Female Gambit Digital Painting

This was something I was having a bit of fun with for a couple of nights before I went to sleep. Just thought the idea of a female Gambit was cool and meant I could use colours I thought would be appropriate.

Female Gambit Digital Painting

Pencils by ComfortLove – http://comfortlove.deviantart.com/art/Chick-Gambit-91981925
Colours by Matt Elder (me)


  1. Mr.0liveGreen says:

    her eyes are not red -.- they should be red

    1. Matt Elder says:

      Maybe red eyes are only for the male version 😛

      1. Mr.0liveGreen says:

        lolz maybe thg i think it would look better with red eyes its still an awesome painting and i like how ya did the cards ^^ (she can hit me with those cards as mush as she wants >.>)

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