Christmas Offering at LEGOLAND to become …

NEWS: LEGOLAND Windsor, UK last week submitted a planning application to make their Christmas Offering structures permanent. In this video we cover what this is, look at the plans, discuss the application and figure out what it means to the future.

LEGOLAND Windsor have applied for 15 permanent log cabins to be erected near Pirate Falls.

Transcript from the show below:

G’day Everyone, Matt here from Family Bricks and just wanted to do this quick little news item.


Recently in the last week, LEGOLAND have submitted an application to have 15 little timber cabins erected which support their Christmas events and things. They want to do this on a more permanent basis

What they have been doing at the moment, is each year they erect the temporary structures and boardwalks and then after the Christmas event they then take them away. I can imagine thats going to be fairly expensive and a pain to keep on doing it so they want to make them permanent.

Current Location Plan

Lets have a quick look and see where in the park that were are actually talking about. So here the blue is all the way around , is the actual park itself.

The main entrance is in through here, so you have your Big Shop. You’ve got your Star Wars, you come down here to the Viking one and then down the side of the hill and everything down into this area here.

Which is your pirate falls and over here is your Castle area. Ninjago over there. So were are looking at that space there.

Proposal Plan

So within that space outlined in red these are the cabins they want to put in.

At the moment they do it each year with 12 but now they are actually applying for 15 so adding 3 more in.

These cabins are wood, tongue and groove and they sit on 4 pegs and they don’t really have any waste features, or anything like that.

Trees – The BIG Issue

The big concern that they have been having with the application is all the trees and things in and area here.

They really not going to be removing any trees and basically doing everything to try to make sure that the footings don’t interfere with the roots or anything like that. There is quite a number of tree surveys.

This is one of the tree surveys which goes through and is listing all the different bits and trees. They have actually got them all numbered and everything. I think there is about 45 of them
in the area under consideration.

Type of Cabin

The actual cabins themselves are relatively simple and straight forward so you can sort see here double doors and windows.

It doesn’t look like there is a window out the back or anything there. Little balcony / porch as you come up here, and then it only about 2.4m this way and 3.4m that way.

So not very big if you think about it in terms of if you were to put a double bed in here it would take up most of that space.

The application really does go through and labour on the point that these are not destination attractions in themselves so they are only meant to be there for the Christmas time and only used for that.

Future Uses?!

Does make you wonder though if their Christmas plans are only for November and December, what are they going to use if for, for the rest of the year? Maybe they start doing more seasonal events and things and using this area for that.

Whether Easter time you are doing something with Easter Egg Hunts and things like that.

When we were at DisneyWorld in Florida one October they make a really big deal of Halloween.

So maybe they will start thinking about doing other events and things like that. This is a full planning application so their is a fair number of documents here.

They do make a point in the actual application of saying more or less, they could achieve the same thing under permitted development which basically within certain parameters don’t really need to apply for it but with this it just gives them certainty into the future.

Its great to see them continually updating the park and adding elements to it. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

Your Thoughts?

Do you have any thoughts and comments on this? Sound off in the comments below.

Otherwise we have videos on the LEGOLAND park and things to do and see and how to save money so check them out and they are probably on screen now.

Until next time when we talk about all things LEGO.

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