VLOG 4 Broadstairs Lockdown Eases: Are Holidays Worth it? Airbnb Short Term Stay Macatsim Margate

Welcome to VLOG 4, in Broadstairs as lockdown eases. Restaurants, Pubs and tourist attractions can reopen. What does this look like in a post Covid 19 world? Is it worthwhile thinking about a holiday / staycation?

In this video we look at sunrise from Broadstairs – amazing!! We look at the activities that kids can get up to at the beach – Sand Angels, flying gliders and kites, making sandcastles, moats and mansions.

From here off to a restaurant that has reopened for lunch. This is followed by some icecream in the park. A quick round of minigolf with some down time in holiday let flat (iPads and Dots Bracelets don’t go astray). Back out for some dinner in another opened restaurant.

After this over to the Macatsim Margate flat Airbnb for some pickup filming… and horses on the beach. We review the Friday night London Bridge Bricks stream along with the 2nd Family Bricks Livestream with a July 4th Independence day / easing of UK Lockdown celebration.

Follow this up with the regularly vegetable garden update.

Further information on the Holiday Homes / Airbnb / Short Term Lets can be found at http://www.macatsim.com/

Both flats, Broadstairs and Margate are about 75-90 minutes east of London UK. Margate has a LEGO themed Holiday Lets / Airbnb Short Term Stay awith a LEGO Wall. Broadstairs has an iconic red London bus bunk bed (at time of recording).

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction
0:13 Sunrise at Broadstairs Macatsim Ocean Outlook
0:46 Rockpool and crabbing
1:32 Sand Angel
1:51 Gliders on the beach during a windy day
2:08 Kite on the beach during a windy day
2:21 Sandcastles and Sand Mansions on the beach
3:04 Restaurants Opening for Lunch
3:35 Time for Icecream and into the Park
4:02 Mini Golf, Crazy Golf, Putt Putt Golf
4:59 Dots Braclets, YouTube Market Research and Dinner
5:43 Margate LEGO Themed Flat and Horses on the Beach
6:09 Post London Bridge Bricks Stream and gag cartoons
9:22 Post Family Bricks Livestream #2 – 4th July / Lockdown Easing
10:18 Veggie Garden Update
11:17 Holiday Homes website www.macatsim.com & Wrapping up VLOG #4

Transcript from the Show

This Week, The Week That Was Tuesdays

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and welcome to VLOG number 4. Down here at Broadstairs and been a beautiful day with the kids and everything like that. Now that lockdown is easing and things are starting to open up getting ready for holiday makers.

Sunrise at Broadstairs Macatsim Ocean Outlook

Up early to catch a glorious sunrise from the Broadstairs flat window.

So the flat is just up there and then you come straight down here and literally right on Viking Bay. On this is what Viking Bay looks like first thing in the morning, which is the main beach at Broadstairs.

Morning tractor has been out and smoothed out all the sand, which is something I’ve never seen in Australia and I don’t quite understand.

Rockpool and crabbing

Head on over to the rockpool and see what is happening over there andy maybe try to catch a crab or something like that. In go the net with a bit of bait and away we go.

Oh my gosh, it is still trying to get out. Do you see the jungus crab daddy?

Here is the crab the boys managed to catch. It is a decent size but missing two legs, and releasing it back to the wild.


Sand Angel

Lets give this sand angel thing a try. We at least got the arms pumping, the legs seem to be lagging a bit. Why just stand straight up when we can roll around and make sure we get sand in every nook and cranny. And making sure we have our bo-staff ready to go at every opportunity,

Gliders on the beach during a windy day

We also have these gliders which are great for windy days.


Simple victories give us such great excitement.

Kite on the beach during a windy day

Kites are another great fit for windy day, keeps them active and running all over the place, and as every parent dreams off, just tiring them out so the go to sleep really easily when they get home.

Sandcastles and Sand Mansions on the beach

Out creating our gigantic sand mansion with its own personal moat to try to keep the waves from washing it away. Sand really is so versatile. The water came and got it?! Yeah but I caught it. Fun time.

A small piece of wood to act as a boat.

Well I’ve been digging a well and jumping in it like this. Yikes! There is also water in here

Probably can see it. Right now I’m building a mini-mineshaft inside of the well.

Restaurants Opening for Lunch

Then off for some lunch with restaurants that are now starting ot reopen. And I’m sure the seagulls have missed all their free lunches too. The day before this, this whole area was dead, so it is good to see life and community returning. Prezzo is another really good restaurant so good to see its doors open as well.

Time for Icecream and into the Park

Now when it has been a nice great day at the beach like this, there is only one thing you need to do and that is go and get some ice-cream. You are completely spoilt for choice but this is one we ended up at. You can see the internal seating area is closed due to c-19 but other ones have theirs open.

A wide selection of formats, ice creams and sorbets. Another happy customer with a bubble gum flavour.

A quick stop to the nearby park and let the devouring begin. Kids have no trouble getting through ice-cream cones. Ah such simple pleasures.

We have our flat just there, and literally 1 block away here, you can just see, is the mini golf.

Mini Golf, Crazy Golf, Putt Putt Golf

And then off to some putt putt golf, or mini golf or crazy golf of whatever you want to call it. It is 13 holes of wacky fun and the ones who usually do the best are the ones that have never played golf or touched a putter before.

Yeeeeeah!! My turn next. Of course the token windmill obstacle that every mini golf has.

Kids are having fun, making up their own rules and playing however they want to. You need to use a fair bit of force. There I’m done. We should get her down the golf course.

Think we are going to need a bigger boat.

Dots Braclets, YouTube Market Research and Dinner

And a session with some Dots bracelets always produces some interesting results. And what one did you choose? A cat one. And he managed to snuffle his borthers bracelet as well when he wasn’t looking.

So the boys are doing their YouTube market research, which involves lots and lots of YouTube watching.

Then off to another really good restaurant (Posillipo) for an evening meal. It’s a great Italian place and even our critic kids think it is finger licking good.

Margate LEGO Themed Flat and Horses on the Beach

We were shooting some additional b-roll footage for our Margate holiday home that is available for rent. See this video for an initial overview of the property and surrounding area. Then something random while filming. Horses on the beach, why not?! That is one of the many things you might find in the view.

Post London Bridge Bricks Stream and gag cartoons

Just finished up the Friday night livestream with London Bridge Bricks and this is what it looks like. I literally, 5 minutes before the stream walked in the door and setup everything. So down here in Margate again, nice and dark and everything so generally just come through and have one of the really useful boxes full of all the wires and cables and everything so it all just explodes out and did another drawing night.

Going through and yeah, think there are some really successful ones which came out. Think one of my favourites was this Monkey Kid one. I was trying to think of a gag as we were sort of talking about it but nothing came to mind so just went ok I’ll draw that out naturally.

Then tested out a couple of the LEGO Pictionary ideas being having. Going to be part of the 72 hour stream next week, so have a 2 hour slot and think I’m Sunday 12 July 2020 at lunch time (Central time USA / 17:00 UK time).

So the idea is I’ll be drawing pictures and people guess what they are and get points for the fastest and set numbers. So something like this is the bookshop and you know, coming up and knowing what exact number it is. And then another one like this, can you guess what that is?! Bucket wheel excavator and what the set number is.

Yeah bit of a random conversation. Just flip through them, talking about the Mario LEGO, 4 gifts with purchase. Talking about the crocodile or gator train. I know everybody hoas their own aesthetic and things like that but I just can’t see past it being a poop with wheels, or as somebody else said, a croissant.

So these are just a selection of some of the other sketches we did and at one stage there you had Hive looking very longingly at Monkey Kid set, and its sorted of like yeah, he is really into it. Then also talking about where to store boxes and things and one of the guys apparently has a crawl space under the house so put them in there, might get a bit too excessive.

And then talking about LEGO now doing wall framed art sort of thing and one of them is like the Mariyln Monroe Andy Warhol sort of take on it. And the way that they have done it is as a money making machine. So you’ve got to get like 4 sets and each set is £120, so they have really figured out with it how to basically be selling the customer almost the same thing 4 times over.

Then SaraStarBricks and Si were going on about ice creams and things like that. And Solo was a little worse for wear today with a cut on the nose and at one stage he was building and he got something in his eye and trying to keep on building and trooping and pushing through it.

Somebody had a subscriber count of 666, so seemed like a natural one to do.

And very much talking about before you do the stream you are in panic mode getting everything all sorted, at least I find I am, and trying to get everything done and as soon as the stream starts just trying to put on that very polished face. Its all chaos off camera.

Post Family Bricks Livestream #2 – 4th July / Lockdown Easing

So just finished up my second livestream which was a 4th of July Independence Day, easing of lockdown special and I just thought I’d kick the opening up of the video with a quickly little story and pictures. So if you go to the actual link that I will put in, in and around this, it will have the quick little story of this. Basically about the British and the Americans and just going through with some of the pictures and fighting and all the different sorts of things that would happen and have that there.

So it seemed to be a nice little thing that was received well so might sort of be a little thing I might do sometimes. You have talk show hosts and they do their opening Monologue. This might be my version of that. The opening picture sketch or something. I don’t know. Be interested to know if you do manage to check out the other video what you thought of it, it if works, or just a horrible idea.  

Veggie Garden Update

So a veggie garden update this week. Got some cauliflower here, harvest that in a sec. Might be a day or so over as it has opened up a bit. This one here, never did anything, always been looking bad. Looks like we might have another one over here which might be ready in a day or so. And another one just growing down in here, so we will leave that for a little bit, and the other ones never really took shape.

And here we go, managed to get a head of cauliflower, so give that a try and see what that is like. And then we have had some blueberries come through and during the week, one of the boys picked a whole bunch which were ripe and took them into his teacher. So we spent all that time going through and growing them and then his teacher ended up with it, which was just funny.

Pears are starting to take up more pear like shape, feels like they have taken awhile to grow though. Plums feel like they have been at that shape for quite a while. So wondering if they have stalled out or something has gone wrong with the plant.

Holiday Homes website www.macatsim.com & Wrapping up VLOG #4

If you want to find out more about our holiday home rentals in Broadstairs or Margate, check out our website at www.macatsim.com Great for a week’s holiday or a weekend escape being just over an hour east of London, UK. Here you can check out our Broadstairs flat. Alternatively, here are some other videos you might be interested in. Be sure to hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching and that is all from us here at Family Bricks. Until next time when we talk LEGO and Lifestyle.

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