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AMONG US - Various Altogether Working 01 50 percent

recent You Say I Draw Livestream and put together this group of Among Us Characters How many of them can you name? List of Characters Spawn Kermit the Frog Mickey Mouse Indiana Jones Buzz Lightyear Woody Optimus Prime Skelator He-man Shawn the Sheep Batman Steve / Minecraft Sonic the Hedgehog Super Mario Brothers …

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Artist of the Week (x2) … and other ‘appearances’.

Artist of the Week

recently selected by a deviantart group, DA-Art-Gallery, as their artist of the week from 2,500 members. I was pretty humbled when asked to supply a quick blurb about it all so check it out at: A few days later I was selected by another deviantart group, Aus-Art, as their artist of the …

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Website Facelift … ’bout time

site was finally driving me crazy and needed a face-lift badly. Originally I coded the website, got that done and wanted to give it  a face lift shortly after… that was almost 5 years ago. The content on my website kept growing so decided it was time for a proper website that would enable …

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