LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Time-lapse & Review Speed Build, Set 75212

A review and time-lapse speed build of LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, set 75212, from the Han Solo movie. This is also known as the “White” Millennium Falcon due to the use of largely white LEGO bricks, as opposed to the usual grey look. In this video we give a run down of the basic structure, play features and other tid bits. Is it worthwhile buying?!

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Transcript from the show:

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder here and in this video we are going to do a quick time-lapse / speed build of LEGO Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Set number 75212. For an extended kids play and review, check out our kids version of the video, which should be linked on or around this video.

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There are 1414 pieces for £170 pounds or around $200 US dollars. So that works out to 12p or 14cents US per part. It was released in 2018 and still available at time of recording this video (so you maybe able to pick it up cheaper).

The finished set is a really good size, and much bigger than what we expected. It is really sturdy as the kids have been bashing it around. They can also pick it up and swoosh it around without any real issues. This model has the better part of a dozen hinged plates to access the interior of the model. The latest Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon set 75257 has fewer, larger hinge pieces to access the interior.

This version has a detachable escape craft between the two front forks. So you can choose to have it with or without, if you are after the more classic look of the vehicle. There is also a center gunners bay that slides out on rails and can hold minifigures.  

The white, with hints of blue, colour scheme is a nice change from the usual grey colour schemes, and I do quite like it – although not sure how well it fits in with the Han Solo movie it was based off. Hence it has become known as the white Millennium Falcon version.

There are 6 minifigs and 1 droid which seems to be a really good number for a set like this. There are also a couple of spring-loaded missile shooters in the front for additional play features.

To get the curve on the rear engine it’s done by assembling these little hinge pieces and connecting them together. A bit of flexible tubing is used to get that blue engine feel archways interconnect of four main play areas in the Millennium Falcon. Thus characters are able to move from area to area.

There is an entry ramp on a hinge joint which opens and closes so characters can get in and out of the Falcon. There are fixed landing gears so the model can always be put down and it doesn’t have much impact when kids are playing around with it and flying it through the air.

Drop in the central Gunners detachable piece. The Headroom for the minifigures can get a little bit crowded as you go more towards the perimeter of the Falcon but there are plenty of studs to connect the minifigures to for when the vehicle is flying around and not becoming loose during flight.

Here you can see the dozen hinge pieces being attached and open showing you how the mechanism works to get to the interior. The detachable escape craft or cargo hole feature is also something which is really quite interesting and unique to this set.

The cockpit allows two minifigs to sit in it and comes on and off relatively easy but it is connected to a solid wall of studs. So there’s no way for the character to walk through from the cockpit to the rest of the ship

And there you have it. The white version of the Millennium Falcon based upon the Star Wars Han Solo film. A great set even for just a casual Star Wars fan or somebody wanting a Lego spaceship.

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