LEGO Statue of Liberty Skyline 5526 Factory Timelapse Speed Build

Timelapse Speed Build of the Statue of Liberty from 2005 Lego Factory Skyline set 5526 (all made in white LEGO bricks).

Link to PDF Instructions:

Transcript from the show:

This video is a timelapse speedbuild of the LEGO Factory 5526 Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was one of 4 models in the set all designed by LEGO fans.

It was released in 2005 as part of the LEGO Factory line.

People could design their models in a program called LEGO Digital Designer. People could then upload their designs to the LEGO website, create their own box art, and then have the actual product delivered to them.

As they were effectually one off sets, the prices were much higher than normal store retail LEGO. Thus people thought the prices were unreasonably high. This lead to LEGO cancelling the LEGO Design By Me service.

Instructions for the sets were only ever released digitally, on a website that is now long gone. I’ve compiled these instructions for all 4 models into a PDF, which will be on my website in a blog post.

Please check the link below.

We’ve rebricked the model from white pieces that we had in our

Click on the link to view our other video on building a rare white Statue of Liberty timelapse speed build 3450 set which explains the reasons for using white.

There are around 1100 pieces in this set. The whole model is about 51cm high or 20 inches.

It was a fun build. Being an older set the parts being used were pretty straight forward.

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