VLOG 3 Another Week in the Life of a Holiday Let Airbnb Short Term Stay Owner Margate Broadstairs Macatsim

Welcome to VLOG 3, another week in the life of a furnished holiday let rental. In this video we’ll look behind the scenes of a LEGO Youtuber and what the kids get up to. We take a look at the LEGO wall and the bricks that get supplied with it. See some of the kids LEGO creations on the LEGO wall.

We take a look at the things the kids get up to on Margate’s Sands Beach – digging holes, playing with the sand, throwing the sand, jumping over waves and exploring the area.

It was a busy week doing some maintenance on our LEGO themed Holiday Lets / Airbnb Short Term Stay accommodation in Margate and Broadstairs (about 75-90 minutes east of London UK ). Sun is starting to come out, summer is on the way and lockdown looks to be easing.

From their a quick trip over to Broadstairs and check out Viking Bay beach and its rock pool. More fun in the sand.

We look at the art that went into the promotional efforts for the first Family Bricks Livestream – mostly SigFig drawings of our guests Kevin Hinkle, Nathan Dias, Sarastarbricks, Caz Mockett and LamborghiniWaffleSauce. We’ll take a minute to reflect upon the first stream … and the outtakes from the poor effort to promote the second one (might get it right eventually).

A quick veggie garden update and how to deal with getting a haircut during lockdown.

The holiday homes Macatsim Seaview Sunset Holiday Let in Margate, and Macatsim Ocean Outlook in Broadstairs, can be booked at: www.macatsim.com

Time codes to the Video:

0:00 Introduction
0:30 LEGO Wall, Building, LEGO Sorting
1:25 Kids on the beach playing, digging, building drawing, jumping over waves & throwing sand
2:53 Rock Pool and Exploring … sort of
3:15 Random Vesper Convention
3:23 Broadstairs Viking Bay Overview … and seagulls
4:10 Tidal Rock Pool, Island claiming, sandcastle building and kite flying
4:44 Bloopers and Not Going to Plan
5:15 Livestream LEGO SigFig Promotion Art
7:35 Inaugural Family Bricks Livestream debrief and thoughts
9:09 Finding a Ginormous Rock
9:32 Fathers Day LEGO Chocolate Aftermath
9:58 Veggie Garden Update
10:23 A Lockdown Haircut…
10:58 Summing up VLOG #3

Transcript from the Show

This Week, The Week That Was Tuesdays

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and welcome to the third VLOG of This Week, The Week that was. Down at our holiday homes in Margate and Broadstairs, that people can rent an hour plus east of London, England.

Sunsets here are amazing!

Here is another gorgeous one from the lounge of our LEGO themed holiday let in Margate.

Love coming here, getting away from the city and relaxing. Any time of year, doesn’t matter as you can always watch the water for hours, rain, hail or shine.

LEGO Wall, Building, LEGO Sorting

This is hello to say hello to everyone. That’s a flag. That’s UK.

Building a fingerprint. If you put your finger in there.

Oh very cool.

And I also built this where some of your soft toys or dragons can sit. Come on Toothless, let’s go.

So the thing with having a lego wall is that you need to have lots of pieces. So I’ve just been through and sorted out all the pieces as well. It probably won’t stay like that for very long but gives a bit of an idea of the selection that people have, that they can go through and build their little creations on the LEGO wall.

And then all back into their place, ready for some LEGO action.  

Kids on the beach playing, digging, building drawing, jumping over waves & throwing sand

Kids just enjoy being kids, digging and creating in the sand


Where’s your red?

Red. I let it go. I will show you where it is.

Or just down at the beach finding chalky rocks to draw with.

I finally found a red rock.

This one, this one was better wasn’t it?! Look I drawed it

You did

Can I have the white one now mummy?

You’re a little street artist.

Or continue to build their castle dam.

Welcome to Margate, England by Family Bricks.

Or simple fun like jumping over waves.

As always with the kids, all you need is a bit of sand and some sea shells and you are good.

Hours of fun just relaxing in the water.

Or throwing sand at each other.

Rock Pool and Exploring … sort of

Mummy, the rock pool is out.

Plenty of places to explore or climb all over.

Random Vesper Convention

There is always something random happening in Margate like this Vesper


Broadstairs Viking Bay Overview … and seagulls

5 miles along from Margate is Broadstairs. Here you get great sunrises and beaches with white cliffs. And more throwing sand on the beach.

What comes around, goes around.

Bright and colourful with all the beach huts. This is the main beach at Broadstairs called Viking Bay and goes around to the main pier. A well protected beach, with small waves great for little kids. And a tidal rock pool where kids can go looking for crabs and fish.

And back to the sand throwing.

What would a beach be without territorial seagulls looking to snag a chip?

Tidal Rock Pool, Island claiming, sandcastle building and kite flying

People wondering around and investigating the tidal rock pool.

Or heading out exploring and claiming their own little island. And dancing at their victory.

On windy days, great for flying a kite… providing it doesn’t get away like this one.

What would a day at the beach be without some sandcastle building … or making modifications to something already existing?

Bloopers and Not Going to Plan

Not everything goes to plan.

What’s that sunshine?!

You’ll have to speak up, can’t quite hear you.

That’s it, try from somewhere else.

Any time now.

This ain’t rocket science.

My goodness do you need a hair cut?!

Gotcha thinking about it now.

Oh, I give up.

Livestream LEGO SigFig Promotion Art

Just finished up the promotional art for our first livestream. So here is me doing my best Good Morning Vietnam impersonation there. So headphones for the stream things. Then gone through and done all the guests and drip feeding out on Instagram.

Sarastarbricks, love the shapes and the colours and thought it worked well.

And then Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, fellow London AFOLs who loves his little waffles. I thought that was very cool being able to put the tiles in there. Unfortunately I didn’t have any reference for the legs and that so maybe do that another time and finish it up.

And Nathan Dias – LEGO Masters UK, very first series. So that was cool to get that one done.

And Caz Mockett, done an interview with her before and amazing LEGO builder, has some models in the LEGO House at the moment and that has just been extended. Hopefully we can get to Billund and see them. We were meant to go in May but that was cancelled.

And then Kevin Hinkle who, another illustrator who does great work and also use to work for LEGO for awhile so bit tricky doing his one. Cause all his SigFigs have LEGO logos on them and I think he has moved past that now. So took awhile but when hit on the idea of putting his own graphic from his own website and his branding on, thought that worked really well.

So will be interesting to see if this becomes a SigFig or something like that, that would be kinda cool.

I underestimated how much time it would take to get through all these and get them done. So I think this will be the only time that I do it. Maybe something special for the first one.

See how it all goes, pretty apprehensive about it. Never done one of these LEGO livestreams before and just feel like being a duck. Like being on the top and sort of nice and calm. But underneath just legs are kicking like crazy just trying to figure out how all this is going to work and how its going to go.

Also cool now that I got for the first one all in this little sketch book.  So can hang onto them. Always like hanging onto sketches that have some significance and think these ones will, so see how it all goes.

Inaugural Family Bricks Livestream debrief and thoughts

Ok, just finished up the first ever livestream for the Family Bricks YouTube channel . I think it went pretty well. I had a great lot of people on, keeping the catch going. Just talking about all the different topics and things like that.

I didn’t actually try to build anything as I was just trying to keep the conversation going and keeping things ticking over, which feel exhausted. Some people just make that look so effortless  and I don’t know, probably just not my natural flow. So still great none the less.

In the mean time one of the kids naturally saw one of the LEGO sets I was going to try to build and before you knew it, they’d gone through and built it, I think quite happy and pleased with that. Although now I’m looking at it and thinking ‘I wish I knew how to build that’, so might pull it apart and do it myself.

So that’s the first stream done and learned a lot through doing the process and everything like that. So have a think about the next one and trying to come up with a bit of a format and a topic and things , which the way I like to do it. Which might better suit the groove or what I might want to be doing. So maybe want to push it more into an art bent or something like that.

Hopefully you can get it right this time. This Saturday the 4th of July 2020, going to be doing our second Family Bricks YouTube livestream. Going to be an Independence day special being 4th of July and also the easing of lockdown. 8:30pm in the UK and 3:30pm in the US . So join us on the Family Bricks YouTube channel and hope to see you there.

Finding a Ginormous Rock

Mummy, mummy, I found a ginormous rock. Oh wow, lets see. Its over here, come down over here.

And if that isn’t enough LEGO for you we’ve also got some books like Batman’s Guide to Being Cool. And you can get more of a LEGO fix with that.

And some Jigsaw puzzles as well.

Fathers Day LEGO Chocolate Aftermath

We had a hot day or two here so father’s Day LEGO chocolate kinda a bit gooey now… hmmm … yummy.

A cheap bit of plastic and a hose go along way. [screaming] Oh wet [laughter]

Veggie Garden Update

Quick veggie garden update. Here are some of the broad beans we’ve taken out of the plants. Some good size ones there. And we got a head of lettuce. Not very big. I think that was mainly because we left them there for a bit too long and all the slugs and snails got in them and really ate most of them. All ended up being eaten. So lesson for next time.

A Lockdown Haircut…

Now about that haircut…  look on the floor. I’ve got an idea. This is how much hair I’ve done so far. The things we have to do…

Look on the floor. Look how much daddy’s hair. Oh grim!  How did this turn out?!

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Summing up VLOG #3

That’s it for VLOG number 3. If you’ve enjoyed this, hit that thumbs up, takes a fraction of a second to do. Be sure to join us for the 2nd Family Bricks live stream on Saturday 4th July 8:30pm UK time, 3:30pm USA eastern and 5:30am Australian time. Here are some other videos you might be interested in. Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and lifestyle.

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