VLOG 4 Broadstairs Lockdown Eases: Are Holidays Worth it? Airbnb Short Term Stay Macatsim Margate

Welcome to VLOG 4, in Broadstairs as lockdown eases. Restaurants, Pubs and tourist attractions can reopen. What does this look like in a post Covid 19 world? Is it worthwhile thinking about a holiday / staycation?

In this video we look at sunrise from Broadstairs – amazing!! We look at the activities that kids can get up to at the beach – Sand Angels, flying gliders and kites, making sandcastles, moats and mansions.

From here off to a restaurant that has reopened for lunch. This is followed by some icecream in the park. A quick round of minigolf with some down time in holiday let flat (iPads and Dots Bracelets don’t go astray). Back out for some dinner in another opened restaurant.

After this over to the Macatsim Margate flat Airbnb for some pickup filming… and horses on the beach. We review the Friday night London Bridge Bricks stream along with the 2nd Family Bricks Livestream with a July 4th Independence day / easing of UK Lockdown celebration.

Follow this up with the regularly vegetable garden update.

Further information on the Holiday Homes / Airbnb / Short Term Lets can be found at http://www.macatsim.com/

Both flats, Broadstairs and Margate are about 75-90 minutes east of London UK. Margate has a LEGO themed Holiday Lets / Airbnb Short Term Stay awith a LEGO Wall. Broadstairs has an iconic red London bus bunk bed (at time of recording).

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction
0:13 Sunrise at Broadstairs Macatsim Ocean Outlook
0:46 Rockpool and crabbing
1:32 Sand Angel
1:51 Gliders on the beach during a windy day
2:08 Kite on the beach during a windy day
2:21 Sandcastles and Sand Mansions on the beach
3:04 Restaurants Opening for Lunch
3:35 Time for Icecream and into the Park
4:02 Mini Golf, Crazy Golf, Putt Putt Golf
4:59 Dots Braclets, YouTube Market Research and Dinner
5:43 Margate LEGO Themed Flat and Horses on the Beach
6:09 Post London Bridge Bricks Stream and gag cartoons
9:22 Post Family Bricks Livestream #2 – 4th July / Lockdown Easing
10:18 Veggie Garden Update
11:17 Holiday Homes website www.macatsim.com & Wrapping up VLOG #4

Transcript from the Show

This Week, The Week That Was Tuesdays

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and welcome to VLOG number 4. Down here at Broadstairs and been a beautiful day with the kids and everything like that. Now that lockdown is easing and things are starting to open up getting ready for holiday makers.

Sunrise at Broadstairs Macatsim Ocean Outlook

Up early to catch a glorious sunrise from the Broadstairs flat window.

So the flat is just up there and then you come straight down here and literally right on Viking Bay. On this is what Viking Bay looks like first thing in the morning, which is the main beach at Broadstairs.

Morning tractor has been out and smoothed out all the sand, which is something I’ve never seen in Australia and I don’t quite understand.

Rockpool and crabbing

Head on over to the rockpool and see what is happening over there andy maybe try to catch a crab or something like that. In go the net with a bit of bait and away we go.

Oh my gosh, it is still trying to get out. Do you see the jungus crab daddy?

Here is the crab the boys managed to catch. It is a decent size but missing two legs, and releasing it back to the wild.


Sand Angel

Lets give this sand angel thing a try. We at least got the arms pumping, the legs seem to be lagging a bit. Why just stand straight up when we can roll around and make sure we get sand in every nook and cranny. And making sure we have our bo-staff ready to go at every opportunity,

Gliders on the beach during a windy day

We also have these gliders which are great for windy days.


Simple victories give us such great excitement.

Kite on the beach during a windy day

Kites are another great fit for windy day, keeps them active and running all over the place, and as every parent dreams off, just tiring them out so the go to sleep really easily when they get home.

Sandcastles and Sand Mansions on the beach

Out creating our gigantic sand mansion with its own personal moat to try to keep the waves from washing it away. Sand really is so versatile. The water came and got it?! Yeah but I caught it. Fun time.

A small piece of wood to act as a boat.

Well I’ve been digging a well and jumping in it like this. Yikes! There is also water in here

Probably can see it. Right now I’m building a mini-mineshaft inside of the well.

Restaurants Opening for Lunch

Then off for some lunch with restaurants that are now starting ot reopen. And I’m sure the seagulls have missed all their free lunches too. The day before this, this whole area was dead, so it is good to see life and community returning. Prezzo is another really good restaurant so good to see its doors open as well.

Time for Icecream and into the Park

Now when it has been a nice great day at the beach like this, there is only one thing you need to do and that is go and get some ice-cream. You are completely spoilt for choice but this is one we ended up at. You can see the internal seating area is closed due to c-19 but other ones have theirs open.

A wide selection of formats, ice creams and sorbets. Another happy customer with a bubble gum flavour.

A quick stop to the nearby park and let the devouring begin. Kids have no trouble getting through ice-cream cones. Ah such simple pleasures.

We have our flat just there, and literally 1 block away here, you can just see, is the mini golf.

Mini Golf, Crazy Golf, Putt Putt Golf

And then off to some putt putt golf, or mini golf or crazy golf of whatever you want to call it. It is 13 holes of wacky fun and the ones who usually do the best are the ones that have never played golf or touched a putter before.

Yeeeeeah!! My turn next. Of course the token windmill obstacle that every mini golf has.

Kids are having fun, making up their own rules and playing however they want to. You need to use a fair bit of force. There I’m done. We should get her down the golf course.

Think we are going to need a bigger boat.

Dots Braclets, YouTube Market Research and Dinner

And a session with some Dots bracelets always produces some interesting results. And what one did you choose? A cat one. And he managed to snuffle his borthers bracelet as well when he wasn’t looking.

So the boys are doing their YouTube market research, which involves lots and lots of YouTube watching.

Then off to another really good restaurant (Posillipo) for an evening meal. It’s a great Italian place and even our critic kids think it is finger licking good.

Margate LEGO Themed Flat and Horses on the Beach

We were shooting some additional b-roll footage for our Margate holiday home that is available for rent. See this video for an initial overview of the property and surrounding area. Then something random while filming. Horses on the beach, why not?! That is one of the many things you might find in the view.

Post London Bridge Bricks Stream and gag cartoons

Just finished up the Friday night livestream with London Bridge Bricks and this is what it looks like. I literally, 5 minutes before the stream walked in the door and setup everything. So down here in Margate again, nice and dark and everything so generally just come through and have one of the really useful boxes full of all the wires and cables and everything so it all just explodes out and did another drawing night.

Going through and yeah, think there are some really successful ones which came out. Think one of my favourites was this Monkey Kid one. I was trying to think of a gag as we were sort of talking about it but nothing came to mind so just went ok I’ll draw that out naturally.

Then tested out a couple of the LEGO Pictionary ideas being having. Going to be part of the 72 hour stream next week, so have a 2 hour slot and think I’m Sunday 12 July 2020 at lunch time (Central time USA / 17:00 UK time).

So the idea is I’ll be drawing pictures and people guess what they are and get points for the fastest and set numbers. So something like this is the bookshop and you know, coming up and knowing what exact number it is. And then another one like this, can you guess what that is?! Bucket wheel excavator and what the set number is.

Yeah bit of a random conversation. Just flip through them, talking about the Mario LEGO, 4 gifts with purchase. Talking about the crocodile or gator train. I know everybody hoas their own aesthetic and things like that but I just can’t see past it being a poop with wheels, or as somebody else said, a croissant.

So these are just a selection of some of the other sketches we did and at one stage there you had Hive looking very longingly at Monkey Kid set, and its sorted of like yeah, he is really into it. Then also talking about where to store boxes and things and one of the guys apparently has a crawl space under the house so put them in there, might get a bit too excessive.

And then talking about LEGO now doing wall framed art sort of thing and one of them is like the Mariyln Monroe Andy Warhol sort of take on it. And the way that they have done it is as a money making machine. So you’ve got to get like 4 sets and each set is £120, so they have really figured out with it how to basically be selling the customer almost the same thing 4 times over.

Then SaraStarBricks and Si were going on about ice creams and things like that. And Solo was a little worse for wear today with a cut on the nose and at one stage he was building and he got something in his eye and trying to keep on building and trooping and pushing through it.

Somebody had a subscriber count of 666, so seemed like a natural one to do.

And very much talking about before you do the stream you are in panic mode getting everything all sorted, at least I find I am, and trying to get everything done and as soon as the stream starts just trying to put on that very polished face. Its all chaos off camera.

Post Family Bricks Livestream #2 – 4th July / Lockdown Easing

So just finished up my second livestream which was a 4th of July Independence Day, easing of lockdown special and I just thought I’d kick the opening up of the video with a quickly little story and pictures. So if you go to the actual link that I will put in, in and around this, it will have the quick little story of this. Basically about the British and the Americans and just going through with some of the pictures and fighting and all the different sorts of things that would happen and have that there.

So it seemed to be a nice little thing that was received well so might sort of be a little thing I might do sometimes. You have talk show hosts and they do their opening Monologue. This might be my version of that. The opening picture sketch or something. I don’t know. Be interested to know if you do manage to check out the other video what you thought of it, it if works, or just a horrible idea.  

Veggie Garden Update

So a veggie garden update this week. Got some cauliflower here, harvest that in a sec. Might be a day or so over as it has opened up a bit. This one here, never did anything, always been looking bad. Looks like we might have another one over here which might be ready in a day or so. And another one just growing down in here, so we will leave that for a little bit, and the other ones never really took shape.

And here we go, managed to get a head of cauliflower, so give that a try and see what that is like. And then we have had some blueberries come through and during the week, one of the boys picked a whole bunch which were ripe and took them into his teacher. So we spent all that time going through and growing them and then his teacher ended up with it, which was just funny.

Pears are starting to take up more pear like shape, feels like they have taken awhile to grow though. Plums feel like they have been at that shape for quite a while. So wondering if they have stalled out or something has gone wrong with the plant.

Holiday Homes website www.macatsim.com & Wrapping up VLOG #4

If you want to find out more about our holiday home rentals in Broadstairs or Margate, check out our website at www.macatsim.com Great for a week’s holiday or a weekend escape being just over an hour east of London, UK. Here you can check out our Broadstairs flat. Alternatively, here are some other videos you might be interested in. Be sure to hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching and that is all from us here at Family Bricks. Until next time when we talk LEGO and Lifestyle.

Margate Seaview Sunset Holiday Home LEGO Themed. Margate Beach UK Airbnb for a Staycation Macatsim

In this video we look at the Macatsim Seaview Sunset Holiday Home located on Margate Beach, UK It is a LEGO themed short term let/Airbnb with the highlight being a large LEGO wall. It is great for a Staycation being around 75 minutes east of London, UK.

We also show attractions that are only minutes walking distance. These include Margate’s The Sands Main Beach, Turner Contemporary Art Gallery / Museum, great restaurants and bars, along with being situated right in Margate Old Town and High Street.

The flat has 2 bedrooms and sleeps 6 people. To BOOK NOW, please visit www.macatsim.com Booking direct will give the best price and mention that you say promo code “MM1” here on mattelder.com

Time codes for the Video
0:00 Introduction to Macatsim Seaview Sunset, Margate UK
0:27 2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 6 people
0:35 75 Minutes East of London, UK
0:45 LEGO Themed LEGO Wall that kids Love
0:55 Margate Old Town on Your Doorstep
1:04 Next to Great Restaurants
1:15 2 Minutes to Turner Comtemporary Museum and Art Gallery
1:21 Brilliant The Sands Beach on Your Doorstep
1:32 Overview of Location and Local attractions
1:39 Amazing Sunsets from the Couch of the Holiday Home Airbnb
1:44 Book Now: Macatsim.com with Discount Code: “YM1”

Transcript / Description From the Video

Introduction to Macatsim Seaview Sunset, Margate UK. This is the amazing view from the lounge. Sun, rain or snow, you can always be in the lounge and enjoy the view.

Welcome to Margate by macatsim.com … made up on the LEGO wall.

Seaview Sunset, Margate UK.

Lounge Room reflection in the mirror

Clock to keep track of the time.

View from the lounge room again … always magical!

Has a large master bedroom with a TV.

A full kitchen for cooking any time you don’t feel like going out for an amazing restaurant.

Bathroom has a family sized bathtub ideal for cleaning off after some fun at the beach in the sun and sand.

This Margate Airbnb is a 2 bedroom flat that will sleep 6 people, right on Margate beach.

Flat has a Playstation with a selection of LEGO games.

This Margate short term let is located about 75 minutes east of London UK.

Ideal for a Margate Staycation with huge bay windows giving an almost 180 degree over The Sands Main Beach.

A LEGO cushion but the star of the show in this LEGO themed accommodation is the LEGO Wall, kids love it!

Margate Old Town is on your doorstep with shops, art galleries and everything in between.

This Margate Airbhb has a huge range of great restaurants such as Angela’s fish restaurant and Buoy and Oyster.

Peters Fish Factory has great takeaway fish and chips!

The Turner Contemporay Art Gallery is a 2 minute walk from the holiday house!

The Brilliant Sands Beach is on your doorstep and out your front window. It has a tidal pool, kids amusements and patrolled by lifeguards.

Here is a shot of the local attractions and as you can see, Macatsim Seaview Sunset is located in the heart of it all.

So kick back and enjoy the Amazing Sunsets from the couch on Margate Beach in this well appointed, LEGO themed Airbnb Holiday House.

Book now directly at www.Macatsim.com! Mention discount code MM1, or you saw this video on mattelder.com

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VLOG 3 Another Week in the Life of a Holiday Let Airbnb Short Term Stay Owner Margate Broadstairs Macatsim

Welcome to VLOG 3, another week in the life of a furnished holiday let rental. In this video we’ll look behind the scenes of a LEGO Youtuber and what the kids get up to. We take a look at the LEGO wall and the bricks that get supplied with it. See some of the kids LEGO creations on the LEGO wall.

We take a look at the things the kids get up to on Margate’s Sands Beach – digging holes, playing with the sand, throwing the sand, jumping over waves and exploring the area.

It was a busy week doing some maintenance on our LEGO themed Holiday Lets / Airbnb Short Term Stay accommodation in Margate and Broadstairs (about 75-90 minutes east of London UK ). Sun is starting to come out, summer is on the way and lockdown looks to be easing.

From their a quick trip over to Broadstairs and check out Viking Bay beach and its rock pool. More fun in the sand.

We look at the art that went into the promotional efforts for the first Family Bricks Livestream – mostly SigFig drawings of our guests Kevin Hinkle, Nathan Dias, Sarastarbricks, Caz Mockett and LamborghiniWaffleSauce. We’ll take a minute to reflect upon the first stream … and the outtakes from the poor effort to promote the second one (might get it right eventually).

A quick veggie garden update and how to deal with getting a haircut during lockdown.

The holiday homes Macatsim Seaview Sunset Holiday Let in Margate, and Macatsim Ocean Outlook in Broadstairs, can be booked at: www.macatsim.com

Time codes to the Video:

0:00 Introduction
0:30 LEGO Wall, Building, LEGO Sorting
1:25 Kids on the beach playing, digging, building drawing, jumping over waves & throwing sand
2:53 Rock Pool and Exploring … sort of
3:15 Random Vesper Convention
3:23 Broadstairs Viking Bay Overview … and seagulls
4:10 Tidal Rock Pool, Island claiming, sandcastle building and kite flying
4:44 Bloopers and Not Going to Plan
5:15 Livestream LEGO SigFig Promotion Art
7:35 Inaugural Family Bricks Livestream debrief and thoughts
9:09 Finding a Ginormous Rock
9:32 Fathers Day LEGO Chocolate Aftermath
9:58 Veggie Garden Update
10:23 A Lockdown Haircut…
10:58 Summing up VLOG #3

Transcript from the Show

This Week, The Week That Was Tuesdays

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and welcome to the third VLOG of This Week, The Week that was. Down at our holiday homes in Margate and Broadstairs, that people can rent an hour plus east of London, England.

Sunsets here are amazing!

Here is another gorgeous one from the lounge of our LEGO themed holiday let in Margate.

Love coming here, getting away from the city and relaxing. Any time of year, doesn’t matter as you can always watch the water for hours, rain, hail or shine.

LEGO Wall, Building, LEGO Sorting

This is hello to say hello to everyone. That’s a flag. That’s UK.

Building a fingerprint. If you put your finger in there.

Oh very cool.

And I also built this where some of your soft toys or dragons can sit. Come on Toothless, let’s go.

So the thing with having a lego wall is that you need to have lots of pieces. So I’ve just been through and sorted out all the pieces as well. It probably won’t stay like that for very long but gives a bit of an idea of the selection that people have, that they can go through and build their little creations on the LEGO wall.

And then all back into their place, ready for some LEGO action.  

Kids on the beach playing, digging, building drawing, jumping over waves & throwing sand

Kids just enjoy being kids, digging and creating in the sand


Where’s your red?

Red. I let it go. I will show you where it is.

Or just down at the beach finding chalky rocks to draw with.

I finally found a red rock.

This one, this one was better wasn’t it?! Look I drawed it

You did

Can I have the white one now mummy?

You’re a little street artist.

Or continue to build their castle dam.

Welcome to Margate, England by Family Bricks.

Or simple fun like jumping over waves.

As always with the kids, all you need is a bit of sand and some sea shells and you are good.

Hours of fun just relaxing in the water.

Or throwing sand at each other.

Rock Pool and Exploring … sort of

Mummy, the rock pool is out.

Plenty of places to explore or climb all over.

Random Vesper Convention

There is always something random happening in Margate like this Vesper


Broadstairs Viking Bay Overview … and seagulls

5 miles along from Margate is Broadstairs. Here you get great sunrises and beaches with white cliffs. And more throwing sand on the beach.

What comes around, goes around.

Bright and colourful with all the beach huts. This is the main beach at Broadstairs called Viking Bay and goes around to the main pier. A well protected beach, with small waves great for little kids. And a tidal rock pool where kids can go looking for crabs and fish.

And back to the sand throwing.

What would a beach be without territorial seagulls looking to snag a chip?

Tidal Rock Pool, Island claiming, sandcastle building and kite flying

People wondering around and investigating the tidal rock pool.

Or heading out exploring and claiming their own little island. And dancing at their victory.

On windy days, great for flying a kite… providing it doesn’t get away like this one.

What would a day at the beach be without some sandcastle building … or making modifications to something already existing?

Bloopers and Not Going to Plan

Not everything goes to plan.

What’s that sunshine?!

You’ll have to speak up, can’t quite hear you.

That’s it, try from somewhere else.

Any time now.

This ain’t rocket science.

My goodness do you need a hair cut?!

Gotcha thinking about it now.

Oh, I give up.

Livestream LEGO SigFig Promotion Art

Just finished up the promotional art for our first livestream. So here is me doing my best Good Morning Vietnam impersonation there. So headphones for the stream things. Then gone through and done all the guests and drip feeding out on Instagram.

Sarastarbricks, love the shapes and the colours and thought it worked well.

And then Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, fellow London AFOLs who loves his little waffles. I thought that was very cool being able to put the tiles in there. Unfortunately I didn’t have any reference for the legs and that so maybe do that another time and finish it up.

And Nathan Dias – LEGO Masters UK, very first series. So that was cool to get that one done.

And Caz Mockett, done an interview with her before and amazing LEGO builder, has some models in the LEGO House at the moment and that has just been extended. Hopefully we can get to Billund and see them. We were meant to go in May but that was cancelled.

And then Kevin Hinkle who, another illustrator who does great work and also use to work for LEGO for awhile so bit tricky doing his one. Cause all his SigFigs have LEGO logos on them and I think he has moved past that now. So took awhile but when hit on the idea of putting his own graphic from his own website and his branding on, thought that worked really well.

So will be interesting to see if this becomes a SigFig or something like that, that would be kinda cool.

I underestimated how much time it would take to get through all these and get them done. So I think this will be the only time that I do it. Maybe something special for the first one.

See how it all goes, pretty apprehensive about it. Never done one of these LEGO livestreams before and just feel like being a duck. Like being on the top and sort of nice and calm. But underneath just legs are kicking like crazy just trying to figure out how all this is going to work and how its going to go.

Also cool now that I got for the first one all in this little sketch book.  So can hang onto them. Always like hanging onto sketches that have some significance and think these ones will, so see how it all goes.

Inaugural Family Bricks Livestream debrief and thoughts

Ok, just finished up the first ever livestream for the Family Bricks YouTube channel . I think it went pretty well. I had a great lot of people on, keeping the catch going. Just talking about all the different topics and things like that.

I didn’t actually try to build anything as I was just trying to keep the conversation going and keeping things ticking over, which feel exhausted. Some people just make that look so effortless  and I don’t know, probably just not my natural flow. So still great none the less.

In the mean time one of the kids naturally saw one of the LEGO sets I was going to try to build and before you knew it, they’d gone through and built it, I think quite happy and pleased with that. Although now I’m looking at it and thinking ‘I wish I knew how to build that’, so might pull it apart and do it myself.

So that’s the first stream done and learned a lot through doing the process and everything like that. So have a think about the next one and trying to come up with a bit of a format and a topic and things , which the way I like to do it. Which might better suit the groove or what I might want to be doing. So maybe want to push it more into an art bent or something like that.

Hopefully you can get it right this time. This Saturday the 4th of July 2020, going to be doing our second Family Bricks YouTube livestream. Going to be an Independence day special being 4th of July and also the easing of lockdown. 8:30pm in the UK and 3:30pm in the US . So join us on the Family Bricks YouTube channel and hope to see you there.

Finding a Ginormous Rock

Mummy, mummy, I found a ginormous rock. Oh wow, lets see. Its over here, come down over here.

And if that isn’t enough LEGO for you we’ve also got some books like Batman’s Guide to Being Cool. And you can get more of a LEGO fix with that.

And some Jigsaw puzzles as well.

Fathers Day LEGO Chocolate Aftermath

We had a hot day or two here so father’s Day LEGO chocolate kinda a bit gooey now… hmmm … yummy.

A cheap bit of plastic and a hose go along way. [screaming] Oh wet [laughter]

Veggie Garden Update

Quick veggie garden update. Here are some of the broad beans we’ve taken out of the plants. Some good size ones there. And we got a head of lettuce. Not very big. I think that was mainly because we left them there for a bit too long and all the slugs and snails got in them and really ate most of them. All ended up being eaten. So lesson for next time.

A Lockdown Haircut…

Now about that haircut…  look on the floor. I’ve got an idea. This is how much hair I’ve done so far. The things we have to do…

Look on the floor. Look how much daddy’s hair. Oh grim!  How did this turn out?!

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Summing up VLOG #3

That’s it for VLOG number 3. If you’ve enjoyed this, hit that thumbs up, takes a fraction of a second to do. Be sure to join us for the 2nd Family Bricks live stream on Saturday 4th July 8:30pm UK time, 3:30pm USA eastern and 5:30am Australian time. Here are some other videos you might be interested in. Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and lifestyle.

VLOG 2 A Week in the Life of a Holiday Let Airbnb Short Term Stay Owner Margate Broadstairs Macatsim

Welcome to VLOG 2, a week in the life of a furnished holiday let rental. In this video we’ll look behind the scenes of a LEGO Youtuber and what the kids get up to. It was a busy week doing some maintenance on our LEGO themed Holiday Lets / Airbnb Short Term Stay accommodation in Margate and Broadstairs (about 75-90 minutes east of London UK ). Sun is starting to come out, summer is on the way and lockdown looks to be easing.

We mention about our first Family Bricks Live stream which will have Kevin Hinkle, Nathan Dias, Sarastarbricks, Caz Mockett and LamborghiniWaffleSauce. We have a tour through both Macatsim Seaview Sunset Holiday Let in Margate, and Macatsim Ocean Outlook in Broadstairs (further details and booking information can be found www.macatsim.com )

We crossed the 300 YouTube subscriber mark and comment on the reaction to the last video about the possible future of the LEGO store. Have a flick through some live illustration cartoons from London Bridge Bricks livestream.

Then onto time with the kids with another Harry Potter film, Father’s Day, a treasure hunt, bubble making and roasting some marshmallows. Quick veggie / vegetable garden update and end of with the sunset from Macatsim Seaview Sunset rental.

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction
0:24 Where is Margate & Broadstairs?
1:02 Margate Main Beach / Macatsim Seaview Sunset Short Term Holiday Let Vacation Rental Airbnb
2:01 Family Bricks First Live Stream
2:37 LEGO Themed Holiday Let Tour
4:04 Margate Tourism and Corona Virus
4:30 Broadstairs Viking Bay
5:09 Inside Macatsim Ocean Outlook Sunset Short Term Holiday Let Vacation Rental Airbnb
6:50 300 Subscriber Milestone
7:25 LEGO Store Video Feedback & Comments
8:24 London Bridge Bricks Livestream … and cartoons
11:14 Harry Potter
12:07 Father’s Day Haul
12:37 Pirate Treasure Hunt
12:54 Creating / Blowing Large Bubbles
14:14 Roasting Marshmallows over the fire
14:32 Vegetable Garden update
15:17 Sunset from Margate Macatsim Seaview Sunset & Government easing tourism restrictions

Transcript from the Show

This Week, The Week That Was Tuesdays

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and welcome to the second VLOG of This Week, The Week that was. Bit of a change here, down at Margate and right in the heart and it is actually high tide now so down here checking on a couple of holiday lets we have in the area. And oh, the sun is coming out, it is a nice day down here.

Where is Margate / Broadstairs?

So you have the center of London there, that is the M25 which runs there. You literally go down the A2 onto the M2 and then break off onto the A299 and you’ve got Margate there and Broadstairs there. So from Margate and Broadstairs to the M25 junction 2 is about 60 minutes to drive, or you can get some of the trains that go down in about 80-85 minutes.
So get little spot for a weekend getaway or a week as you can be out of London and down their in an hour, hour and a half at the beach. So you don’t waste a whole bunch of time travelling but able to get down and sand in between your toes, kick back and relax.

Train station is just over there, its like a 10 minute walk and you’ve got Dreamland there and lots of shops and everything. Lots of places to eat. And we actually have a holiday let just up there. So its great, any time of year you can just sit up there and watch the view. And down over there you’ve got the Turner Contemporary Museum, light house, couple little micropubs and things over there. And then you’ve got the main old town just behind all these buildings here and the high street over there so it’s a great little spot.

Just down here doing a little bit of maintenance as you can imagine recently, basically the business has been pretty much crushed as nobody has been going on holidays. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks that might change which will be great cause in the last couple of years, Margate in particular has really got a lot of nice great restaurants , bars, pubs and things, and the area really needed it.

These days it lives off a lot of the tourism.

Family Bricks First Livestream Details

And then also this week going to have the first livestream. Actually going to be streaming from down here, something a little bit special, so its going to have a really nice backdrop. Going to have a few guests on for that. Guests hoping to have on will be Kevin Hinkle, Caz Mockett, Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, Sarastarbricks, and Nathan Dias. Some great people in the LEGO community.

Will be Friday night 8pm-11pm UK time. That is GMT+1 which will probably be about 3pm in America EST . So we will go inside and check out the flat then got to Broadstairs and check that one out as well.

Inside Macatsim Seaview Sunset Tour

Inside the flat you have 180 degree view out over most things. It is high tide at the moment. When it is low tide, the water goes out past the breakers and this is the lounge room. Its great as in winter or any time of year , just sit here and look at that view. TV there if you wanted to, Playstation with LEGO games and quickly come through, full kitchen there with everything you need. This is a 2 bedroom, and we have the bathroom, full bathtub and a toilet over there.

You come into the 2 bedrooms at the back. Good size master, another TV up there and in here the second bedroom and a LEGO wall. And you can see that is something that the last guest has made. Down in here, you have the LEGO draws with all sorts of different bits and pieces. People really enjoy that, some LEGO lights and another TV. You can put the playstation in here and have the kids in here.

Corona Virus Changes

A lot of the businesses have switched over to doing takeway offerings, putting up signs for social distancing and barricades to help flows through shops and out the front. Beach gear and nik-nak shops are opening up. Lifesavers are down on the beach and being active on patrols. Just trying to adjust and  be ready for when tourism gets the green light. More outdoor spaces that can handle social distancing.

Your cafes, restaurants, fish and chips and takeaways, pubs and all those sorts of things.

Broadstairs Orientation

And here we are in Broadstairs at the main beach, Viking Bay, main lot of shops there, great little ice cream shop there, Morelli’s, and we have our flat just there. So great little spot to watch everything. Looks like a gorgeous day down here. And everything in the town is really close. You’ve got most of the main shops, pubs and everything just there, and then about 10 minutes walk that way is Broadstairs Train station.

Inside Macastim Ocean Outlook Tour

And here we are, this is the view from the couch, first storey, everything close and accessible. So this is the view from the master bedroom. So the master bedroom a really good size there. Has its own en-suite, nice shower, toilet and all that sort of stuff. Go through, it is a 3 bedroom. Go into bedroom 3.

Kids room, double bunk London Red bus bed, which everyone loves. Kids love climbing on that and playing, sleeping all over it. View from there, and then if we go into the 2nd bedroom, again another really good size. So superking that can be split into 2 separate singles. Main bathroom, full size tub that is great for families, having a wash after the beach.

Here is your kitchen, diner, lounge. It sleeps 8 so great for grandparents, parents and kids. Or 2 sisters and their families, and the kids and the cousins. Again the view from the couch so sit there and enjoy that. Playstation, video games, movies all down in there as well. 48, think 42 inch screen and then a full kitchen here as well.

Main beach in Broadstairs which is Viking Bay which is literally across the road from the flat. And you can see they are getting all the rides and trampolines set up for tourist season.

Family Bricks 300 Subscribers Milestone

And the channel hit a milestone during the week. Hitting the 300 subscribes with is absolutely fantastic and jumping up and down, or yoyoing between 299 and 300 subscribers for a little bit so good now we are over that and past that. Thanks to everybody who watches and who comments. I try to respond to every comment that everybody leaves there. Really do appreciate all the support and maybe being a little analytical speed a little bit too much time watching the analytics but have noticed the people who subscribed are watching more and more of the content which is great. So thank you very much and really appreciate it.

LEGO Stores Video Controversy

I recently released a video about the LEGO stores reopening and my thoughts on it (see link around the video). It seems to have struck a chord with people and very polarizing, as you can see from the comments in that video. Everything from “how dare you be negative?!”, right through to “totally agree and having the same experience”.

My concern is you have LEGO shops in premium retail space that have been closed for 3 months, you’ve removed the key experience from it discouraging top customers from coming into the store. Online from other retailers, LEGO has always been cheaper and the experience was the differentiating factor.

There are ways to bring that experience back in a curtailed fashion and suggest these in the video. LEGO is a numbers company and won’t continue to bleed retail money and would be financially responsible to consolidate and/or close stores, which we don’t want to see, when a key tweak might make a huge difference to the bottom line.

I don’t know if people sound off after watching the first 30 seconds of the video, or just keep thinking LEGO will keep losing money in retail space to maintain a presence (which I just don’t see as viable). Think it is good to have a conversation around this so interested in people’s comments.

London Bridge Bricks LiveStream and Cartooning

Live streaming with London Bridge Bricks and this is what it looked like from the other side of the camera. Got all the markers and things setup so can grab colours and do whatever I need with that lot.

OK just had the stream with London Bridge Bricks tonight and initially was going to draw some 2×4 bricks for some artwork for my own promotional stuff but just started drawing and doing some gags and things like that so, just had some fun with that. These drawings , I think there are about 30 , and was just basically whatever the conversation was just doing 30 second little gags and things.

So talking about something at some stage, I couldn’t remember what it was now. LEGO Batman or something like that. A crazy Joker  and looking at that in terms of adults playing with LEGO like a Boba Fett Slave 1 and swooshing around, pew, pew, pew. So the Joker looking at it and going “and they think I’m crazy”. The top couple are probably some of my favourites, I wont’ go through them all.

Probably end up on Instagram or something. One of the guys does a lot of work in a van, which might need a bit of a wash. Then Mario, to be able to afford all the LEGO mario you are going to need some wheelburrows of cash.

Then got talking about one of the guys , and doesn’t really drive or anything like that so combining it with another joke that there is recently a LEGO Ducati model, which is all good apart from the seat is underdone. So just riffing off that.

Baby Yoda and Gremlins Gizmo Similar Designs

Then Yoda talking about a Christmas special that people try to block out of their minds. Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed with Gizmo from Grelims, his design is very very close to baby Yoda. Its sort of almost like the big eyes, big ears, round head, nose shape and that. And on they go. So many of them. So think it was received well. People in the comments seemed to be having a good little chuckle and laugh. And think the guys on the stream are quite cool and they are able to make fun of themselves and have a good laugh. Didn’t really plan it and it organically happened.

It reminded me of a variety show in Australia years ago called Hey Hey Its Saturday and they use to have a cartoonist on that who’d just be doing gags as they are going off live. So just felt like I was channeling that a little bit and it was fun and maybe do it again some time.

By the end of it as you are constantly drawing and trying to come up with ideas and things like that , do feel exhausted by the end of it. Hopefully if anybody was in the chat during the livestream and saw it, love to know the feedback on it and if it is all good, might try to do it again at some stage in the future.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter.

[dramatic music playing]

Oh, going to need two at a time for this one. Looks all dirty

Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh …. Oh. Man down. Man down.

Don’t pick them. This looks ready. They should have been picked 2 days ago.

Fathers Day LEGO Haul

So Father’s Day in the UK and this is my haul from it so anyone would think I might like LEGO. These are chocolate moulded bricks and pieces from someone who I believe is just starting to do these sorts of things. Some great cards from the boys and everything. Stormtroopers from the little troopers and some cards. And a t-shirt, which I think might be the first LEGO T-shrit I’ve got. Sad to admit that. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day.

Pirate Treasure hunt.

What the?! We found the treasure.

Bubble Making

What have you got there? Don’t know what it is. Think it is some sort of bubble maker.

There we go. Oh

Oh my. Its going

No, no… oh my

Just a bit more.


Look, no no… its getting away

I did it. I had it

Ok, just give it a sec

Oh wow…. Mine …has… bubbles.

Time to make a really big bubble. That’s mine. That’s mine.

Ones going to pop in the atmosphere. Yep it did.

It doesn’t look like it. Do you want a hand?

I like them, I like them.

I like marshmallows.

Garden Update

Just a bit of a garden update. As you can see there, cauliflower is coming through a little bit, that one there and that one I don’t think is doing anything yet. And then there is in there a purple one. Over here some of the broadbeans are really starting to come in. A huge bean there. And on this one here, some coming off there. And the lettuce might be over done. And some more beans and the lettuce is getting eaten.

Blueberries in the last week have really started to ripen up. Its always interesting as you get some of them ripening at very different speeds to the others.

Sunset From Margate Flat. www.macatsim.com

Finishing Up And Government Easing Lockdown Restrictions.

That’s it for VLOG number 2. Just had government confirmation holiday lets / vacation rentals/ short term lets can open in under 2 weeks time on July 4th which is great news. Be sure to join us for the first Family Bricks live stream on Friday June 26 8pm UK time, 3/5pm USA eastern and 5am Australian time. Here are some other videos you might be interested in. Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and lifestyle.

LEGO Stores, Can They Survive? Bluewater Reopening. The experience isn’t great. PaB Pick a Brick Wall

In this video with LEGO stores reopening after corona virus, we look at some of the changes and their impacts on LEGO Branded Retail stores. What is the new experience like, can stores survive or are they going to have to close?!

Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks and in this video we are going to talk about the whether LEGO branded retail stores can survive in a corona virus world. Our local Bluewater LEGO store reopened this week and I was in there today, it really was not the experience I was hoping for. The LEGO branded stores are all about experiences in an online shopping world and this wasn’t good.

For AFOLs’ (Adult Fans Of LEGO), generally the gateway drug is the Pick a Brick wall, affectionately known as a PaB wall. There are bins of loose LEGO pieces and you can fill up a cup and get charged per cup, regardless of weight or how many pieces are in there. This usually works out about 1/3 the price of buying parts online or other sources.

Naturally we get that you can’t have loose pieces that every man and his dog is handling, but it is now completely gone. For similar reasons, Build a Minifigure and any other interactive building and touch screens are gone – in there place, empty store space. People like to feel the LEGO minifigure blind bags to guess which mystery figure is in it, naturally that is gone too.

Shop Queues

In addition to this, they can only have 12 people in the shop at a time so there was a queue outside. I was there on a quiet morning and had to queue, goodness knows how they will cope on a Saturday or other busy time. That is really going to limit any impulse buying and kids wanting to pop in for just a quick look and end up walking out with a bag of goodies. I hate queues at the best of times.

All staff are naturally kitted out in personal protective equipment (PPE) gear but feels like you are going to a dentist. I totally understand they have to protect themselves and maybe just not quite use to this yet when shopping.  

With regards to pick a brick walls, other stores around the world have been trialing staff picking quarter cups of LEGO but that isn’t happening here and doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. I think this really needs to be done.

Without Pick a Brick for many AFOLs, there is no real reason to go into a store. From this flow all the other impulse purchases which now won’t happen, or trying to hit a certain spend to get the FREE Gift With Purchase (GWP). LEGO is generally cheaper online from other retailers, and better value when combined with cashback schemes (such as Quidco and Topcashback).

VIP Scheme

These are far more cost effective than the new VIP scheme which has introduced more friction and frustration into the transaction, with points becoming almost impossible to redeem – unless you want to just surrender them back to LEGO under their gambling sweepstakes nonsense – that’s a rant for another time.

Seems with the blind bags they have some pre felt ones by staff but appears you are limited 5 at a time.

New 18+ Layout… where?!

I was also curious to see the new layout as LEGO PR have been all about the new black boxes to appeal to adults and I thought they were meant to be in their own section. They are just dotted around the store in their usual theme categories.

I walked out of the store with nothing and a sense that I don’t want to go back any time soon. It just isn’t a good shopping experience trying to keep the social distancing, queuing and a sense you don’t even want to pick up a box to look at it or the back side. You can’t really chat about LEGO with staff from 2 meters away. It’s the opposite feeling of having a pleasant experience, a good chat with knowledgeable staff and a sense to come back some time soon, and do it all again.

Speaking with other AFOLs, there is much the same feeling, with Pick a Brick as the anchor incentive to go into a store now gone, there is no real reason to go into the store. I really do hope they are able to implement some sort of PaB cup filling system – something has got to be better than nothing, particularly when we’ve gone months without being able to get new pieces from a LEGO store – so there is going to be pent up demand.

Staff Considerations

I feel bad for the staff as they are good people but with only 12 customers in the store at a time, they won’t be needing many staff. Only time would tell but would imagine turnover in the store is going to be down as at peak times, you have 4 or 5 staff working the tils in this store. Now you can’t even get 3 times that many customers in the store at once. If the store isn’t getting the turnover, I just can’t see how they can remain open.

Bluewater Shopping Center Procedures

As for Bluewater shopping center itself, some of the carparks are closed, in particular the upper level near the LEGO store. There is security everywhere and feels like being in the wake of a terrorist attack with that many around. It may or may not be a matter of just adjusting to a new shopping norm.

Inside, there is a ‘keep left’ type system with lots of staff in pink high vis style vests to direct you around. There is hand sanitizer around the place. The use of lifts is discouraged in favour of escalators. Apparently, LEGO Bluewater has been opened for the last 4 days, despite the shopping center and Google websites showing it as closed.


We really do hope they can get some form of PaB back up again. If not, you’d have to think with less new pieces entering the system, that will put upward pressure on prices increasing on secondary markets like Bricklink as supply remains relatively the same.

So what do you think? Are the lack interactive elements of a LEGO branded store deal breakers for you or you aren’t really phased. Let us know in the comments below?

If you found this informative or enjoyed the video, please hit the thumbs up below. Doesn’t take much but makes a huge difference to the channel. Here are some other videos you might enjoy watching.

That’s all from us here at Family Bricks. Thanks very much for watching. Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and Lifestyle.

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VLOG 1 A Week in the life of an AFOL Dad with Kids. Harry Potter, Lockdown, end of Home Schooling

Welcome to the VLOG, this is the first episode. In this video we’ll look behind the scenes of a LEGO Youtuber and what the kids get up to. This naturally includes LEGO building (1989 Batman Batmobile, Harry Potter, 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader), Harry Potter movies, and Harry Potter role play in the garden.

We’ll briefly touch upon London Calling Live streaming with London Bridge Bricks, a bit of Monkey Kid and London AFOLs virtual monthly meet while during lockdown. May even through in a little gardening at the end.

London AFOLs Homepage

London Bridge Bricks Stream

Solo Brick Builder – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_7xvtCIH6hH99yj4Vcyu5g

SaraStarBricks – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTHHuxGain6f8nZzxv_xNg

Brick’n It

Generic Stud

Time codes to the Video:

0:00 Introduction
1:07 4×4 Extreme Off Roaders / London Calling with London Bridge Bricks
1:55 Harry Potter Films and LEGO
3:10 LEGO 1989 Batmobile
3:50 Homeschooling LEGO projects
5:41 Wizarding in the back garden.
6:45 Homeschooling … at an end?!
7:18 London AFOLs online
8:32 Veggie garden and fruit trees
10:43 What did you like? Finishing up.

Transcript from the Show

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Now you get away and stop filming! Bang!

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here and welcome to VLOG number 1. I thought I’d give this a try, I’ve been inspired by a few other people who have been doing it lately and so here we are. We are going to try to do it in one sort of takes and it won’t be as slick and polished as some of the other videos on the channel.

So, I guess the thing is what can you expect? Just want to look at some more I guess behind the scenes or maybe just day to day bits and pieces we are doing in and around LEGO and things like that. So, you might find this is a little all over the place in terms of background and scenery. In the car just waiting for the kids so can go and pick them up.

Today is Friday. Its actually started to rain which is good as then I am less worried about the vegetables, fruit trees and things and having to water them because it has been quite dry. Funnily enough in England, the last little bit it has been raining.

Tonight, I’m on the stream with London Bridge Bricks and just trying to decide what it is I am actually going to build. Whether I’m going to do a Statue of Liberty or I’ve also got a Power Up functions 4×4 which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, to see what we do with that one.

Now in terms of VLOG, let me know if you like it, don’t like it , what you’d like to see more content of, or what is of interest to you guys out there.

4×4 Extreme Off Roaders / London Calling with London Bridge Bricks

So, Friday night and we just had the London calling, which is the stream with London Bridge bricks, and I was working on the 4×4 extreme buggy. Got through the first bag. I think most things are in a good spot and working. Which will be good. Can’t really tell. Its got motors there until you’ve finished it and put it together.

Nice numbered bags there. Still got the Batmobile to finish, been doing that with the kids. So basically, just got to put the wheels on that. London Bridge Bricks got to 501 subscribers, which is cool. Also had on there Solo Brick Builder, SaraStarBricks, Generic Stud and Brick’n It.

And looks like SaraStarBricks has set up a discord server. That is going to be great to chat to everyone in between and find out who else is streaming.

Harry Potter Films and LEGO

No sound here as don’t want the music to get me pinged on YouTube.

Hogwarts. Its great the kids are starting to get into Harry Potter just as LEGO are ramping up another wave of Harry Potter goodness and releasing some sets and they are able to get into it , build it and play it out as well.

Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry.

Ok, which set do we have here. Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. And what part do you think is going to be the best? Maybe that, or that, or that or that or that.

Should we get building? Yep.

Who’s that? Hegweed.

And what is he? A bird or you could call him a snowy owl.

Harry Potter and who was that again? I can’t remember. I can’t remember either. I’ll tell you at the end of the build.

So that’s why you were screaming your head off. That’s why I was screaming.

Can I go and show mummy?

I’m trying to shut it up, will you? [Arghhhhhhhh …. annoying noise]

LEGO 1989 Batmobile

Building [grunt] Batmobile, bag 23 out of 24 and putting the hubcaps on, which were these tiny wheels is very tricky to do. Might need somebody’s help. Where are you mummy?

I’m Joker…. Ahhhhhh. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Now you get away and stop filming! Bang!

Homeschooling LEGO Projects

During homeschooling, there has been a project to do monuments and famous places around London and things, and you had to build them. So, we’ve done a Tudor House, then we had St Pauls’ cathedral, and HMS Belfast and then finally rebricked Buckingham Palace.

Usually with these the kids would get set the assignment in the morning to build one of these, usually they are thinking cardboard or something like that, just little arts and crafts. Just being LEGO, we just go through and do it with these, and that was of course in amongst all there other schooling and math’s and reading and everything they had to do each day so. And then have it submitted by the end of the day so its been good but its been challenging, so glad when it is all done.

The Belfast I’ve actually put instructions up online for that and there should be a video for it. And St Paul’s Cathedral at some stage I want to do much the same but I really wasn’t happy with the way some of the windows in the side got done, so that just felt a little under cooked. Even the front façade, I want to go through and rejig that.

Monkey Kid

What did you just watch? Monkey King … kid. The Monkey kid got the staff and defeated the giant person in the end. Not exactly defeated him. It as very good.

Wizarding in the back garden.

Expelliuma. [cry] Can somebody make my arms. Armolock. Leglock.

Not you can’t dodge it, that isn’t a spell in Hogwarts.

I pointed my wand at you. It’s a disarm charm.

Did I forget to mention we are doing expelliumus and Leglock?


Oh, that is cool.

Another Harry Potter film and really getting into the mythology.

Yeah! Both kids are back in school. School …. Is in for 3 weeks. For anyone who is out there homeschooling, you know exactly what it is that I am talking about. Been an interesting time having them at home schooling. At least now getting a much better idea of what they actually do during there school days and I think too with ours, we’ve identified possibly a few blind spots that they had and been able to address that. But I guess the idea of home schooling them for 6 months and sailing around the world has just gone out the window cause, yeah, it’s a tough gig.

London AFOLs online

Later tonight have London AFOLs online and around the video you’ll be able to see what makes a great meet where we did an interview with the founder Richard Selby, because it really is really good. I guess because London has such a large population, you’ve got some incredibly talented builders.

There is another link to Caz Mockett, who has some of her stuff being on display at the LEGO house in Billund. Which I believe has just recently reopened. And then too also have another interview with Neil Marsden who is an amazing digital LEGO and some of the stuff that he does. So, have that tonight and hopefully that will be all good.

Set up for the London AFOL virtual meeting and have a Taj Mahal set that I can raid for parts and just be building and use for other ideas. So, we just had our monthly London AFOL meeting, which this month’s theme was habitats with minifigs. Never been huge into minifigs. So, I just decided to do a polar bear type one.

So, he is there and got a fish and looking into the water somewhat in a little cave there, with little icicles and things at the top. So that was a great meetup and everyone was doing some really cool stuff.

So, I think I’ll call this “The Week that was Tuesdays” – the 4 Ts, taking after something from college days.

Veggie garden and fruit trees

Beginning of lockdown started a veggie garden. So, this is all grown from little plants in the last little bit. So, we’ve got spinach, broad beans, lettuce and some cauliflower, and a few others over here that we put in. They don’t seem to be doing as well, tomatoes been challenging. Think we started off with 15 and down to about 3. Don’t’ know whether it is the soil or whatever, not really a green thumb.

Wild Strawberry, broad bean, garlic and some other normal strawberry plants, that you can see the birds have been into as well. And some blueberry plants. Same deal planted them a couple of months ago when they were little tiny, and they are all getting up there.

And a pear tree that we planted a couple of years ago. Looks like it has got some pears, actually quite a number that look like they are coming through. And a plum tree we planted a couple of years ago, so it looks like we will get a few off there. Looks like this will be the first season they come through.

And a little tiny peach tree we planted at the beginning of lockdown. Looks like we’ll get some peaches off it which is really surprising. So, must be doing well.

Another type of plum tree we planted at the beginning of lockdown, and pretty much all the green from about here upwards, has all grown in the last couple of months, 10-12 weeks.

And a small little cherry tree we also put in at the beginning of lockdown, 10 -12 weeks ago. Sort of see from about here up it has all shot up. That is all new shoots in the last little bit so hopefully also doing well too.

And some apples coming through on the apple tree which we believe these trees are about 80-90 years old. When this use to be an orchard before it was subdivided. The thing you notice about these in particular is they are really, really sour. I think that is because of the modern palette, particularly in the 1980s, they went through and made apples super sweet. Whereas these ones are not so sweet and think that our palettes have adapted to it so it’s all relative.

What did you like? Finishing up.

Let me know what you thought of this. What bits did you like, what bits didn’t you like, things you’d like to see more of? The channel itself we have always said is LEGO and lifestyle but given lockdown, we haven’t been able to focus on lifestyle, in the last 3 months. And certainly, we noticed that once lockdown first started, a lot of the videos about theme parks and like that dropped off a cliff. So hopefully as things start to open back up, we’ll be able to get back into that kind of content.

So, anybody who is new and has never seen that before.

So, hope you had a great week and if you did enjoy this video, hit that like button and hopefully we can get to 20 likes on this video.

For those that haven’t seen some of the lifestyle type content we do, here is a link to LEGOLAND Windsor and you go through the whole park in about 3 minutes with a bit of commentary. Otherwise here are some other videos you might be interested in.

Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and lifestyle.

How to Make a LEGO HMS Belfast Microscale Warship: FREE Tutorial, Instructions & Brief History

In this video we will show you how to make this LEGO HMS Belfast Microscale Town-class light cruiser Warship that was involved in World War 2 D-Day landings. It is currently a tourist museum moored on the Thames River, in the heart of London, England. This is a My Own Creation, MOC, we have designed and built. If you do happen to make this model, or some variation, be sure to post a link below, or on social media (links towards the bottom below), we’d love to see them.

FREE Instructions Download PDF

HMS Belfast Wikipedia Page

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction
0:36 LEGO Parts Required for the Build
0:50 Step by Step build of HMS Belfast
2:29 Starting the deck build
4:14 – 3 Sections of the Museum
4:52 Sample Instructions & Parts / Inventory List

Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family bricks here and in this video we will show you how to make this LEGO HMS Belfast Microscale Town-class light cruiser Warship that was involved in World War 2 D-Day landings. It is currently a tourist museum moored on the Thames River, in the heart of London, England. This is a My Own Creation, MOC, we have designed and built. We have also provided a link to a PDF on our website mattelder.com with FREE instructions you can download to build along with.

This is a Family Bricks video. Be sure to hit that like button, share or if you want to be super awesome,  subscribe! Click the bell and select “All”, to be notified of new videos as they are uploaded.

LEGO Parts Required for the Build

Here just showing all the parts needed to build this ship. Most of the parts are pretty standard and nothing too fancy. The white pieces can be any colour. The blue pieces could just as easily be grey. I’ve just used them as a bit of a water line simulation on the hull.

Step by Step build of HMS Belfast

We start off with these 2x2x2/3s 2 sided stud pieces. This will allow us to build the hull in a SNOT technique. These are then doubled up and mirrored to do each side of the hull. They will be floating for a little bit but this will allow for an economical and strong part usage.

We join these together with white 1×6 and 1×8 plates. Again the white can be any colour as it won’t be visible in the final model. Mirroring onto the other side so that the 2x2x2/3 pieces line up. Now just a matter of placing curves, tiles and some more plates.

Thanks to a couple of members of the London AFOLs registered lego users group for some pointers around the SNOT, studs not on top, in the hull. It’s a great LUG group and check out my interview with the founder Richard Selby here as to what he tries to do to keep it a great group.

With the HMS Belfast, it is called a “town” class as it is from a group of ships named after towns in the United Kingdom. It was originally commission in 1939 and in November of that year, hit a German mine and took another 2 years undergoing extensive repairs. In June of 1944, she supported the D-Day landings firing upon the German artillery battery at Ver-sur-Mer while troops were landing.

In this next step, you put a couple of 1×1 plates into the 1×4 slopes just to fill in that little gap.

HMS Belfast saw combat in 1950-1952 during the Korean War and more modernization between 1956 and 1959, before entering into reserve in 1963. In 1967 efforts were started to preserve her from being scraped.

Starting the deck build

Now we join the 2 mirrored halves of the hull together. These are then held in place by a 2×16 plate. If you wanted additional clutch, you could easily include more of those 2x2x2/3 pieces in the hull in the gaps that currently exist – but it isn’t necessary.

From here we can build up the deck in layers or slices.

From 1966 to 1970 the ship served as an accommodation ship while the Imperial War Museum became interested in preserving her as a 6-inch turret, which were disappearing fast at the time. In 1967 when the Gambia was too far gone, Belfast became the most economical and practical to save. However the government decided in 1971 against preservation and she was reduced to disposal to be scrapped. 

A private trust was formed in 1971 with those who had served on her becoming pivotal in her preservation. In the meantime, the ship was being stripped of removable equipment while the trust put together a proposal. In October 1971, HMS Belfast was towed to London where a hole had been dredged for her in the river bed Thames in her current position, right near London’s Iconic Tower Bridge (really must build that LEGO model one day).

In 1978 the Trust was merged into the Imperial War Museum. The ship has been drydocked twice as part of the ships long term preservation. Once in 1982 and again 1999 when she was towed to Portsmouth. There were tentative plans for another dry docking in 2020 but sure that is up in the air now.

The current paint camouflage scheme is known as Admiralty Disruptive Camouflage, which she had worn from 1942 to 1944. There was some debate about this as it doesn’t match her retrofit configuration in 1956 to 1959.

3 Sections of the Museum

As a museum, it is divided into 3 sections. One is “Life on Board the ship” with an emphasis on the experience of serving at sea. The next is the “inner workings” which is below the waterline focusing on the mechanical and engineering aspects of the ship. The last is “Action Stations” about the ships weapons, command and fire power.

And there is our microscale LEGO HMS Belfast all completed, and sailing away.

Most of the information in this commentary has come from the HMS Belfast Wikipedia page so do check that out for further information.

We hope this has given you some insight into the ship and one of central London’s iconic landmarks.

Here is a quick flick through of the instructions you’ll find on our website www.mattelder.com

Sample Instructions & Parts / Inventory List

Towards the back is a parts list / inventory showing exactly the parts needed.

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If you do happen to make this model, or some variation, be sure to post a link below, or on social media (links in the description below), we’d love to see them.

These are some of our other models.

If you’d like to check out some of our other custom MOC builds, be sure to check out our LEGO Scenario range. Alternatively here are some other videos you might enjoy. If you did get something out of this video, hit that thumbs up. We’d love to get 20 thumbs up, really does inspire us to continue building FREE instructions like this. That’s all from us here at Family Bricks. Thanks for watching and until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and lifestyle.

LEGO International Space Station 21321 Review 66% – What is it missing? Time lapse Speed build

In this video we review the LEGO International Space Station set 21321 ISS. There is also a speed build and commentary. We also have a 1 page review summary showing how we arrived at the final score of 66 out of 100 for this set.

What is the element that is really missing from the set that could make it that much better? How much wide appeal does the set have?

Set Number: 21321
Released: 2020
Theme: LEGO Ideas / Space
Price – £64.99GBP, $69.99USD , €69.99EUR
Pieces – 864
Price Per Piece – 7.5p, 8.1c
Build time – 1hr+

Review Score – 66%
Build Experience – 6.5
Value for Money – 7.5
Playability – 4.0
Displayability – 8.5
Target Market: Space Geeks & Ideas Fans

Pros: Good value & close approximation to real ISS
Cons: Fragile with limited playability – 10 pages of LEGO Ideas at expense of ISS Information

Summary: A great display piece for space enthusiasts.

Time code to video:
0:00 Introduction
0:34 General Information and set contents
2:30 Build and “swooshability”
5:30 Build Experience & playability
6:54 Instruction book & LEGO Ideas “Issue”
9:12 Box Art
10:30 Time lapse speed build of LEGO International Space Station
12:23 Spare Parts
12:47 1 Page Review Summary Page

SpaceX Video

JKBrickworks Orrey

Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks and in this video we are going to review the LEGO Ideas International Space Station Set Number 21321. We will also have a time lapse speed build showing how it is built.

Here is the 1 page review summary. This video will go into the detail behind it and at the end of the video, we explain how we arrived at the scores and comments.

So in t-minus 3,2,1 … blast off.

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General Information and Set Contents

So here we have the LEGO Ideas International Space station set 21321 retails for about £65 or $69US Dollars or 69 Euros. So that means it will give you a price to part ratio of about 7.5pence or 8.1 cents, both in American and Euros. So for that it is obviously reasonable value , obviously dealing with some printed pieces and a lot of small type pieces. There are a couple of technic bits in there, so seems to be of a reasonable value.

It’s a decent sort of size. You’ve got it being about 50 cm or 20inches across by 30cm or 12 inches in that direction. There is a fair amount of detail on this, with different solar panels, different antenna , you know a grabbing arm here, stand here. There are some really nice white nano figs that have some prints on them to look like astronauts.

Then you’ve got little, satellite, docking module, like a SpaceX type Dragon, and then you’ve even got a little, old style shuttle. Which even in the back has 3 different booster engines and even has that slight little angle like they really have. The underside has 2×2 inverted. The only weird thing about this, is that it doesn’t actually clip into the actual set. It just sort of rests in there and you don’t really know .

Its got a really nice International Space Station print on it, there as a display piece. That is the really nice thing about this set, everything is prints and there is no stickers in here what so ever which is probably a good thing cause by the time you went through and applied all those there, you’d probably drive yourself crazy.

The arms themselves also rotate all the way around, so quite good there. Then you can have them at whatever angle you prefer. Same with the other side. Obviously there you are starting to see the inverted studs so less of a display on that angel.

Build and “swooshability”

You do actually build it on the stand and start with the stand. And you can actually lift it up and take it off. You know, you can do your swooshability [swoosh noise]. If you really wanted to and it does sit nicely back on there. And it is solid enough you can grab it by the legs there, and that feels pretty secure although the little bits and pieces at the bottom will come off relatively easy as they are just held on by studs and jumpers.

Now if we turn it around, we can check out what is happening on the back there. Just go there. You can see you’ve got more details from this side. I guess when you look from this side, it isn’t really designed to be seen from this side, I mean apart from the orange you’ve got the orange there. With these flag pieces here you can see there are no prints on the back. If I was to take one off, you’ve actually got prints on the other side. So I do find if they have of made a print on the reverse side, that would have been quite good. Or even really, dare I say it, even if you just wanted to have some stickers or something there as at least with some of the other bits, you can at least turn around and move.

So if you wanted to display it from this side, flip those up and at that angle, it would be nice not having to take that all the way off to display it. I mean you’ve got all those details in there on the solar panels and then these big blue blank bits, it doesn’t look as nice.

As you probably saw, these radiator panels can turn, they have a swivel on a hinge. And this little satellite here, can also just pop off, and float into space. Or if you are trying to do a docking maneuver or anything like that, they can also go in there.

So just going back around til what we’ll call the front side. And underneath you can see you’ve got these white flags, which in this case are actually blank on both sides. So just rotate those back up there.

So you do have the ability for some of these dishes that are on hinge joints, and a little grabber arm here that you can move around. And these also move around and rotate on their pivots as well. Its good you’ve got a couple of these little nano figs as you can have them out , out and about doing their little space walks, repairs or whatever you might want them to.

Same sort of deal with the shuttle itself as well. Can have that and have a bit of a swooshing going on. If it needs to dock or do whatever maneuvers it wants, It can do that as well. And of course the kids being the kids, the first thing they wanted to do, was go and put some rocket firing missiles on to it [missiles fire off and make bang noises]. But we might just take those off and put them back there.

Check around the video and you’ll be able to see the kids review and how they were playing with it and interacting with it.

Build Experience & playability

Otherwise as a general build experience it was pretty solid. There wasn’t anything to tricky and takes about an hour or so to be able to do. It can get a little repetitive and tedious as you do make quite a number of these satellite type things or variations of that slightly. And then you have to go through and make 8 of these solar panel type things.

Which when I did it with the kids, we each did it so we ended up with 3 each, give or take. But I could see that if you were doing that by yourself, you’d really want to get into some sort of system. Or when you get to bag 6 in the instructions and it says you’ve got to do it 8 times to get towards the very end its like … urgh [groan].

So in terms of playability there are some aspects where you are able to play a little bit but it does get pretty fragile so we found when the kids are playing with it, things are falling off pretty easily. And even when you picking it up and taking it off the stand and things, if you are not putting it down and grabbing it from the right part , it does fall of quite easily . So that said, it is probably more a display piece in and off itself.

It has a significant presence, it has a good size, colors work well, you’ve got this nice little blue with the hints of the orange coming through and the white, grey and the stand works really well. Obviously you’ve got the printed pieces there and the other little bits and pieces in terms of paraphernalia in terms of the shuttle and some of the satellites.

As we’ve already mentioned you get a couple of these printed nano figs , there is 2 there and you actually do get a spare one . There is no real minifigs but there is no real need for it, given what it is and the size and scale.

Instruction Book & LEGO Ideas “Issue”

So just having a look at the instruction book and much the same as the box art. Generic sort of stuff for LEGO, Going on about the international space station, couple images there. Just going into the history, the fact it is the 15 nations and about some of the research doing in space. And some of the experiments they do up there you can’t actually do on earth. So it is good you can get that sort of information .

Then next up it starts to go on about the fan designer who came through and did this. And then goes through his many attempts to get through the LEGO ideas and how it was rejected twice, and how he kept on refining it and then coming back. Then they wanted to do the 10th anniversary of the LEGO Ideas and putting it forward, and then the fan vote pulling it through so it could be an actually made set.

Which is great to get that sort of history there but then it just goes on more, another 2 pages on LEGO Ideas, , more stuff on LEGO Ideas, more stuff on LEGO Ideas, before you start getting the building. And then in the back as well, you have another 2 pages on the LEGO Ideas . So effectively there is about 9 and a half pages just prompting the LEGO Ideas, which I can kinda get.

The thing that was annoying was that you only have these 2 pages , which is a little bit of generic information but doesn’t actually explain all the different parts , doesn’t have a blueprint or anything like that to explain what all the different parts are that you are building. Beyond the actual solar panels, we didn’t know what a lot of this sort stuff is. You had to go and do like a Google search and you can find all sorts of blueprints that tell you all sorts of different things.

We didn’t even know that these things here were the radiators for it. And you know they could have done a little something to explain the other bits and pieces in there. The fact then, they had 9.5 pages going on about the LEGO Ideas and everything like that, there is a real missed opportunity where they could have had that information in there.

So you get a better connection with what it is that you are building otherwise its like I know there are some solar panels and ….. yeah, that’s it. So again, just think that was a missed opportunity.

Otherwise the instructions themselves are a pretty standard sort of thing for LEGO. There wasn’t really anything too complicated in there. Its just more getting through some of the repetitive and tedious detail. Oh actually, a tenth page on LEGO Ideas.

Box Art

So here just checking out the box art. Its got a nice picture of the LEGO version with a realistic earth in the background there. Space Shuttle. Showing that it is a LEGO Ideas set number 29. And just some specs from the LEGO sizes itself. And then being a 15 member country, all the different flags that are funding the international space station.

Flipping over to the back, again we just see another nice little shot of it there all set up. And a few little pull out details that it has there, the grabbing arm, space shuttle coming into dock, and then just a top down view of it there. And then international space station 20 years that it has been going.

I guess the other things with this is you generally think of space and you’ve had all the NASA sets and you somehow think it is NASA. But being the international space station, it isn’t actually NASA , it’s a 15 member county.

Just checking out some other details. On one edge of the box there, it is just showing some 1 to 1 of one of the printed pieces, and then just some, the space station, the shuttle, the nano fig, space capsule and the satellite.

And the spine there, just another composite shoot. Box with just some generic  details and another shot just down the side. So overall a nice box design and just showing what it is an in context.

Time lapse speed build of LEGO International Space Station

And now into the time lapse of the actual build itself. The box opens up in a clam shell type way, and you’ve got 6 bags and the instructions. The kids enjoyed having a look at some of the space photos and some of the other sets in the range. Quickly checking out what each bag builds, and then onto the actual build itself.

Start off with one of the satellites and build the actual space shuttle itself as well. The space shuttle itself is actually quite a good build , particularly considering there aren’t that many pieces. Its bizarre to think that with the retiring of the space shuttle program 9 years ago, they grow up and never see a space shuttle launch or have any real idea of that.

They have seen the space shuttle prototype Enterprise on the USS Intrepid in New York harbor and Atlantis in Cape Canaveral. So now done the stand and starting to build out the main corridor for this space station itself.

And with that, onto bag 4 pretty quickly. So now building out a few nodes and I think some laboratories. Having to try to reference some diagrams off the internet to know what is what. Both sides do this by building off a long technic axel and threading the pieces onto it.

Now next up we build the radiators with the white pieces. Any excess or waste heat on the ISS needs to be gotten rid of. Pure water in these pipes would quickly freeze, so they add in ammonia which has a lower freezing temperature and prevents the water from freezing. Its amazing all these little things they have to think of and prepare for.

Next onto bag 6 and making the 8 racks of solar panels. It was good to have us all working on these at the same time. Once that is done, the solar panels move into position and then they are putt into the right places. The space shuttle comes along, and some astronauts. A few other accessories and I think we are good.

Another look at our final LEGO model build of the International Space Station.

Spare Parts

Here are the spare parts that came in the set. Being a set with a lot of little parts, you’d expect there to be a fair number of parts. Its great you get another one of these printed nano figs, so there are 3 of those altogether.

Otherwise a pretty standard selection. You’ve got a ski pole in pearl gold which is quite nice and a couple of roller skates in the black and light bluish grey. And a little 1×1 round printed piece there.

1 Page Review Summary Page

And now onto our review summary of the international space station. You can see it was released in 2020, the set number there , cost, 864 pieces and the price per piece being around 7.5pence or 8.1 cents (both in American and Euros). Build time is about an hour plus.

For the build experience we gave it a 6.5. It’s a pretty solid build but it does get repetitive and tedious , particularly with that last bag with solar panels and a lot of the little satellite type constructions.

Value for money we gave a 7.5. Its reasonably good value at 7.5p and 8.1c price per part ratio, but they are smaller pieces and parts. We did feel though that with 10 pages or so on LEGO Ideas, and not much going into the actual space station itself, there was a real missed opportunity there to learn about the space station and become more invested in the set, and understand exactly what it was that you were building.

I didn’t really learn anything new about the space station and quite the contrary, had to go to Google and start looking through some results there to start learning anything new.

For playability , we gave the set a 4.0. Its quite fragile and not a great deal you can do with it.

For displayability we gave it an 8.5. It displays great from one side but that is the issue. As a display piece, when you flip it over to the other side, it doesn’t really display well, you’ve got to fiddle around with it to get it into a good display orientation.

Looking at the target market, we’d say it is mostly for space geeks and Ideas Fans

The pros with this set is that it is good value and a close approximation to the real international space station.

The cons as we’ve mentioned previously is that it is fragile with limited playability and you get 10 pages of LEGO Ideas advertising at the expense of any real, quality ISS information.

The overall summary is that it is a great display piece for space enthusiasts.

In terms of buy recommendation, in terms of a “day 1, must have”, ranging all the way through to a “Kragle it” because you can’t stand it, we put it somewhere between a purchase where it is on sale or only for really die hard fans of space and Ideas.

So taking an average of the 4 scores we have up there, we can up with an overall rating of a 66%.

It’s a solid set but you are looking at a subset of a space demographic, largely those that want something for display.

Here is a SpaceX Falcon Heavy video we did. Links around the video. This was a fan design we put together and the kids are really into space. We’ve also done this Orrey by JKBrickworks, again links around the video. With both sets the kids have been able to engage and learn, and felt gotten great value out of it.

We were hoping for something similar with this international space station set but feel it was disappointing and something that will collect dust on the shelf.

What do you think? Are we being too harsh or feel comments are on the money, let us know in the comments below.

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Close Out

You might like to see the kids review and play through of this LEGO International Space Station and you can click here to do so. Here is the Falcon Heavy review. Alternatively here are some other videos you might be interested in.

That’s all from us here at Family Bricks. Thanks very much for watching and please do hit that thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed the video. Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO and Lifestyle.

Kevin Hinkle: Streaming, Retro Gaming. Why don’t they bring back classic LEGO Space, Pirates: Part 2

This is part 2 of our interview with Kevin Hinkle aka MrHinkleDraws. Kevin use to work for LEGO for 12 years in stores, corporate / marketing and as the community manager for North and South America. Kevin is now pursing Art and Graphic design that he formally trained in.

This part of the interview will focus more on social media, particularly streaming, Kevin’s interest in LEGO as a building product, along with some of his cool MOCs he has created. Of course we’ll finish off with why they don’t bring back classic Space, Pirates, Castle, Trains, Monorails etc.

You don’t necessarily need to have watched part 1 but it is here:

The first part of the interview focused more on Kevin’s career the day after he left LEGO and building up his Graphic and Illustration business.

Time codes to interview.
0:00 Social Media & Streaming – Doodle Stream – Bricksmith78 – Philadelphia Brick Fest – Entering the world of streaming
3:23 First Stream
3:59 Online vs in person – new area of the community
5:03 Origin of the podcast – Forever Sorting and 2019 Resolution to stream
7:13 The origin of “Backlog building” on every Friday during 2019
8:33 Launch of Doodle Stream and only stream in 2020
10:03 Evolution of Doodle Stream, themes and multiplayer version
11:03 Return of LEGO Brick Building stream due to popular demand
12:38 Challenges of Home Schooling
14:18 24 Hour Streams and earning your stripes
17:03 Boxed Coffee to keep you going
18:18 What are your hobbies outside of LEGO and Drawing? Retro Gaming… particularly Nintendo
20:23 Earthbound – all time favorite game
22:34 Favorite Super Mario Game
23:53 Custom Super Mario MOC “Series”
27:23 Long Term Streaming Goals and limitations
28:13 Angry Video Game Nerd
29:58 Favorite LEGO Set and double speed play back
31:04 Favourite Theme?
31:34 Theme glad that it is gone
33:03 Like Technic or Not
33:28 MOC that you are proud of
36:38 Talking about MOCs… or not
38:53 How big a space for LEGO & LEGO Room Tour (EP1)
41:03 Kevin Who? Playlist
42:45 Galidor
42:59 Estimate Number of LEGO Pieces
44:00 Theme you wish they would bring back
44:17 LEGO Super Mario and Zelda
46:46 Favourite build of the last year
47:29 Favourite LEGO Resource
51:11 “IP Locked pieces”, what that is & weirdness
55:26 Set you wish you bought but never did
57:02 Any AFOL groups you are a part of
57:51 Why are you into LEGO?
1:01:43 Contact Details
1:03:06 Big Goals for the Year
1:04:59 Why don’t they bring back Space, Pirates, Castle, Trains, Monorail?
1:06:47 LEGO Focusing on the new, not the old
1:08:23 Its turned into a joke
1:09:48 You could change topics every couple of seconds

Partial Transcript from the Show


Just one question that which , I remember seeing somewhere one of the questions you get a lot , or use to as the LEGO rep was “when are they going to bring back space, pirates, castles and monorail?”

Yes, all the time

You had an interesting answer in particular for trains and the monorail that part of it is because the older people who have it, the cost of them maintaining the sets are quite high , or turning it over when it breaks. I didn’t quite understand that answer so particularly with monorail and trains.

Oh, I don’t even know. I’m trying to remember what I may have said back then.

I had like a really good prepared answers for things and over time you know, they all start to mix together. I mean that the reality is that over time a lot of people from the community have a lot of demands. Is should say and a lot of those demands focus on bring back x,y or z.

Bring back the Café Corner – huge one. Bring back Monorail – huge one. Bring back classic fill in the blank. So it would be classic space, classic pirate, classic castle and there is this ongoing mentality of bring back this, bring back that.

And LEGO itself doesn’t really like to focus too much on reguriating the same thing over and over again. They really try to chase what is new. Not necessarily saying that is the right thing or the wrong thing , that is just what they do. Its like “what is the new innovation?” “what is the new play mechanic?” whats the new this? Whats the new that?

Every now and then you’ll get a product designer or a graphic designer that is keenly aware of the communities interests and nostalgia and their the ones that hide in the interesting homages in the sets that people are like “that is so cool that LEGO put a like a nod to Bionicle in this set”, or they . That is usually a very specific product designer or a very specific graphic designer that knows the fans will like this when I do this.

The company as the big engine, they are not necessarily really ever interested in “what can we bring back?”. Its always “what new thing can we bring to market?” And so they get very turned off when they hear “bring back anything”. You can put anything in there. A lot of marketing executives will immediately stop listening to you when you are like “bring back…” whatever.

Its a lot about, in the marketing corporate world how you phrase things. I’ve been in meetings where I literally say the same thing but use a lot more flowery language and it gets a whole different response. Its like I could say “That’s a stupid idea” and everyone thinks I’m rude. Or I could say “I don’t believe that is the best strategy for that proposal” and I’m a genius.

Its like it’s the same thing but you know, monorail in particular, its also kinda difficult cause I feel like half the people that ask about it aren’t even serious. Its kinda almost evolved into a joke. So like some of the people say it just to see what kind of a response they will get from whoever LEGO rep they ask.

And some of them have even admitted that. They go like “I don’t even care I just wanted to see what you were going to say. And its like, that isn’t very constructive. And I mean I’ve had those side conversations with people where I’m like “that’s not very constructive. Think about all the people in the audience who are genuinely confused as to why you keep asking every time I’m out here”.

But yeah I’m trying to think of what I would have even said about. I’ll go back and have a look as I think it was on an M and R stream that you did. Oh maybe. That was like what 2 years ago now maybe on the podcast Bricks and bits.

I mean that is, there is something in the equation about cost of upkeep of 9 volt trains. I don’t remember what I said. I’m sure it was really well articulated and right on the money. But I don’t remember.

Its just one of those things. I think it was more cause of the way the question got asked and gave an answer but then they chopped to something else. It may be, that happens a lot.

Over my time, it’s a huge deal when someone is like “We’ve got the LEGO guy, hit him with everything” so you could change topics every couple of seconds [fingers clicking] and you are like “what are we doing”. Your PR brain is like, “hold on, we’ve got to readjust to what messaging is next, what messaging is next?”.

Rapid fire. The community will test your PR skills every day of the week.

Kevin Hinkle Links

Home Page https://www.kevinahinkle.com/
Mr Hinkle Draws Patreon https://www.patreon.com/MrHinkleDraws
Instagram Personal https://www.instagram.com/mrkevinhinkle
Art https://www.instagram.com/mrhinkledraws/
Twitter https://twitter.com/MrHinkleDraws
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MrHinkleDraws/
Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/MrHinkleDraws
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuCmBtG9SqYtnIFljb9IGWw
Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinhink/collections/72157693082330240/
Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/Shop/MrHinkleDraws

Kevin Hinkle LEGO Room Tour
Kevin Who Playlist

New Elementary

Tuesday Night – Brick Building
Friday Morning – Doodle Stream

21,430 Piece Mario

Bricks in the Middle Comic

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LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Kids Review & Time lapse Speed Build Space Rocket for Kids

In this video the kids review a LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket MOC*. We look at how the SpaceX Falcon Heavy works with stage 1 and stage 2. We also have a time lapse speed build and talk about some of the things to be mindful of during the build. We also cover a few limitations within the build.

This is great for getting kids interested in SpaceX and STEM, as they have something hands on and interactive. So strap yourself in and gods speed.

We got this My Own Creation, MOC, from the LEGO ideas website by Eiffleman:

*MOC = My Own Creation

Time codes for the video:
0:00 Introduction
0:35 Where we got the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Instructions from
1:25 Breakage from General Handling
2:09 Kids Introduction on SpaceX Falcon Heavy – Stage 1
4:15 Stage 2, Satellites and payloads
5:18 Parts from our own collection and critical parts
6:18 Time lapse speed build
7:17 Creating stickers yourself
7:40 Critical Building steps and considerations … make sure you get it right
8:50 Kids explaining reusable rockets

Transcript from the Show

Welcome to our video of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. This was a tricky build.

In this video we will cover how the SpaceX Falcon Heavy works, which was great for getting the kids to understand and peak their interest in it . We will review the model and talk about breakage. There will also be a timelapse speed build where we will point out some things to be mindful of during the build.

So strap yourself in and god speed.

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Where We Got the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Instructions from

We got this My Own Creation, MOC, from the LEGO ideas website and will include a link around the video.

This is a fan designer who has put the idea forward to be a real set and included instructions if you click on the updates. If you scroll down you’ll see they are from the most recent to older with decals and the pieces you need. Showing it there relative to the Saturn V. And a couple of different payloads you can have. Whether it is traditional satelittle  or the promotional Tesla car that got sent up into space.

It is a great build of medium difficultly and really meant as a display piece as it is quite fragile. I get that if it was to become a LEGO set, they would undoubtedly address this issue but there was a bit of breakage with the kids handling which was a real shame.

Breakage from General Handling

Then  [breakage] … ok, that wasn’t mean to happen. Don’t worry everyone.

These parts are fragile [booster falls off the table].

Its not very fragile unless you play rough with it.

[satellite drops onto table and smashes to pieces] . And this is fragile

And that comes back down to earth [booster falls over and smashes]

Not sure why everything keeps breaking. The reason we think it [blade hinge falls off] keeps breaking is cause it is fragile.

Whoa… that was a close one.

Kids Introduction on SpaceX Falcon Heavy – Stage 1

Hello everyone and today we are going to be talking about the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. This is a rocket that will go into space, then it will land back on earth safely, if it doesn’t explode and they will reuse it again, and again, and again, and again.

The first part that I want to show you is the boosters. The boosters can come off. Yeah. Not easily.

So, this is the set. Let’s try the satellite in.

These are the mini things in. Stage 1 is boosters coming off. So, it will be flying, next the boosters will split up. They be … duuuuh. Oh, that was stage 2 just popping off. So, then they should make a firm landing.

Those 2 parts are coming into earths atmosphere, so you know what that means, they will finally engage their landing units. So, they should land on pad 1 and 2. Oh my gosh, I don’t know why that keeps happening. It won’t let me put it in the proper landing mode. These boosters land back down. Only the main booster is going. This is the main booster. But when it is flying, it will be like that.

Stage 2, Satellites and Payloads

And then, comes stage 2. Stage 2 is important, if the rocket explodes, which it shouldn’t, before stage 2 then the car won’t go into the moon. So, when it splits up, it should look like that. So then, when it flies around, and it lands. Not the real one though, the LEGO one, yeah, when it flies around, then lands on the moon, then the car will be released.

Is this the bit that goes up to space. No that’s the satellite. What does the satellite do? It just goes up and then communicates with phones and then sends the emails and addresses, call and things to the other person’s phones.

Parts from our own collection and critical parts

We largely built the SpaceX Falcon Heavy from pieces within our collection. So ideally everything exposed would be in white with a few black pieces for the base of the rocket and the Hinge Plate 3 x 12 with Angled Side Extensions and Tapered Ends.

At the time, the Cylinder Half 2 x 4 x 5 with 1 x 2 Cutout pieces were really hard to come by and had to order from LEGO.com directly (as you need about 34 of these). That was a long painful process with many calls to LEGO customer service. I have noticed now however, seems much easier to get 34 of those pieces all from one seller, so maybe have had more sets released with the piece recently.

For the instructions, we basically just printed off the page from the LEGO ideas website.

There actually aren’t a great deal of pieces to make it up, but there are some less common ones such as Cylinder Half 3 x 6 x 10 with 1 x 2 Cutout and the 32 length Technic axle, which you do need 3 of. You need one for each booster helps out with the structural integrity of the booster – so wouldn’t really recommend trying to leave it out or skip over it.

Time lapse speed build

And now onto the time lapse speed build.

The base of all 3 boosters are the same so we were able to build one each, which might get a little tedious with just one person. You can see that it is built around that 32 Technic Axle which helps compress the pieces together with anchor points throughout the length. Even then, the pieces can’t easily shear apart.

Most of the black and grey rings should be white but again, just dealing with the pieces we had available in our collection at the time.

The center booster is obviously the one that is a little different as it has second stage and payload.

You also have to cut a length of 192mm tubing (part 85526) to get 86mm pieces which help bind the 3 boosters together, in addition to the technic pins. I know some LEGO purists are going to freak out cutting that piece but again, probably wouldn’t recommend skipping it. Hence you can see the scissors and ruler in shot here.

Then onto the satellite and red Tesla car payloads – so you can choose which one you want to use.

Creating stickers yourself

For the stickers, we got some Transparent Ink Jet adhesive film that you can stick into a regular home colour ink jet printer. Around the video should be a link to one of these. Just printed the stickers from the graphics that were included on the LEGO ideas website. We may have had to scale them slightly to get the right size.

So, for anyone who hates applying stickers, having to make your own might be a step too far.

Critical Building steps and considerations … make sure you get it right

One thing we did want to point out about this build is you really have to pay attention to the rotation of the pieces at the bottom of the boosters. If you don’t, you’ll end up having the technic pin hole connections underneath the long black plate hinge plates.

This means you won’t be able to connect the 3 boosters together. It isn’t a simple job just to rotate them 45 degrees, so really watch for this when building.

We also found the black blade hinge plates at the bottom generally aren’t strong enough to support the weight of the boosters, to simulate them landing back on earth following a launch.

It might seem that we are being overly critical and appreciate it is a fan design, and not a full blown LEGO designed and tested product. It is a great build but if going to the time and effort to put together, we want you to know some of the issues so don’t get frustrated by it. Or if you decide to try to do your own designs, what are going to be some of the considerations in putting it together.

We do appreciate the time and effort that went into the fan design and its great Eiffleman has included all the information to be able to build it yourself.

As you can see from the kids explanations, it was great for them to have something hands on and engage with so they could understand the different stages and the significance of reusable rockets returning to earth.

Kids explaining reusable rockets

As you may know, rockets are never used again, once they are used once. But this one is a special type of rocket. They are going to use it lots of times, like a space shuttle. If you’ve never heard of the space shuttle, watch a video on space shuttles. This is not a space shuttle, note that in mind. This is the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket.

Rockets, usually rockets are only used once and costs lots of money but this rocket can save money cause it is different to all the others. How? It lands on earth as I said safely.

Did you know 1 or 2 space shuttles, they exploded and guess what happened? Bits fell down, did you know that? They exploded! Exploded I said.

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