Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO Instructions

Here are free instructions and models for LEGO Sonic.

Would love to see anything you make from these so email me or instagram @mattelder_uk

A Quick Video in the Style of a Sonic Game Showing What is Possible.
A Detailed Breakdown on How the Course is Created and Design Considerations

Basic Platform 4×8

Basic Platform 8×8×8-BasicPlatform-02.pdf

Basic Platform 8×8 – Split Level×8-BasicPlatform-02.pdf

Spring Platform (Rubber Band – Replace chain with Rubber Band)

TV Platform 8×8

Bridge 4×8

Loop the Loop


Dr Robotnik / Dr Eggman Eggmobile
Eggmobile base design by Mr Khamzilla

The Buzzer Bee

Palm Tree

Ring Extension Platform

Check out the Sonic LEGO Ideas by Mitsame who I drew some inspiration from, and was kind enough to provide some digital assets late in this projects development:

Eggmobile base design by Mr Khamzilla

Chemical Plant Zone Review Video and Instructions

Chemical Plant Zone Instructions Download

Original page by Flowqi