How to Make a LEGO Cupcake Stand MOC with FREE Instructions Speed Build DIY Yin Yang Design

This tutorial video shows How to Make a LEGO Cupcake Stand MOC* through speed building and commentary (pointing out key design features). FREE PDF instructions here:

This was done as a cupcake stand for ours kids birthday parties.

*My Own Creation

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Transcript from the show:

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of here and in this video, we are going to show you how to make a cupcake stand with a Yin Yang design entirely out of LEGO.

This was made for son’s birthday which had a ninja theme, hence the black and red colour scheme, and going for a yin yang design in the cupcake stand design. We’ve created FREE Instructions for this, which are available on our website There should be a link around this video. Later in the video is a time-lapse showing the full build.

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Build Introduction

The actual build we’ve tried to keep pretty straight forward, using pretty standard LEGO blocks and techniques. So, if you have a modest collection of LEGO blocks, you should be able to build it. If not, you could go into any LEGO branded store and they should have a “pick a brick” wall with loose bricks. It may not be in the colours you want however so failing this, you may be able to order bulk lot parts of eBay relatively cheaply.

Check out our other video showing a full breakdown of our custom Master Wu LEGO MOC with instructions.

We’ve found this cupcake stand not to be a single time use, and used the cupcake stand at other parties. Here is our other son’s party which had a Dinosaur / Jurassic Park theme. Here you can see it in use and works just as well. You can also find FREE building instructions for our custom 5 and a half thousand-piece Triceratops Dinosaur and video on our website

Build Commentary

Now onto the build. As always, we’ve presorted the colours to make for a faster build. We start by building out the base which has a cross shaped, feet arrangement. Then we build the vertical stand part, and then add the “wings” in to both tiers.

You build the wings up at the same time for the top and middle tier. In building these wings, it is the only time don’t use the thicker 2 by something bricks. Thus, if you didn’t care for the yin yang design, these wings could be built more simply.

If you wanted something even stronger, you could use some technic beams and pins. We kept away from this to keep the design simple and accessible to everyone. As it stands, we were able to put a large 5kg/ 12 pound object on the top and it was supported fine. So you could put a regular cake on the top.

One Construction Trick

There is one trick here to connecting the base to the vertical stand part. On the vertical stand, you do need to pry apart either side at the bottom just slightly. Then slide it onto the base bricks and squeeze all the bricks together.

Alternatively, you could remove the middle tier and reduce the height on the vertical stand and create a pure cake stand. If you’d like to see a cake stand modification, get in touch and let me know.

 The whole model turns out to be relatively light. The feet to the model have a little flex in them, so you can bend them ever so slightly if not on a dead flat surface.

The yin yang is missing the 2 smaller circles. They weren’t put in as by doing so, it would just weaken the wings on each tier.

If you do make your own versions of the cupcake stand, we would love to see them. Please email with any photos, videos / social media links etc. and we can share your creations out (if you like).

And there you have it. A cupcake stand with a Yin Yang design all made out of LEGO bricks. Be sure to check out our other video showing all the various bits and pieces we sourced relatively cheaply to theme out this LEGO ninja birthday party theme.

Finishing Up

If there is anything else you’d like to see built, feel free to drop a line.

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Here are some other videos you might be interested in. And that brings us to a close. Happy building until next time when we talk about all things LEGO.

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