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A review and explanation of the Qbot system at Legoland Windsor. We will answer the question of whether or not it is worth the money. We also look at some of the limitations and the mechanics of how they system works.

Transcript from the show:

In this video we’re gonna cover what q bot is how it works if it’s value for money and when to use it.

So let’s get started.

What is Q Bot?

Q Bot is an overly complicated ride reservation and fast tracked hybrid system with several different tiers at Legoland Windsor in the UK.

You know, if you can’t sum it up in a single sentence easily, it is confusing and the need for a video like this.

It took us some time to get our heads around it. Think of the lower tiers as more of a queue reservation system while think of the upper tier as a fast track or fast path system clear as mud eh?!

Q Bot Regular

Let’s say a queue is an hour long. If you use a Q bot regular than a virtual you will be put at the back of that hour-long queue.

Here the virtual you has been added into the queue. It will move along the queue as if you are physically there. After an hour, the virtual Q bot you has gotten to the front of the queue.

Your count down on your Qbot device will be zero. It this point you go to the Q Bot gate and the attendant will check your device. They will then let you into the queue

Q Bot Express

With Q Bot Express if the line was an hour long, then you’d start the queue and a half that time. So the virtual you is placed in at 30 minutes.

When 30 minutes goes past you can then join the Q bot queue. The attendant will check your device as before at this point. You can start your device on the next ride queue that you’d like to join.

Q Bot Ultimate

With Q bot ultimate, you don’t have to wait at all and can join the Q bot queue immediately.

Notice, I’ve said you join Q bot queue and not get instantly onto the ride. You’ll be queuing of those who’ve also been using Q bot.

For some rides the Q bot system puts you right close to the front of the line for other rides it puts you two thirds of the way into the queue.

For example, Ninjago and laser riders. For these rides you might still have another twenty to thirty minutes in the queue before you actually get onto your ride.

Then it gets further complicated as not all rides are included in the system. Which you really don’t find out until after you’ve purchased your Q bot and tried to use it. Then you start seeing all the restrictions and you can feel a little cheated by it.

They really need to print a table showing what is and isn’t included. It really isn’t transparent.


It isn’t cheap either at the time of this video June 2019. The regular Q bot is twenty-five pounds per person. Q bot Express is 40 pounds per person and Q bot ultimate is ninety pounds per person. This is on top of all the entrance fees.

So a family of four on Q bot ultimate is going to be the better part of an additional four hundred pounds.

The Lego Nninjago ride isn’t included and you’ll have to buy that separately. Which can definitely be worthwhile on busy days

But it still adds additional to the cost. A new ride like the Haunted House Monster Party is only included on Q bot ultimate

Click the link on the video to watch our review of the Monster Party Haunted House at Legoland Windsor

The other annoying thing is you might wait your hour and then go to the ride only to find it’s down for technical reasons

So in essence you’ve just wasted an hour in your virtual queue

If you can find a staff member they may give you a one-off pass to compensate. Then you have to keep checking back to see when the ride is open again.

Fob or Phone?!

You can either get the Q bot in the park or use the website on you phone. Having on your phone can be a little more handy, but obviously means you’re draining the battery on your phone faster.

Also note that if you’re staying at the Legoland Resort Hotel, they only have limited fobs. At 10:00 a.m, they had run out and you have to go back to the main entrance on the other side of the park.

This queue for fobs can actually be quite long. So you’re actually queuing to avoid queueing.

More walking

You might be looking at your next ride to book and go for a slightly shorter queue times however, that next short queue the ride might actually be a fairway from your current location. And you’ve got to do more walking to get around to it

This means you might spend a lot of time Criss crossing the park and doubling back on yourselves. Whereas if you didn’t have Q bot you might do the rides in a more sequential manner as you’re walking around and just seeing them as they come along.

When would you use it?

Over the years, we’ve been to the park at different times of the year. If you go on a weekend or school holidays between May and September, you’ll probably really need it.

During the colder months and weekdays when kids are at school, we’ve generally found the wait times are not very long and when you haven’t needed a Q bot.

Overall, is it worth it?

If it is a busy warm day and you want to do lots of rides and maximize your time, definitely think it’s worth it.

If you’re going to the park for multiple days, probably just get it for one day or so and do the other days as normal and seeing more of the shows.

If you really into rides and want to make the most of your time, I’d recommend the Q bot ultimate. Otherwise, I think the regular or Express Q Bot works well and sits at a reasonable price point.

Be warned however, once kids start experiencing queue-jumping, they may never want to go back and wait in lines again.

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