House of Dots World Tour, Is it Coming to You? Unboxing & Behind the Scenes Creating LEGO Furniture

The LEGO House of DOTs is going on a world tour. In this video we will cover what this means and go behind the scenes to have a look at how it starts to come together. Back in January 2020 we worked on the House of DOTs that was the promotional vehicle for the launch of the then new LEGO DOTs theme. Check out this video to a walk through of the House of DOTs I did back then so you can get a sense of what it was like

After it was finished being on display at the Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross in the center of London. It went into storage and got damaged. Coronavirus then came along and everything changed. Subsequently LEGO has decided to rejig the House of DOTs from 8 shipping containers, into about 2 and make them readily transportable so can travel the world and have more people experience them.

Thus new pieces have to be created, damage ones addressed and a chance to take what was learnt the first time around, and improve upon the original designs. Only one tiny little restriction, as now in a covid world, all the work has to be done remotely.

So in this video, I’ll show the unboxing of the packages we have received from LEGO, the pieces, instructions and the like … So much LEGO!

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction
0:26 House of DOTS History
1:35 Package Delivery, Unboxing and Design 1
3:58 Unboxing and Design 2
7:10 Unboxing and Design 3
9:56 Summing Up and Closing

House of DOTs Full Tour

House of DOTS Behind the Scenes

Sketching the House of DOTs

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