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How to Create A LEGO Mosaic Portrait from a Photo with Tips, Suggestions & Time-lapse Tutorial

How to create a LEGO Mosaic Boy created with 1x1 Flat Tiles by mattelder.com

s video we will show how to create a LEGO Mosaic Portrait from a photo. There will be tips and suggestions on how to do this, along with a full time-lapse so you can see everything start to finish. The topics that are covered in the video are: – software used to create LEGO …

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LEGO Mosaic Image Makers

LEGO Mosaic Albert Einstein

are a list of links / programs that will take photographs and turn them into LEGO Mosaics. http://legoaizer.findmysoft.com http://brickaizer.findmysoft.com http://www.pictobrick.de/en/pictobrick.shtml http://www.photobricksapp.com https://www.brickapic.com/ https://www.c-mt.dk/software/ Mosaic Maker With File Select by Pennyforge (python script in a zip file): https://www.mattelder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/MosaicMakerWithFileSelect.zip Feel free to drop us a line, or comment below if there are others you know about …

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