LEGO The Simpsons House Time-lapse Build Set 71006 – What Stop motion Easter Eggs Can You Find?!

This video is a time-lapse build of the LEGO Simpsons House Set 71006 from 2014. There is stop motion Easter eggs of The Simpsons Family up to no good … can you spot them all? Thumbnail has a couple of clues.

We also offer a general commentary on The Simpsons, why the line might not have done as well as expected (there wasn’t much beyond The Simpsons House, Kwike-mart and Mini-figure range).

What was your favourite Simpsons episodes / moment?

How do you think The Simspons will end?

Is The Simpsons appropriate for kids?

Is The Simpsons TV show still controversial or just Zombie TV?!


Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks and in todays video we are going to have a look at a timelapse speed build of this LEGO Simpsons House Set 71006. Really enjoyed building this set and for a more comprehensive review of the set I’ve already done a video on that which you can click here.

In this video, be on the look out for stop motion Easter eggs happening at the same time the build is happening.

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This is a relatively old set that was released in 2014 and it hasn’t been on sale for quite a number of years. We managed to pick it up off eBay second hand for a relatively good price. I came with a boxes that was in really good condition and a good set of instructions. The only downside is that it doesn’t come in prenumbered bags so you have to shift and sort through 2,500 pieces.

eBay Tips

From eBay, I got the seller to put the minifigs in their own little bag so when you first get the set, you can double check the minifigs cause those are the things you don’t find or if they are missing and you have to replace them, they are the expensive parts particularly in this sort of Simpsons set.

Sometimes the eBay seller won’t have completely broken down the set and if possible, I get them to send it like this. Cause then when you open the box, you can have a quick look and get a sense very quickly if parts are missing. If it is coming in 1000 little individual pieces, you won’t be able to get a good sense if any parts are missing.

The Build

As we were building and going along, there were a couple of minor pieces missing. That’s ok cause we can go into our own sets and supplement them.

The car was a nice little build and you can fit 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

Initially the build felt pretty basic and you start to get a sense that over the last 5 years they have really added in a lot more building techniques into their builds and adding in a great deal of detail. Compared with something like Welcome to Apocalypseburg from the recent LEGO Movie 2.

That said the thing I really like about this is the designer has really used the space really well. And it is a really smart way that it opens like a clam shell but still closes back up and still functions and feels like a proper house.

Kids Don’t know the Simpsons…. how can that be?!

The other thing that surprised me when building this was the kids didn’t seem to know The Simpsons and the characters. They have watched the show but we generally don’t have it on, so it isn’t something that they naturally gravitate towards.

I know that other parents freak out at the idea of their kids watching The Simpsons but do wonder if that opinion is stuck from the initial controversy that the show caused when it first aired in the late 80s and early 90s.

From what I can recall, it was the 2nd show that had this dysfunctional family . Married with Children pre-dated it by several years but was on the then fledging Fox network and I don’t think many people generally had access to it. Going back and watching some of those married with Children clips, it just wouldn’t be able to do it today.

Pacing of the Show

The pace of the Simpsons show today also feels much slower. Kids shows today like Teen Titans and TNMT Team up have really fast paced gags. They also too sometimes references 80s and 90s pop culture which kids under 10 today would have no clue about and it does make you wonder who the show is written for.

It was interesting building the set and thinking about early memories of the Simpsons TV show. It had such an impact and remember in the early 90s when it was on 5 days a week, which was a huge thing cause up until then it had only been on once a week. They put it on at 6pm at night which bumped the evening news forward an hour.

I was a pretty big fan of the show and had watched every episode up until about the 12th or 13th season. Most of the episodes up until the 10th season seem multiple times as they just played them so much and was an easy show to watch.

Simpsons Memories

Do you have a favourite episode of The Simpsons? I don’t have a particularly favourite episode of the Simpsons episode but do like bits and pieces of the gags they did in different shows. Favourite gag would have been a Terminator 2 parody they did when they had Homer chasing after Ned Flanders in the car with golf clubs and doing that scene from Terminator 2 where he jumps and is trying to climb up the back of the car with his arms as the long stabbing weapons. Flanders was trying to get away from Homer because Homer was being too friendly.

LEGO Simpsons Licence and Other Possibilities

It’s a little odd that LEGO didn’t do too much more with the Simpsons license. They only did the Simpsons House, the Kiwke mart and a minfigure series. I would have thought the Springfield Nuclear power plant would have been a good one with Burns and Smithers and a whole bunch of other things.

Springfield Elementary School could have been another one. I mean they did one in Hidden Side so don’t think there is an issue with it being a school and kids not wanting to build a school because they don’t like school. Moe’s Tavern could have been another one but would have just depend upon how they wanted to represent alcohol and drinking to little children.

Maybe the line just didn’t do that well overall. Kids maybe in general maybe just not have understood the Simpsons. Cause the early episodes of the Simpsons that were really ground breaking were so long ago so maybe the kids wouldn’t be seeing the Simpsons through older nostalgia ideas like adults would be. Maybe the adult market wasn’t that big to be able to carry a whole line.

At the time the set was released, the Simpsons would have been into  their 25th season and its hard to sustain that level of interest for 25 years. Now its been going for 30 years and you do wonder if it has just become a Zombie show where the lights are on but nobody is home and they keep running it because it is easy money.

How Will the Show End?

Does make you wonder though it and when they end the series, if that last episode, or the last couple of episodes get a massive viewership spike out of that interest to see how exactly it does end. It does make you wonder what that final episode will be, what will it feel like, how will they try to wrap the series up?

How do you think the Simpsons will end? How would you like to see it end or how the storyline should go in that episode. It may just come down to a natural attrition rate as they have made the point that as the voice actors have died, they haven’t continued with those characters.

So what would happen if one of the main cast voice actors died? I would imagine the co-stars of 30 years would have a hard time of accepting anybody else into those roles.

And their you have the finalized Simpsons House. A great little build. You can check out the kids video where they are having a play with the house and really see all the play features that are there and they enjoyed. <boy driving a car into the side of the house repeatedly>

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If you’d like to see our review video of the house, click the video here. Alternatively, here are some other videos you might be interested in. That’s it from us here at Family Bricks, until next time when we talk about all things LEGO.

Set Description

Recreate hilarious scenes from the classic animated TV series with The Simpsons™ House. Taken right out of Springfield, this amazing model is crammed with tons of LEGO® brick detail. Lift off the roof and open up the house to discover Homer and Marge’s big family bedroom including bed and Maggie’s crib, Bart’s room with his skateboard and Krusty the Clown poster, Lisa’s room with her favorite books, jazz poster and more, and bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and mirror. Lift off the top floor to reveal the fully-fitted kitchen with dining table, chairs, yellow and light-blue tiled floor and lots of pots, pans and other accessories. Then it’s into the living room with couch and TV playing Itchy and Scratchy, purple piano and more. Next to the house is the detachable garage, complete with workbench, tool rack, vacuum cleaner, broom, toolbox, tools and the family car, complete with dent (because only in a LEGO world are dents a plus!), opening trunk and ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclearpower plant. Step outside onto the terrace and you’ll find loads of cool items, including a grill, wheelbarrow and air conditioning unit with ‘Property of Ned Flanders’ decoration, sausages, 2 garden loungers, flowerpots, a shovel, 2 fruit cocktail glasses, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp with ‘El Barto’ graffiti and an antenna on the roof. The Simpsons™ House is the perfect collector’s item for fans of all ages. Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders.

– Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders

– First floor includes yellow and light-blue tiled floor, sink, oven and stove, drawers, cups, pot, pan, bowl, mixer, plates, cake tins, cutlery, dining table and 4 chairs

– Living room features TV playing Itchy and Scratchy, couch, boat painting, telephone, carpet, purple piano and staircase to the second floor with family photos

-Bart’s room features a bed, night lamp, desk with pin board, chair, Krusty the Clown poster,skateboard, shelves with books, radio and a cap

-Marge and Homer’s bedroom features a bed, 2 side tables, Maggie’s crib and Marge’s bag

-Lisa’s room features a vanity mirror with hairbrush, stool, bed, table with lamp and cup, shelves with books, magnifying glass, backpack and a jazz poster on the wall

-Bathroom features a shower, toilet, sink and a mirror

-Detachable garage features the family car, tools, workbench, tool rack, vacuum cleaner, toolbox and a broom

– Family car with space for 4 minifigures features a dent in the front and an opening trunk to store Homer’s suitcase and a ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclear power plant

– Outside area includes a grill, wheelbarrow and air conditioning unit with ‘Property of Ned – –

– Flanders’ decoration, sausages, 2 garden loungers, flowerpots, a shovel, 2 fruit cocktail glasses, Lisa’s camera, Bart’s skateboard ramp with ‘El Barto’ graffiti and an antenna on the roof

– Can you spot all the items Homer has “borrowed” from Ned Flanders?

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