Hulk Smash Brick Wall Oil Painting

Recently completed “Hulk Smash Brick Wall” Oil Painting. I was playing around with more of a limited palette than normal and only used about 6 colours in this painting (white, yellow, 2 greens, burnt and raw sienna).

Hulk Smash Brick Wall Oil Portrait Painting


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    • some bloke on February 10, 2012 at 14:15
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    Does anyone get offended if I say this looks utterly cheap?

    1. A curious comment to make and just wondering if you can elaborate a little further?

      1. Pretty funny! You could see the terror in ernvyoee’s eyes as you stomped into the cubicles!When I was picketing NBC last week, the guy who dresses up as Hulk for tourists at the Chinese Theater was actually out walking the line with us. Granted he was about 5’4 , but even so, he didn’t have the same gamma-irradiated attitude you did. lol

    • some bloke on February 12, 2012 at 19:54
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    Oh my I’ve trolled myself into quite a mess. Gosh… Sorry!

    Nevermind. I adore your technique. You’re a versatile technician!

    My one issue is that the depiction wants to evoke some surprise, but can’t, because the dramatization is too much, and the expression is too overall ‘shouty’. This prevents the effect from taking place and makes the image appear motivationally wiered.

    And further saying, motivation is actually the key to a good hulk anyway, because he is, by his concept, very prone to motivational corruption. I mean that because at least the early hulk was appealing partly through attracting a craving, curious look at very bleakly drawn, kind of in every manner architectual sceneries, and you can argue that Hulk was visually dominant and bold and rich, rather to elate the bleakness and concentrate the attention, than to celebrate a mondaine, repetetive spectacle that he could be viewed of as well. That was at least before he degraded himself to a kids product. But drawing him like a body builder busy lifting weights and shouting, and destroying a world trade center, makes him become sort of like the billionth explosion in movie history, only cool in the mind of the film makers of give-me-more-cheese, but not so in the average viewers mind.

    But anyway the amount of possibly witt-befilled stuff you can say about hulk is probably as huge as buddhas tummy. But regarding my comment, yes, it was the stale surprise that caught me off guard. 🙂

    (And speaking of hulk, here is a cool LoL that probably further clarifies my intention: (shouting CAN be overused))

    1. Thanks for the clarification some bloke and I can see your point. The youtube video was funny and helps with your intention. The response to this image has been interesting so grateful for the explanation that you’ve written above. Appreciate the compliment about a versatile technician and trying to get the ‘drama’ of pieces right now.

  1. I watched the youtube reference:

    The secret to the multilayered acting techniques of Nicolas Cage is deeply explored in this YouTube clip. I don’t think I could express better my own thoughts on Nick Cage’s acting. I’m so impressed… I’m Angry.

    I think the anger (dare I say, acting ability) captured in this one moment of the Hulk painting expresses more real emotion then I’ve ever seen by Nick Cage. Though I will admit, I’m not that familiar with Hulk and his storyline or visual representations.

  2. Oh how neat! Never saw anything like this before thanks for sharing

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