nd – 3 Cup Restriction

Secondly, you can only get 3 cups. This admittedly is frustrating but apparently is due to basically lockdown occurred just as the next quarterly order would be made. Thus they haven’t been replenished with stock.

So if you think you can go in and catch up on 3 months worth of not having a PaB wall, it probably isn’t going to happen. Some other stores may or may not have these restrictions depending upon their stock and backrooms, so is probably going to be a real lottery.

3rd – Cup Discount

Thirdly, you can’t bring your own cups in from home for obvious Covid 19 reasons. Once you buy cups now the pick a brick wall is open, your receipt is marked. Thus when you come in next time and buy more PaB cups, if you have your receipt, you will be given the cup price discount (like before), even though you have new cups, as if you had old cups (as obviously you can’t bring ones in from home). At least that was my understanding after it was explained to me in an awkward way, and even explaining it back is a little bit of a struggle.

4th – Pay in Advance

Fourth, you had to pay in advance at the til, then go around to the PaB where the staff member would serve you. So you may have to get all your items first, go to the til and pay altogether (so you can get any gift with purchase items), then go and get your cup filled up – a little backwards from the way we normally do it.

I went there at a reasonably dead time (about half hour before they closed) so they seemed relatively happy to fill up the large cups in halves and thirds, of different items. How far you can go in getting a little of this, and a little of that, a tad of this, and a tiny little of this etc I don’t know (I usually get items in large quantities anyhow), might depend upon how busy the stores is and if there is a queue outside, and if the staff feel you are taking the mickey.

I was lucky enough after getting my 3 cups today, getting a little bit of an additional top up (as obviously you can’t optimize your stack as you can’t handle the bricks). So this was greatly appreciated.

Bluewater LEGO store also had another mixture of random pieces left over probably from Christmas and a possible Star Wars in store build.

Might seem a little frustrating but at least it is a start. Hopefully they can reorder some more bricks for the Pick a Brick wall soon and the 3 cup minimum can be lifted. Just feels weird that the store won’t sell you product you’d more than happily buy. Baby steps though.  

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