British Museum UK Covid Reopening October 2020. Full Tour. Is It Worth it?! Is it Safe? Same Price?!

What is the British Museum London UK like now it has reopened with Covid 19 measures in place? Is it worth going, what has changed, what is the experience like etc.? We will cover this in the video and give our thoughts and firsthand experience as a family. We will do a quick overview full tour of British Museum London UK in about 5 minutes, as a bit of a virtual tour.

Time codes to the Video:
0:00 Introduction
0:36 Entrance & 1 Way System
2:33 Parthenon
4:27 Is the British Museum worth a visit and what is it like? 
5:00 Summing Up

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Transcript from the Show

G’day Everyone, Matt Elder of Family Bricks here, today we are going to have a quick look at the British Museum October 5th, 2020 and see what it is like with the covid restriction in place on a glorious sunny day in London as always. And we will do a quick walk through and tour of the museum that is currently open

The museum itself undergoing a few renovations with the main columns encased. When you come in you have to prebook your tickets and come at the right time as you cant come in early and you can’t come in after your time slot. So very controlled and rigorous in that respect.

So you come in the main entrance and some areas are closed, no real surprises there. Into the main ticketing and members area. The main entry lobby always an amazing space and looks like they are implementing a 1 way system throughout.

1 Way System

Some more information on the 1 way system and some information you can download.

First stop in is the Rosetta Stone which shows translations between ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. So all in the Egyptian section once you come through and wrap around.

And you have a statue during the old kingdom and they are taking a step forward. Its important  as up until this time everything was generally shown as very static. As you take a step forward, it starts to put movement into the things and makes art and the like much more dynamic. Just over there you’ve got one where it is all feet together and static.

And then you come into which is asyrain which is modern day Iraq and you use to have these statues here, which is a pair of them and they use to guard the entrance to the hallway to the throne room.

Now coming along to minion and crete society

Into a section of the ancient romans and the ancient Greek.


Then into the Parthenon section which is in Athens, the main one which dominates the top of the scenery, and you’ve got part of the freeze with one part there and the other part down there, which is all pretty controversial to have.

This part is from the pediment, the top bit, the triangular part of the façade, and all the sculptures that were bought back from Athens.

And throughout the museum, tiny sections are closed off and there are quite a number like this, flipping around to the other side.

And the kids like to play a game called spot the naked butt, or something similar.

Gives you a better sense, still a reasonable number of people around for a Sunday. So a reasonable number of people but not ridiculously overcrowded. Still not completely vacant or empty either.

Then you have some stuff on King Rameses II  who built a lot of monuments and things to himself. He was king and by the sheer fact he lived for such a long time, he was able to do so many building projects glorifying himself, and one of the last real kings to do that before society crumbled.

Go through to an exhibit on living and dying which is about how people live and die throughout all different cultures. Downstairs is a section on Africa.

In the section downstairs on Africa, all the various tribal arts and the like. Through to the collection of North America and this is Mexico.

Then you come through to the enlightenment room which is looking at the time period when the collection was first put together and broken up into 7 sections. That whole thing of learning and putting collections together.

So is the British Museum worth a visit and what is it like?

Think definitely a bit different experience as now they have the one way path so through. So it is good in the regard that it can quickly take you through the museum and you can quickly hit all the major spots. If you are looking to do some detailed research and want to get up close to some of the artifacts you might have a bit more of an issue as some of the rooms are closed off and everything like that.

As for little kids, will depend upon what they are into. Ours were more just running around trying to look at all the naked sculptures and things like that, so they got some stuff out of it.

Summing Up

So that’s it from us at Family Bricks, if you enjoyed the video or got something out of it, please hit the thumbs up button, and have you been, or what did you think or are you tempted to go. Leave us a comment down below. Would be interested to hear what others think and if they have been, what their experience has been.

We’ve been about lately checking out a lot of London attractions in a post Covid world. The castles at the moment are relatively deserted so would highly recommend checking out Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace. Check those videos out here. London Eye at the moment is also really good. Places like LEGOLAND and Chessington World of Adventures, you wouldn’t even know there is a pandemic on.

Thanks for watching. That’s it from us here at Family Bricks. Until next time when we talk about all things lifestyle.

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