QFast LEGOLAND Review Dubai. Is it Worth the Money? Fast Track Motiongate IMG World of Adventure

A review of the Q Fast system at LEGOLAND Dubai and Motiongate. Also consider the Fast Track at IMG Worlds of Adventure. We will answer the question of whether or not it is worth the money.

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Transcript from the show below:

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder here. Today we are going to ask:

Is Q Fast at LEGOland Dubai, MotionGate or Fast Track at IMG World of adventure worth the money?


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Just kidding.

Not Enough People

In all seriousness, there simply isn’t enough people going to Legoland Duabi, MotionGate, or IMG worlds of Adventure, to have long queues. The footage shown here was taken in the holidays in October 2019 and as you can see, there aren’t many people around at all.

I think you’ll find if you have purchased this queue jumping systems, you’ll be quite annoyed to get in and discover there are virtually no queues to begin with. In some instances, the Q Fast lines are actually closed.

Clips here show some shots where the queue times are 5 minutes (which I think is the lowest because they can’t say a queue has 0 wait time). You could say these are selective edits but they have been taken when they have been seem.

Even on a popular ride like the LEGO boats, which usually has a 45+ minute queue in LEGOland Windsor UK, it is about a 5 minute wait. Motiongate is much the same and you probably spend more time walking through the lines themselves, than actually waiting.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG was much the same. Here is there board showing waiting times. Haunted House was the only one with a real wait. Most are showing 5 minutes wait. The ones that show 30 minutes are usually shows that start every 30 minutes, so not an accurate wait time display.

Some Numbers

This was during school holidays. While its great to virtually walk straight onto rides, you do wonder how the park survives. Reading through some of the numbers, LEGOland Dubai seems to only average 2000 visitors a day. To put this in context, a regional theme park in the USA averages about 10,000 visitors a day. That’s a regional theme park, that isn’t a Disneyland or a major park.Reading through Tripadvisor reviews at ‘peak’ times, the comments are still that the parks are quite.

International guests make up a tiny percentage of the market,. Emirates Airlines is meant to be advertising to international guests but analysis of their advertising seems to indicate they haven’t been doing this.

On the Emirates flight back, LEGOland gets a verbal mention in the same breath as IMG. While IMG has a logo on screen, LEGOland does not. So in the short term, take advantage of the short queue times while they exist.


The biggest challenge is the heat. In the cooler months it gets up to 35 Celsius /95 fahrenheit. In summer, you are looking at 45 Celsius, or well over 110 fahrenheit. Not sure if or when, the park visitors numbers pick up, I’d want to be standing in a 45 minute queue in 45 degree heat with little kids. That almost sounds like a nightmare.

Check out our other video for other hints and tips while visiting the park.

But if you think this is all too good to be true, I’d suggest, go to park and if it looks busy, go back to the main entrance point and purchase the Q Fast or equivalent queue jumping system tickets.

Check out our other video on the queue jumping system in LEGOLAND WIndsor UK called “Qbot” here. You’ll be able to see the comparison, and how expensive and complicated it can get when it gets busy.

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