London AFOLs – Tips for What Makes a Great LEGO Meet Up? With Founder Richard Selby Interview

In this video interview Richard Selby gives hints and tips on what makes for a great London AFOL (Adults Fans Of LEGO) meetup. London AFOL is a Registered LEGO Users Group (RLUG) and discuss the pros and cons of this. London AFOLs monthly meet ups have been running for 7 years and every meeting max’s out at 60 attendees with a waiting list. As with most things, the monthly meetup has successfully transitioned online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regular London AFOLs have passionate experts in Digital Lego, MOCs, Exhibitions, GBC, Spaceships, Micropolis, lightsabres, Technic, electrical retrofitting, links to New Elementary, dedicated LEGO Youtubers etc and at time of recording, even have models in LEGO House in Billund.

See below for time codes to various parts of the interview. Topics and Discussions covered include:

0:00 Introduction

1:40 What is the London AFOL Meet all about?

3:40 How Did London AFOLs get started?

4:45 How did it grow over time and LEGO as a hobby and LEGO Movie influence?

6:49 Its a group effort for a successful meet – unsung heroes.

7:28 Monthly Themes

9:20 Raising Money for Christmas Charity Meet

11:05 Registered LEGO Group (RLUG) and Official Relationship with LEGO / Billund.

12:20 LEGO Ambassador Network and offers that go to RLUGs only – House of Dots example

13:39 Is being a Registered LEGO User Group (RLUG) for every LUG?

14:14 How to start a LEGO AFOL local group meeting – things to consider, advice and tips

15:15 What is the main job / role of a LEGO meetup organizer?

16:20 The great skill … welcoming new comers

18:00 Tips for a successful meet

18:45 Door cost / annual membership

20:00 Storage and brick keepers

21:55 Communication and Slack. Who can access it, advantages and lack of flame wars that characterize other forums.

24:15 Why doesn’t Slack have payment options for non-profits?!

25:35 Taking part in other LEGO User Groups (LUGs), they are not exclusive groups

26:48 How to take part in London AFOLs if you’ve never been … and moving online while in Covid-19

28:00 Talented members within the group, knowledge share and amazing builds

29:10 Other AFOLs passing through London and meeting up.

29:45 Favorite Set

30:39 Favorite Theme

31:10 MOCs Richard has done

32:45 Favorite LEGO build in the last year

34:27 How to get in contact with London AFOLs

35:21 Structure of the group – formal vs informal – speed of decisions.

36:35 Lots of people help behind the scenes to make a meet successful.

London AFOLs website:



Youtubers (London AFOLs)

Brickish Lego User Group (LUG)
Northern Bricks LEGO User Group (LUG)

Richards MOCs

Slack Communication Tool


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