Fun Whole FH 9001: Wood Cabin Retro House Delight Day and Night LED Unboxing LEGO Compatible

What is this?! In this video we go through an unboxing of the Fun Whole FH 9001: Wood Cabin Retro House, with Delight Day and Night LED lighting kit. What will we find in the box?! What do the kids think?

This is a LEGO ‘Compatible’ building construction brick toy set.

Product was provided by Fun Whole.

Opinions and commentary are our own.
Product can be purchased from:

Fun Whole Website:

Amazon Link in the Video:

Fun Whole Website:

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Transcript from the show:

G’day everyone Matt Elder Family Bricks here and today we’ve got something a little bit different we’re doing an unboxing that we’ve got here this was sent to us and provided to us but opinions and reactions will be our own so let’s get into it.

This was from halfway around the world yes it is it says brick separator.

It’s fizzy so this is a building brick set it’s done by a fun hole and as you can see it’s a cool little cabin and some lights there should go into it it’s pretty cool should we have a look and see what’s inside yes.

These are lights lights oh my god there’s so many lights.

We’ve got some stickers how many stickers audiences.

Looks like a telephone book of building instructions .

Oh no oh this looks funny it looks very fun.

I’m counting the lights one two three oh this is a black clipper piece bricks are crazy I’ve never heard of a black brake separator I’ve seen big ones but not small ones should we see how many bags are here uh we got some base plates.

Wait but I’ve never seen this set before so as you can see this is all the stuff we’ve got there’s lots of bags here they’re all sort of numbered.

Instructions light kits base plates looking at the box art it’s all nicely done in the black nice crisp photograph there did however get a little bit damaged in transit but we’ll ignore that. So some details, Fun Whole FH 9001 2097 pieces and they’re calling it the Wood Cabin Retro House and i guess the Delight Day and Night is kind of their branding name for the led lights which are included.

So looking at everything that is included in the box there’s actually a lot here as you can sort of see you’ve got numbered bags. Most of them have got five for each numbers one through seven although you do have some like five which has got six and seven has only got two so beyond all the numbered bags.

What else we got here we’ve got some lights in numbered bags so one two two two three and four and then a couple of the other bags sealed together. That looks like some plates in there brick separator i’m quite sure what that is i’m sure we’ll find out.

Just looking at some of these lights that we’ve got here these seem to be these sort of i guess quasi vacuum sealed bags again the quality on it feels quite good they certainly don’t feel like they’re cheaping out on any of the packaging.

Looking at the instruction manual it’s quite thick and it’s printed on some really nice paper like they haven’t cheaped out on this at all i’m just flicking through the instructions seems to be all reasonable sort of quality. I’m just looking at a little bit about it in the beginning here some information how to use some of the instructions it looks like some info on the lights, some troubleshooting, what’s included, light kits how to use a brick separator.

And then away from there a base plate and then another plate just feeling these feel comparable to what you’d normally expect. That seems to be relatively good quality as well and then of course a sticker sheet. So this is going to get interesting there seems to be a lot i’m guessing this is a wood texture with a bit of a transparency on it maybe. So if we took out some of those yeah 2 000 piece plus set seems to be reasonable. It’ll be interesting to see what the tackiness and the sticky sort of feel of.

That is a little information tag there, “thank you for choosing us”, some marketing stuff.

This is going to be fun to build hard to build but it’s going to be fun to build.

Here we have the company website and this is the English version of it. And as we can see there the lead image of it is the cabin that we’re going to be looking at and the first one there that they’re looking at selling. And then if you go down a lot of the other products that they seem to have lights kits for construction sets so just going back up here having a look at the wood cabin.

See some of the imagery that we have. Here are some photos of the actual product and it does actually look quite good so really looking forward to building this. It’s even got a little sheepy there. Sort of day night aspect and the reverse side and in a bit of an interior detail.

They’re also looking at selling a product through i’ll include a link around the video but this is the page here it says it’s currently unavailable but apparently it’s going to be up within a couple of days of this video recording. This will be the place to get the best price apparently.

So just having a look through got some slightly different images. Here it’s showing the day night comparison so on, the internal lights gonna be interesting to have a look through that, and again some dimensions and sorts of things like that. It looks like it’s gonna use an interesting building technique there, just scrolling through the rest of page some other promotional shots and further descriptions.

Going through for what’s included as what we’ve already said you know the buildings that the light kit the instructions usual sorts of things you’d expect.

How long do you think this is going to take a build, oh like a month or something, once a couple days couple days maybe, no okay we’ll have to see how long it takes. Work non-stop for hours and hours I suppose we might be able to do it in the day.

Thank you for watching Family Bricks. Please like share and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any more videos join us in the next video where we are going to review this so here’s the video of us going through and reviewing this and here are some other videos you might like.

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