Thank You 100 Subscribers & Supporters. LEGO Scenario MOC. What are key analytics & total watch time?

In this video we thank our subscribers who hit the Family Bricks milestone of 100 subscribers. We look at the custom LEGO Scenario with created for this milestone. For the geeks among us, we also run over key stats and analytics that 100 subscribers have generated. What is the 100,000 number for?!


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Transcript from the show:

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks and in this video we wanted to take a moment to thank all the subscribers who recently helped the channel hit a milestone of 100 subscribers. Wha who!! I’ve created this custom 100 Subscribers LEGO Scenario MOC to acknowledge the support. Also in this video we’ll go over a few numbers in reaching 100 subscribers, as others might find it interesting … and I’m a bit of a data geek.

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LEGO Scenario: 100 Subscribers

We’ll start off with the 100 Subscribers LEGO Scenario I’ve created. The motorized billboard has the Youtube play button logo and text for “100 Subs”. The action box has 100 nanofigures in pearl gold – 1 for each subscriber. I’ve then made a modification to the front display so it can have another message. In this case I’ve used a small 2 stud high font with the “Family Bricks Thanks You” message.

From a technical point of view, built this new drive unit so the whole thing runs off 1 motor, and at a speed that I’m more happy with. It also continues the idea of being hot swappable. I did originally have 2 motors but there was no stepping down of the motor speed here so went way too fast…. So all my nanofig subscribers were spinning around and getting really dizzy…. And we couldn’t have that.

This LEGO Scenario Canvas / Platform is currently on the LEGO Ideas website. If you’d like to support and be super awesome, click the link around this video to the LEGO Ideas website and hit the blue “SUPPORT” button near the top right of the page. You can use your login or create one on the site if you don’t already have one.

Some Stats

So now might just run over some stats as to what 100 subscribers looks like. Family Bricks channel hit 100 subscribers on 12 March 2020. The channel was created 9th June 2019 but only really since January 2020 made a more concerted effort on the channel. This means about 2/3s the subscribers have come in the last 2 months.

Channel Name

100 subscribers also means you can have a more sensible Youtube name. So our new direct name is , rather than unwieldy one with random numbers and letters The channel has 42 videos with a total combined watch time of 103,000 minutes. That just does my head in. That is the equivalent of sitting down and watching our videos nonstop for 72 days.

Most Viewed

There are 9 videos with more than 1000 views, so 10x ing my subscriber count. So people are able to find the videos and engaging with the content. A LEGO Dots video has almost 5,000 views and LEGOLAND Dubai has almost 4,000 views. The LEGOLAND Dubai was an interesting one, when I first released it, for the first 2 months it did nothing. Then after Christmas 2019, it took off. You can never pick what will do well… and when. A lot of my most viewed videos are DOTs videos, which I don’t understand but I’ll take it. The How to Sort and Store LEGO also does really well … guess a lot of people have that problem and a lot of people watch all the way through the video.

Watch time is currently down I’m guessing due to coronavirus. But I do have a lot of lifestyle content about Legoland and birthday parties – both of which aren’t currently happening at the moment. Started to notice watch time is coming back a little now, after people have made the lockdown adjustment.

Where to from here?

The goal at the beginning of the year was to have 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2020 (which seemed crazy at the time with just 20 odd subscribers in 6 months). What sorts of videos would you viewers like to see? What don’t you like seeing?

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