Free Video Tutorial: Introduction to Blender

This free online video tutorial will show you how to get the open source 3D software program Blender 3D, load a file and basic navigation.

Introduction to Blender from Matt Elder on Vimeo.

To download the file used in this tutorial click link:
Playstation Controller Zip file containing .blend file (1.5MG)


The links used in this tutorial are:

ShortCut Keys

Middle Mouse Button – rotate around viewport
Right Mouse Button – Select object
Scroll Wheel – zoom in and out
Shift + Middle Mouse Button – pan around object
Tab – Toggle edit / object mode


. – center around selected object
1 – Front View
3 – Side View
7 – Top View

5 – Perspective / Orthographic mode toggle on and off

2, 4, 6, 8 – move around object in 15 degree increments

z – toggle wireframe mode on and off

Numbers 1 to 9 above QWERTY keys – display corresponding layer only
~ – show all layers

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