What is LEGO Serious Play with LEGO Serious Play (LSP) Certified Facilitator Simon Dutton Interview?

In this video interview Simon Dutton explains what LEGO Serious Play is and gives numerous examples. He discusses how a LEGO Serious Play workshop is presented, methodology, starting with delegates initially learning the building language, individually creating models, discussing those models with peers, grouping models together, making recommendations from the workshop, presenting the models and recommendations back to the business.

Simon discusses the 3 Imaginations and how building with your hands encourages this deep level of thinking, leading to different ideation within the workshop environment. Businesses he has engaged with illustrated here include financial, pharmaceutical, university, communication, customer service and a call center. Feedback from LEGO Serious Play team building activities is also mentioned.

A discussion is also made about the LEGO Serious Play starter kits and LEGO Serious Play connections kit.

Simon is a LEGO Serious Play Certified Facilitator. If you’d like a 1 Hour Free Demo Offer by Simon, he can be contacted here:

This is the first part of the interview. Other parts to the interview to follow.

Links to other resources mentioned in the video are below.

LEGO Serious Play

Ludogogy magazine article by Simon:

LEGO.com Serious Play Kits

Website for LEGO City being developed by Simon:

Apologies. Very occasionally the video and sound may drop out momentarily, but you should still be able to get the idea that was being communicated (“technical challenges” of everybody using the internet during coronavirus period).

See below for time codes to various parts of the interview. Topics and Discussions covered include:
0:00 Introduction to LEGO Serious Play
5:30 Example 1 – Communication and ‘stair’ model
8:15 Initial Workshop Phase – learning the building language
15:35 Combining and Grouping – “can you live with that”
17:08 Models in the office and a feature
18:55 Example 2 – Customer Service
19:36 Example 3 – Call Center
23:10 Abstract into bricks
24:30 Example 4 – Academic projects by university students to get department to understand each others research projects. IT then being able to assist
29:22 Brick Kits – windows explorer bags, landscape kits, connections kit 31:46 Try Serious Play – 1 Hour Free Demo Offer by Simon
32:30 What do you know? The 3 Imaginations and building with your hands. Mobile phone example.
35:50 How LEGO Serious Play is received by and investigated by businesses? Pharmaceutical example
39:10 Same old, same old. Square wheels cartoon.
40:35 Very rewarding and workshop discoveries – best team build ever.
41:25 Award for team of the year – how was it achieved and with a plan?
42:15 Contact details for 1 Hour Free Serious Play Demo Offer by Simon
45:20 How do we bring people back together in a post Coronavirus world?

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