How to Get Into LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery Tips. Interview with Caz Mockett Micropolis Tour

In this video interview Caz Mockett gives tips on how to get your LEGO models in the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery in Billund, Denmark. Caz currently has 6 base plates of her Micropolis LEGO builds in the LEGO House Gallery.

In this interview Caz talks about her approach to Micropolis, general thoughts around building, composition and working within constraints. We also get a discussion and tour of Caz’s Habitats and Brickheadz. We talk about her LEGO City known as Blockville with an extensive tour of her fabulous Ninjago District.

We also get an insight into Caz’s background with our usual rapid fire question and answer session.

Video Time Codes

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Micropolis – What is it?
2:32 LEGO House Getting in touch and asking to display
2:52 Travelling to Install Models at LEGO House – roadtrip adventure
3:48 Feedback since LEGO House installation
4:55 The story that goes along with the build and influencing the design
5:35 What does your inspiration come from
6:25 Tensegrity Micropolis
8:00 Selecting Micropolis builds for the LEGO House
9:00 Student of Colour and a Photographer as well – using framing and composition to select Micropolis buildings and how to structure them in a display
10:07 Micropolis at shows – compositing and staging thought process
10:34 Hanging out and Experience with other selected builders at Billund LEGO House
12:00 You don’t need many pieces to make micro-scale … really?!
12:50 Large parts you need to use as key features and get creative with
13:30 How did you learn the micropolis scale and design language. First building was terrible.
15:30 Looking at peoples work and builds
16:00 Caz’s Introduction to Micropolis and Tutorials
17:05 Thoughts on providing building instructions
18:30 Guided Tour of LEGO House
19:20 Tips for Getting your buildings into the LEGO House
21:30 Instagram vs Flickr for showing LEGO work
23:30 LEGO experience prior to a Dark Age – LEGO Classic Space
26:00 Little Landmarks Exhibition and not building from sets
28:05 Habitats and Brickheads – working best with restrictions
29:00 Habitat Standard
30:40 1st Habitat – Fox, Grain and Chicken Conundrum
32:10 Steve Guinness, Habitats and CMF
33:15 Spiderman Habitat example and developing it
34:09 Brickheads Collection
35:50 Red Dwarf Brickheadz MOCs and others doing MOCs of most licensed properties of interest
36:30 Caz’s LEGO City – Blockville, Modular buildings
37:40 Classic monorail 39:00 Ninjago City and the Dock
41:05 Mixing Chinese New Year Sets with own MOCs, and the less brick requirement
45:20 Using Friends and Disney sets in Ninjago District
46:30 Building up in Ninjago City
48:25 Tips for planning out a LEGO City
50:20 Why are there no roads in Blockville?!
51:25 Think about sightlines. The what?!
53:40 Using backdrops and backgrounds
54:00 Rapid Fire – Favorite Set
55:10 Theme You never understood
56:06 Like Technic or Not … and GBC
58:05 MOC that you are proud of
58:35 How much space do you have for LEGO
1:00:35 How Many LEGO Pieces do you have?
1:02:04 What is a theme you wish they’d bring back
1:02:31 Favourite LEGO Build of the Last Year
1:02:55 Favorite LEGO Resource
1:04:21 AFOL Groups you are part of
1:05:37 Best way to get in contact
1:06:25 Close up tour of Habitats
1:11:33 Brickheadz Tour
1:13:31 Shelving for Brickheadz

BlockHeadUK Youtube Channel:

Caz’s Twitter:

Caz’s Introduction to Micropolis Tutorial:


The Ultimate LEGO Tensegrity Anti-Gravity Sculptures! – Beyond the Brick Compilation

Twinlug Micropolis Standard:

Little Landmarks Exhibtion:

Steve Guiness:

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