Top 10 Rides & Things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12s (2019) ten

Top 10 Rides & Things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor, UK for kids under 12s (2019) Ten

Here are our Top 10 Rides and things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12s (12 years old).

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Transcript from the Show:

Welcome to our video on the top 10 things to do at LEGOLAND Windsor for kids under 12.

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Number 10 – Lego City Fire

So you jump into the fire truck, pump up and down come up and down. Pump the hose into action and then you spray the hole and when you miss the hole you get spray on yourself.

Jump back in the fire truck, push the lever the other way and pump back the other way.

I like when you bump into it like really hard you’re. Going full-steam and then you go <bang> and everyone jumps a little.

You pump up and down. You also have to get the grown-ups to pump to get the hose working.

Number 9. Water Park!!

It is very splashy. It has a big break which dumps on your head. I like joining both of the water parks there was lots of animals in the baby one. You can jump onto them. There’s a tiger cage and in the tiger cage water comes down.

If you are caught which you probably won’t if you are in the slide then, you will not get wet. If you want to go down the side you’re gonna have to get wet so there’s no point just not wanting to get wet or you can’t go into the water park.

Number 8. Miniland!!

We enjoy Miniland because of the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, yeah, walking soldiers. Well they have musical instruments in their hand for the whistler blow thingies. Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe.

It has a little spaceship which blast-off. It goes  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off! It creates smoke but doesn’t create fire, I don’t think.

These are LEGO models Taj Mahal and this is the top of the Arc de Triomphe. We saw one gigantic ones in Miniland.

Number 7. Pirate Playground!

We could run around up in the air. Over everyone. It’s like a secret hide out. There’s a ship which has crashed. Actually two ships that have crashed. Yeah.

There is a little monkey on my one of the homes or something. And there is a banana he’s holding in his hand but you can’t go and climb up.

There’s also um a slide of one of those pirate ships but there’s about three or four floors. I’m in the main playground. And there’s also a little big queue getting up.

Number 6. Coastguard Boats!

We were patrolling the city, yeah, for any sharks and there were. Any crash boats well we have to drive. You’re not allowed to have any picnics.

My mummy drives the boats.

I drive mine boat. Where we see people and when you go somewhere and I’m a bear is relaxing and eating honey. And also there is somebody disco’ing.

What I like about it is how it drives. It drives super neat. We could drive them really neatly thing if you didn’t crash into anything <bang bang bang>. If you did, you’d be a master of crashing…. like me.

Also at the end of it they said well done. And I like it when a well they takes a picture and as a sign of it

Number 5. Atlantis!!

There was a  submarine outside it but we … well … it was made of LEGOs that we

couldn’t touch it because there was gates

around it. We walked into the boat and then set off, and we dived to the lost city of Atlantis. Yes it’s a ride with a submarine

There’s a shark or octopus trying to get in it. I like about the Atlantis

how you look at all the fish and the

sharks and the hammerheads and the

mermaids. I also liked the LEGO

divers. The computer shuts down. We need to press our emergency buttons to wake him up.

Then you can go back. At the end of it you

go through big coral.

Number 4. Haunted House Monster Party!

And the bat boogie. And it gets stuck sometimes and the pictures come alive

actually. And the spaces on the wall and the music goes da da da da da … da da da da da da

But its louder than that. “And you all must join in”. da da da da … da da da da da … da da da da da da

<scratching end noise>

The Haunted House goes up and around. The feast looks like its reallife. There’s 2 seats. Some seats on this side

and some seats on that side. Put your arms in the air, they come down like that. Yeah.

Check our full review in the link above.

Number 3. LEGO …. CITY …. DRIVING.

So you drive a car and you have to obey all signs, slow down at the roundabouts. Stop at a stop sign. Stop at a red traffic light. Go at green traffic light. Approach slowly at the roundabout or you’ll crash, like I did.

The little one you have to be for and over. The big one, 6 to 18. The video also says you need to look um over your shoulder it says any traffic coming?

And at the end of the thing you get your driving license. Yeah and you can write your name on the back. Yes but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean you can drive a real car.

Number 2. Star Wars Exhibition!!

Its an exhibition of Star Wars Lego. There’s also the Millennium Falcon which flies and look at the Death Star! You get to see how the Death Star was made. We saw Yoda. You get to see lots of big Lego characters and some

lightsabers and Yoda, Luke, Luke’s Sister (Leia) and we also get to see the x-wing, u-wing

And you get to see mini ships at the top of you sometimes and there’s abear and he roars at you when you touch him. He’s talking about Chewbacca

The last thing is battleships where Darth Vadar lives.

You get to battle Darth Vadar at the end.

Number 1. Ninjago Ride!

Ninjago rides goes like this <waving hands around> So you shoot like that! Yeah! And you have to shoot everything like there, there, there, And the skeletons have a big catapult.

And catapult us up to the sky! Yes and then we see the Great Devourer yeah and shoot him. Kill the Great Devourer. Then the Great Devourer’s ghost comes out.

And also you fall down as well. There’s another skeleton and one fires and also they hide in big canons say you can’t really fire them. And we have to defeat Garmadon and I think we saw seven Kau.

The ninjas cheer at the end for you and say you’re very good. And also you practice with some furniture.

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