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LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115) Reaction – How to Get for a Good Price?! Review

Video Thumbnail - LEGO Lamborghini Sian fpk37 42115

s video we react to the new LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (set 42115) that has just been revealed. We also look at historically when is the best time to purchase this car as it is a really pricey set. We also cover facts about the real car that have translated into LEGO, …

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LEGO Yoda 2002 7194 Ultimate Collectors Series UCS – How hard is it to build? Speed Build Review

Video Thumbnail - Yoda 2002 Ultimate Collector Series 7194 UCS Star Wars

s video we are going to review and time lapse build this LEGO Yoda UCS Ultimate Collector Series UCS set 7194 from 2002. It has 1,075 pieces but the vast majority of those are bricks. It’s like having your own little Yoda in a similar style to brick builds that you would find a …

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Sailor Moon LEGOIZED Time lapse Marker Sketch – What would Sailor Moon look like in LEGO Form?

004 - Sailor Moon LEGOized Matt Elder 01

s time lapse marker sketch video, we take a still frame from Sailor Moon and LEGOIZE it. A trend at the moment on the internet to take this Sailor Moon image and do it in our own art style. I offer a quick commentary and a few thoughts that went into producing this quick …

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Kevin Hinkle Life After LEGO: Illustration & Design Freelance – Whats Next for MrHinkleDraws: Part 1

Video Thumbnail - 005 - Kevin Hinkle - Life After LEGO Illustration and Design

s video interview Kevin Hinkle aka MrHinkleDraws talks about life after LEGO, where he had spent 12 years working as community manager for North and South America, in the marketing department and starting off as a stockist boy and working himself up to store manager. Kevin has gone back to his first love of …

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Orrery Review – Is it any good? Earth Moon Sun by JK Brickworks – For Kids Science Project

Video Thumbnail - Orrery Earth Moon Sun JKBrickworks

s video we review the Orrery made by JK Brickworks of the Earth, Sun and Moon. FREE Instructions for this have been made available by Jason Allemann in the link below. We’ll cover off some of the gearing, key parts and slightly modifications we’ve had to make to get it working from the limited …

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How to Get Into LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery Tips. Interview with Caz Mockett Micropolis Tour

Video Thumbnail - 004 - Caz Mockett - Micropolis in the LEGO House

s video interview Caz Mockett gives tips on how to get your LEGO models in the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery in Billund, Denmark. Caz currently has 6 base plates of her Micropolis LEGO builds in the LEGO House Gallery. In this interview Caz talks about her approach to Micropolis, general thoughts around building, composition …

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Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader (Empire Strikes Back Cloud City) LEGOIZED Time lapse Watercolor Star Wars

Video Thumbnail - LEGOized Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Cloud City 01

s time lapse video, we take Star Wars Empire Strikes Back iconic Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Lightsaber Duel at Cloud City climatic scene and LEGOize it into LEGO Star Wars Watercolor. We talk about the process to do so and offer a commentary on the timelapse. Transcript from the Show: …

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Batman Dark Knight Returns LEGOIZED Time lapse – Would Frank Miller Approve?

Video Thumbnail - LEGOized Dark Knight Returns Batman Timelapse

s time lapse video, we take Frank Miller’s iconic Dark Knight Returns Batman image and LEGOize it into a LEGO Batman. We talk about the process to do so and offer a commentary on the timelapse. G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks and in todays video we are going to have a look …

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LEGO SigFig Illustration Commission of Mini Figure for Greg / London Bridge Bricks LEGOised AFOL

Video Thumbnail - LEGOized Greg London Bridge Bricks AFOL

s timelapse video we are going to have a look at this Mini figure SigFig illustration that I was commissioned by Greg of London Bridge Bricks to do of his own Sig-Fig. We talk about the process to do so and offer a commentary on the LEGOised timelapse. Check out London Bridge Bricks Youtube …

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London AFOLs – Tips for What Makes a Great LEGO Meet Up? With Founder Richard Selby Interview

Video Thumbnail - 003 - Richard Selby - London AFOLs

s video interview Richard Selby gives hints and tips on what makes for a great London AFOL (Adults Fans Of LEGO) meetup. London AFOL is a Registered LEGO Users Group (RLUG) and discuss the pros and cons of this. London AFOLs monthly meet ups have been running for 7 years and every meeting max’s …

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